Paul College Undergraduate Research Conference

student presenting their URC poster to judges


The Virtual Paul College URC will take place on Friday, April 23, 2021. 
Presentations will be available on our Media Space channel.

Turn your ideas into opportunities!

The Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to showcase their research at the annual Undergraduate Research Conference (URC). Through original research and valuable guidance from mentors, students gain a deeper academic knowledge as well as professional experience. This URC event includes poster presentations, oral presentations and feedback from University and business leaders. 

Information for Poster Sessions

This year’s Paul College URC will be virtual with presentations available on Media Space.  

With this online format, all 3 steps outlined below (single slide presentation, audio, and PDF) must be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. on Friday, April 16. This will allow time for judges to review the presentations, reach out with questions, and have winning posters chosen by the Paul College URC date of April 23. Note that there will be Q&A with the judges on April 23 for the poster sessions, following the schedule outlined below under Detailed Schedule of Events. Participants will receive an additional email mid-April with more details about the Q&A with the judges, as well as the Zoom link for the session. 
Please review the below information on how to prepare for your presentation. 

1-    Create Presentation: Create a single slide presentation. This will replace creating a physical poster. 

2-    Prepare Audio: Using Kaltura Capture or Zoom, prepare a 2-3 minute (5 minutes maximum) narration of your single slide presentation for upload to MediaSpace.  

  • Guides for how to record and upload your presentations to MediaSpace can be found HERE.
  • We recommend recording a narrated poster presentation using Zoom with a .pdf version of your research poster, as this will allow you to zoom in on specific sections you wish to highlight. 
  • When you upload to MediaSpace using the PAUL College URC channel, it is essential that you follow specific naming conventions for your presentation: 
  • Name your poster presentation as follows: Session Name.Poster Name. Examples: ECO-G.Nutrition-and-Sustainability, ECON-BS.Productivity-and-Growth, HONORS.Financial-Health, MULTI-D.Predictive-Analytics, ECON-CLIMATE.Climate-Change-Policy-in-US
  • In the Description field include: author name, major and research advisor
  • In the Tags field  include: 5-6 keywords

Name: Presentation Title
Description: Author name, Major (for each student presenter) and Research Advisor(s) names.
Tags: 5-6 keywords of your research

3-    Submit a PDF of your single slide presentation for inclusion on the Paul College URC webpage.  

  • Step 1: Send an email to with a PDF of your poster 
  • Step 2: Name your poster presentation using same naming convention mentioned above: Session Name.Poster Name. Examples: EcoG.Nutrition-and-Sustainability, EconBS.Productivity-and-Growth, Honors.Financial-Health, MultiD.Predictive-Analytics, EconClimate.Climate-Change-Policy
  • Step 3: Attach PDF (Do not include any text or questions in the email as you will not receive a response)
  • Step 4: Send email

We recognize that this is a lot of information, so please take your time to review it all, and let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you all,
Paul College URC Committee 

FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 2021

Paul College URC
Virtual Poster Session I

9-10:30 a.m.
BS Economics & BA Economics

Virtual Poster Session II
11 a.m. -12:30 p.m.
Multidisciplinary/Honors Thesis (Track 1 and Track 2)

Virtual Poster Session III
1-2:30 p.m. 
Economics of Climate Change

Virtual Oral Session  1
9 a.m. - Noon
Marketing Workshop Presentations

Virtual Oral Session II
Noon-2:30 p.m. 
Atkins Investment Group- Watch live! 

Bud Albin Challenge Round
In the Bud Albin Challenge, students will present advanced research and a plan for starting or enhancing a business to a panel of industry judges. Six teams will advance to the Paul J. Holloway Prize Innovation to Market championship round.


The FIRE URC will take place online and presentations will be available for viewing on Media Space.

2020 Paul College URC Committee

Melda Ormeci Matoglu – URC Chair/Decision Science Department
Eileen Laskoski  – Marketing Events Manager
Andrew Earle – Management Department/Holloway Competition
Peter Masucci – Marketing Department
Dan Winans – Hospitality Department (Eco-G)
Aziz Saglam– Economics Department
John Hasseldine – Accounting & Finance Department

BS Economics 

1st Place: Noah Kerbyson - Effects of the Minimum Wage on Employment 
2nd Place: Sadie Mazzola - Contributing Factors to Winning in Major League Baseball 
3rd Place: TIE
Bosibori (Bosi) Mosongo - Economic Impacts of Climate Change
Samuel Mabile - U.S. National Debt and Standard of Living of Future Generations 

BA Economics 

1st Place: Joseph Henderson, Aidan Kittredge, Cody Schoolcraft - The Effects of Student Loan Debt on Homeownership
2nd Place: Brenna Burkett, Isabelle Kapoian, Craig Millard - The Impact of Technological Growth on Health Spending in the United States 
3rd Place: Cameron Hebert, Ethan Rotthoff, Timothy Sullivan - How Automation will Affect the American Workforce


1st Place: Emily Johnson - Mindful Meat: A Guide to Sustainable Animal Consumption
2nd Place: Alexandra Papadakis - Dietary Quality of Bhutanese Refugee Adults Eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
3rd Place: Rebecca Malloy - Eating with the Ecosystem: Evaluating Different Ways to Support Biodiversity with Food and Consumer Habits

Economics of Climate Change

1st Place: Joseph Henderson, Wesley Kunin - Two Economists' Perspectives on California's Carbon Pricing
2nd Place: Camden Hearn, Brenna McNamara, Catherine Taylor - Analysis of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)
3rd Place: Matthew Batta, Mackenzie Redmond- Analyzing the Clean Power Plan

Multidisciplinary/Honors Thesis (Track 1)

1st Place: Sadie Mazzola - The Role of Tax Incentives on Business Location and Economic Growth
2nd Place: Samuel Hetu - Investigation into Market Microstructure Evolution: The Impact of HFT Regulation on Markets
3rd Place: Lucas Jones - Business Risk and Attest Service Fees: Understanding the Effect of Low Fed Interest Rates on Bank Audit Fees

Multidisciplinary/Honors Thesis (Track 2)

1st Place: Samuel Lupinacci - Improving the Evaluation of Prospects in the NBA Draft
2nd Place: Dagny Wilkins - Data Analytics: An In-Depth Job Analysis
3rd Place: Hannah Carroll - Optimizing Seating with COVID Regulations

Directions and parking. Paul College is located at 10 Garrison Avenue, Durham, NH.