Center for Business Analytics

Center for Business Analytics

Center for Business Analytics

The University of New Hampshire Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics Center for Business Analytics brings together the knowledge and expertise of academics and industry professionals working in the business analytics field to address high-level data science/analytics problems. It is a key part of a larger strategic Business Analytics Initiative that is strengthening and driving the expansion of research, educational programs, course offerings, student enrollment and engagement, and industry partnerships at Paul College. The center serves as the hub for the Business Analytics Initiative serving to coordinate, integrate, and foster diverse research, teaching, experiential learning, and industry engagement activities across the Initiative.

Educational Programs

Scholarships and assistantships will be funded to attract high-performing graduate students and support upper-level undergraduates interested in getting their master's degree in an area of business analytics concentration.

The Center for Business Analytics serves as the focal point for:

  • Fostering a connected research community: The center is the academic hub that brings together faculty and students working in analytics to support cutting-edge research, catalyze interdisciplinary collaboration, and share knowledge and experience. The center seeks out opportunities for sponsored research from industry and government agencies  to support faculty and graduate students, as well as expand the impact of Paul College’s research in the field.
  • Promoting and supporting business analytics programs, tracks, and courses, as well as experiential learning opportunities for students: The center helps promote diverse educational opportunities with industry partners and provide support in identifying project opportunities for students with the network of sponsors. The center also will serve as home for Artifex Data Analytics, the college's undergraduate student organization that applies data analytics to real-world business problems, and will host Business in Practice courses developed in analytics.   
  • Providing a community space for students studying analytics: The center is part of the "Graduate Quant Hub," a dynamic space for students studying analytics to take classes, collaborate, share ideas, work together on problems and projects, and hone their skills.
  • Fostering engagement with industry: The center serves as the hub for Paul College for developing and sustaining relationships with industry partners in analytics. It engages with industry in five key ways to enhance mutual learning, ensure that the college stays on the cutting-edge of practice in research and teaching, and supports companies to solve complex problems and employ tools of analytics more broadly to create value for businesses. 
    • Organizing annual symposia and roundtables to bring academics and practitioners together to share knowledge of advances in the field. 
    • Collaborating through research and student consulting projects with companies to identify critical areas where business analytics can be employed to harness data to address real business problems and generate new business insights and solutions to enhance value. 
    • Developing partnerships with companies on the leading edge in analytics to advance the field by addressing high-level data science/analytics problems (projects) that cannot be solved using traditional data analysis tools and require the expertise of faculty who are developing highly specialized models/algorithms. 
    • Hosting workshops, webinars, and other educational opportunities to small and medium-sized businesses to build their capacity to better manage and analyze their data to create more value.   
    • Providing access to talent and expand career opportunities for students. 


Contact Information

Nagaraj Bukkapatnam, Director
Phone: (603) 862-3349

Tevik Aktekin, Faculty Director
Phone: (603) 862-3387

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