Student Clubs and Organizations

Alpha Kappa Psi is a co-ed business professional fraternity. They are open to all majors and genders – especially those interested in developing professional skills to further career development.

They work directly with potential new members to enhance their interview techniques and confidence, while also opening them up to a wider network of driven individuals.

Members have opportunities for mentoring, leadership, event planning, and public speaking alongside continuous professional development.



Students can join by attending the recruitment events at the start of each semester! All the information you need should be posted on the group's social media, as well as on flyers throughout campus.


 Makenzie Gagne (President)
 Colin Garneau (Vice President of Administration)
 Eric Chase (Vice President of Membership)
 Ethan Brennan (Vice President of External Relations)
 Nicolas Daly (Vice President of Finance)
 Caroline Sweet (Secretary)
 Sarah Craft (Pledge Educator)
 Trevor Santoro (Master of Rituals)
Faculty Advisors: Rick Kilbride & Kim France

Our Marketing and Advertising Club runs an official collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association, contributing to the global network of colleges and universities within the organization.

The AMA team takes the lead in organizing various campus events, engaging in marketing challenges against other chapters nationally, and collaborating with actual clients to address their marketing needs.

Members of AMA enroll in a class-club hybrid two-credit course with two weekly sessions.


Applications for the course open in April to be reviewed for the start of the Fall term and is a full year commitment. 

Applications can be accessed from the link in the club's Instagram bio at the end of every semester. Students are highly encouraged to attend information sessions before applying.


Emily Alberigo, Director of AMA

Faculty Advisor: Diane Devine


Artifex Data Analytics is a student organization that applies data analytics to real-world business problems.

Members of Artifex take a hybrid two-credit course with two weekly sessions: one devoted to learn modern analytics tools and the second to leverage those tools to build analytics products with real-world industry partners.


Applications open to students at the end of the semester prior to the one they would be joining (ex: apply at the end of Spring 2024 to be in the club Fall 2024).

Applications can be accessed from the link in the club's Instagram bio. Students are highly encouraged to attend information sessions before applying.

President: Laura Earle
Vice President: Will Theriault
Treasurer: Cole Fuller
Social Media Manager: Toby Helton
Faculty Advisor: David Reynolds

The Atkins Investment Group is a student-managed investment fund comprised of over 40 sophomore to senior undergraduates from all colleges at UNH. It requires enrollment in a two-credit course.
Student members are provided with a unique opportunity to learn about active investing and portfolio management. Members benefit from the collaborative nature of the group and the guidance of experienced advisers, alumni, and industry professionals.


Interested students must apply and undergo a selective formal interview process. You must be a sophomores, junior or senior the semester you enter the group.
Applications for Spring Semester 2024 are now closed. If you are interested in joining, applications will reopen in April for Fall Semester 2024.


Johanne Nichols, President
Joe Chavez, Portfolio Manager
Aidan Rolfe, Executive Vice President
Jacob Emerson, Vice President of Operations
Maiah Seul, Vice President of External Affairs
Gracie Hoadley, Chief Economist
Faculty advisors: Ahmad Etebari + Stephen Ciccone



Beta Alpha Psi is an honors accounting society that is open to accounting, finance, and information system majors.

The group focuses on providing students with opportunities to network with accounting firms and their respective recruiters. They also host other professional events related to accounting, service, and the national chapter into their yearly agenda.



Members must fulfill requirements established by the national chapter, along with the member fee, to be inducted into the society.


Lilie Murray, President
Trevor Goding, Vice President
Megan Hill, Historian
Gwen Dahlinger, Treasurer
Faculty Advisor: Kelly Root

The student chapter of the Club Managers Association of America at the University of New Hampshire is comprised of students who are interested in pursuing careers in private club management.  The national association provides scholarships, internships, and opportunities to network with industry managers and professionals. The New England Chapter of CMAA strongly supports the student chapter. The group holds monthly meetings as well as arranges field trips to clubs in the area and brings guest speakers in the industry to meetings.


Faculty Advisor: Anupama Sukhu

By connecting members to international industry leaders, professionals, and opportunities, UNH DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management.

Learn and employ key career skills in competitive categories spanning industries, thinking quickly for case studies or putting your creativity to the test in prepared business presentations. Working either individually or in teams, you'll have the opportunity to build skills towards competing at the international level at CICDC with the UNH chapter.

UNH DECA provides workshops, speaker sessions, and social events tailored towards member interests! Explore community service through volunteering, network with our partners through DECA Inc., and apply for scholarships made available by collegiate DECA!


Fill out an interest form!


UNH Economics Club facilitates networking and learning between UNH students while also providing opportunities to learn from guest speakers. The group also educates students about acquiring jobs with an economics degree and of the wide variety of applications of economics in the professional world. 


This club is open to all current students with the goal of cultivating an inclusive community of economics-minded people. Students can join by showing up to club meetings and join the executive board through application.

Drew Bircher, President
MJ Condon, Vice President
Jack McCann, Director of Events
Aidan Rolfe, Director of Finance
Sam Gobeil, Director of Marketing
Faculty Advisor:  Robert Mohr

The UNH Entrepreneurship Club is a student-run university organization with a mission of fostering the entrepreneurial spirit on campus by providing educational opportunities to students on launching successful ventures and connecting them with resources that will lead to their success as future founders.

Through guest speakers, interactive workshops, competitions, and conferences, EClub welcomes students, faculty, and local community members to gain exposure to the entrepreneurial world and concepts.



No applications are needed, just come to meetings on Mondays at 5:30 pm in the Ecenter training room!

President: Nova Robbins
Co-Vice Presidents: Douglas Coulter & Zach Morin
Marketing VP: Ian Lidster
Director of Membership: Stephanie Evans

In 1978, a group of students from Paul College (then the Whittemore School of Business and Economics) identified a need to recognize hospitality and tourism students for outstanding academic achievement, meritorious service, and demonstrated professionalism. The end result was the establishment of the first chapter of Eta Sigma Delta International Hospitality Management Society. Today, there are over 90 active Eta Sigma Delta chapters throughout the world.



Membership in ESD requires an application and fee.

President: Audrey O Keefe
Vice President: Hannah Collette
Secretary: Kerstin Surrette

Faculty Advisor: Hanna Lee + Markus Schuckert



Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals (HFTP) is the global professional association for financial and technology individuals working or studying for careers in hospitality-related businesses. Founded in 1952, HFTP provides first-class educational events, networking, certifications and resources to over 4,800 members worldwide.

The UNH Student Chapter of HFTP was established in 2009.  Members organize and participate in industry outreach, networking, and special events.


Faculty Advisor: E. Hachemi Aliouche

The Human Resource Association (HRA) is a student organization committed to empowering members with knowledge and skills in human resources (HR), regardless of their major or career path.

Their primary objective is to equip students with valuable HR insights and capabilities to enhance their professional journeys. Through a diverse range of activities such as guest speaker sessions, panel discussions, workshops, and networking events, they offer opportunities for members to explore HR practices and connect with industry professionals.

The group believes that understanding HR principles is beneficial for individuals across various disciplines and career paths, as it equips them with essential skills in recruitment, employee relations, and organizational development. They also provide resources like resume assistance, interview preparation, and mentorship programs to support members in their professional development endeavors.

By fostering a supportive community and offering enriching experiences, UNH HRA strives to empower students with the tools they need to succeed in their future careers, irrespective of their academic backgrounds or career aspirations.



Anyone and everyone is welcome - just show up to meetings every other Tuesday in Paul 135 at 8PM starting February 13th in Spring 2024.

Paige Labonville - President
Margaret Lahey- Vice President
Bailey Shippee - Treasurer
Julia Saab - Marketing Director
Natalie Pontbriand - External Relations
Faculty Advisor: Kim France

The Information Systems Management Association (ISMA) is a student-run networking and professional development group for Information Systems and Business Analytics students.

ISMA acts as a resource and opportunity for networking with alumni and industry professionals, professional development, and improving academic performance within the ISBA option. ISMA promotes further learning and collaboration outside the classroom. 



If you are interested in joining ISMA, please fill out our registration form –

Requirements to join ISMA: Must be either have declared or be strongly considering the ISBA option, must attend AT MINIMUM 2 ISMA events per semester.


Student Contact:  Tim Sicard
Faculty Advisor: Dan Silverman

Instagram: @unh_isma

The UNH Marketing & Advertising Club (MAC) is a dynamic student-driven organization that goes beyond conventional classroom learning to provide real-world experiences and opportunities.

Focused on educational experiences, MAC offers real-world client-based marketing projects, participation in fun social media competitions, engaging industry leader speakers, hands-on skill workshops, and the annual marketing summit (MAC SMAC).

These initiatives, coupled with exclusive networking opportunities, are a great way for students to gain professional skills that will set them up for success after graduation.  MAC is not just a club; it's a vibrant opportunity to enhance your skills and your resume while having fun.  Join us! 



Students can join MAC any time by signing up for the email list - this is how you will be notified about upcoming meetings. MAC meets biweekly on Wednesdays at 5:30pm.

Daniel Gottschalk, President 
Nolan Duffy, Vice President 
Emily Alberigo, Director of AMA 
Autumn Frazier, Director of Events 
Ayrika West, Director of Outreach 
Lindsey Murphy, Director of Web Communications 
Ian Lidster, Treasurer 
Emma Guagnini, Secretary 
Madi Fleming, Director of Marketing 
Maddie Nerden, Marketing Associate 
Maddie Pomeroy, Marketing Associate 
Faculty Advisor: Diane Devine

The Professional Sales Group is an elite experiential sales and leadership two-credit course where students actively train for, host, and compete in sales competitions and business networking events.

These sales role-play competitions use real business case scenarios, with corporate
professionals and alumni as buyers & judges, to simulate selling experiences for the students.

The course provides students a supportive environment and experiential setting to develop and hone their consultative selling, partnering, and relationship building skills. It also gives leadership opportunities and experiences through student roles in operating the group, sales coaching/management, as well as organizing and marketing events.

Another important opportunity is the student’s interaction and engagement with current sales professionals and companies. This develops personal relationships and professional networks that lead to internship and career opportunities.


A student officer corps is responsible for structuring and coordinating the group. Students in good standing may retake the course up to a maximum of 12 credits.



PSG requires an application process, including both a written online application and an interview. Applications open towards the end of each semester for enrollment in the following.


Myles Kierstead, President

Griffin Richards, Executive Vice President

Matthew Hauschild, Internal Vice President

Anne-Marie Maughn, External Vice President

Ben Pitts, Vice President of Operations

Anna Catino, Vice President of Sales Club

Faculty Advisor: James McIlroy



The Rines Angel Fund is a highly selective two-credit course and student-run investment fund.

Early-stage companies are invited to pitch the Fund for seed capital. They receive  high-quality due diligence from the student team regardless of investment.

Student associates are versed in angel and venture capital investment strategies through a balance of angel investing research conducted at the Center for Venture Research and deal flow generated from actual companies seeking seed funding.

The purpose of the Rines Angel Fund is to fuel undergraduate students’ direct involvement in private equity markets and entrepreneurial finance.

A student-driven, multi-disciplinary team, with the supervision of the Director of the Center for Venture Research, manages the Rines Angel Fund program.

The Fund was established thanks to a contribution made by UNH Emeritus S. Melvin "Mel" Rines '47.



Students must successfully complete an arduous application and interview process to be accepted into the Fund as an associate. Applications open at the end of each semester for the following and can be found on their website.


Charlotte Butterfield:  Co-Managing Director
Morgan Kahn: Co-Managing Director
Mitchel Gagnon: Director of Marketing
Stephanie Evans: Head Principal
Jocelyne Bisson: Director of External Relations
Sofia Menyalkin: Director of Membership


Dr. Jeffrey Sohl, Faculty Director

Dr. Jianhong Chen, Research Director

Laura Hill, Program Coordinator


Instagram + LinkedIn

Sports Analytics Lab is a place where members dive into the world of sports through data and discussion – where the thrill of the game meets the power of data!

The group brings in industry experts to share insights and lead discussions. They also engage in hands-on projects and activities to deepen their understanding of sports analytics. This includes data from real clients on and off campus, to fun debates like "who is the greatest player of all time?" with the data to back up the claim.

Whether you're a die-hard fan or a budding analyst, everyone's welcome.


You can join the official email list which will keep you up to date on club happenings by contacting

Or just show up to your first meeting and we will add you to the list at that time! Meetings are typically held every other Thursday at 5:30 in the Center for Business Analytics, 10 Pettee Brook Lane.


Jake MacInnis – Co-President
Nathan Edwards – Co-President
Sean Hanrahan - Officer
Trevor Santoro - Officer
Faculty Advisor: Peter Zaimes


LinkedIn + Instagram + Catalyst

UNH Sales Club provides UNH students from all majors and backgrounds the opportunity to further explore a potential career in sales and learn how to sell themselves in any situation.

Meetings generally entail visits from business professionals, skill-building activities, sales competitions, and free pizza! This organization is a great place to build foundational sales skills and understand if sales is the right option for you.

This no-pressure environment has helped numerous alumni find their passion for sales, while also giving them a place to foster their personal growth.


Students can come to any meeting at any time. No recruitment or applications necessary! 

Anna Catino, President
Faculty Advisor: James McIlroy

UNH Sport Career Club (SCC) is a student-run group open to anyone with an interest in sports. SCC has bi-weekly meetings on Wednesdays with guests from the sports industry. It allows students to learn about different career paths in the sports industry. Additionally, people can meet like-minded individuals with an interest in sports. 



Students can come to any meeting at any time. You can also sign up for our email list.


Aidan Murphy - President
Katie Phillips - Vice President
Dalton Wick - Director of Finance
Eamon Cassels - Director of Social Media
Justin Lurie - Director of Community Outreach
Aria Kleimola - Director of Events
Jason Keen - Director of Digital Marketing
Spencer Marks - Director of Digital Marketing


Instagram + Catalyst

The core purpose of Women in Business is to create a strong network of women who support each other and lift each other up as we all begin to discover the type of leaders we aim to become.
Meetings revolve around relevant topics regarding the issues women continue to encounter in the business world serve as guiding themes. They also include a balance of networking, stress-reducing activities, personal development, and professional development.
The group also puts on a Women in Business Conference every spring.
Undergraduate students of all majors, class levels, and genders are welcome to join. To become a member, email, reach out on social media, or just show up to any meeting. For membership to become official, you simply pay a small dues fee at the start of each semester.
Emma Farnham, President
Megan Charron, Vice President
Ella Longacre, Conference Manager
Shiloh Osmer, Business Manager
Sheila El-Azem, Marketing Manager
Emily Frie, Treasurer
Faculty Advisor: Rachel Campagna

Voice Z is a student-run digital marketing agency that gives students the opportunity to gain real-world marketing experience by working hand-in-hand with real clients to perform impactful and innovative digital marketing services.

This is a two-credit course that meets twice a week in order to collaborate in teams and learn from industry professionals. The agency, comprised of 30 marketing strategists, is open to students of all majors and concentrations.



Applications open at the end of every semester for the following. If you would like to join in Fall 2024, applications open March 4th and close April 3rd! Once the applications open, information can be found on their Instagram and website. Students from any grade are encouraged to apply!

Internal Co-Managing Director: Lindsey Murphy
External Co-Managing Director: Christina Merchant
Director of Marketing Technology: Axel Barretto-Rodriguez
Director of Social Media: Natalie Ouellette
Director of Finance: Catrina Touchette
Faculty Advisors: Tom Gruen + Alex LaBrecque