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We welcome you to join the BiP movement, where innovation meets collaboration to transform UNH students into business professionals that are ready to take on the real world. 

Our goal is to build partnerships with companies and business professionals that bring current, relevant skills and practices to students. We will work with you one-on-one to develop your expertise or your company's in-demand skill sets into a course for Paul students. 

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BiP Instructor Krystal Hicks

Instructor Krystal Hicks

Krystal Hicks, JOBTALK

BiP Course: "College to Career: How to Stand Out in Today's Job Market" 

“My biggest goal is that students become more self-aware throughout the entire process so that they can have a more real conversation with themselves and what they want to do."

BiP Instructor Mike O'Reilly

Instructor Mike O'Reilly

Mike O'Reilly, Savvy Management

BiP Course: “Agile Product Management”, "Organizational Agility" 

"Bringing that insight of what agile is and more importantly, making sure that these students have a nice broad understanding of agility, is a huge plus not only for the students but for their organizations and that’s going to be a win win situation."

BiP Instructor Ed Miles

Instructor Ed Miles

Ed Miles, AMI Graphics

BiP Course: “Unlocking the Secrets of Productization and Market Segmentation”

“I think the experience that I can share it’s far reaching from all the different roles that it takes from the very beginning to being a medium sized company now.”

BiP Instructor Kim Clark

Instructor Kim Clark 

Kim Clark, Director of Paul College Career and Professional Success (CaPS)

BiP Course: "Career Strategy & Development"

“Students are able to interact with employers during recruiting panels and career events as well as develop their professional profiles on LinkedIN and in creating their resumes. Employers enjoy participating in the class career events and students benefit from creating solid connections”

Explore Program Details

  • Make a positive impact
  • Develop future business leaders
  • Expand knowledge of your industry or career
  • Work with our students to solve your current business needs
  • Gain exposure to new ideas and fresh perspectives
  • Analyze and interpret data
  • Acquire access to high performing students
  • Identify potential interns or prospective employees

As part of the BiP instructor alliance, we'll coach you through course development, active-learning techniques, and the ins and outs of teaching and here's how...

  • Support for online learning management system "Canvas" 
  • BiP Bootcamp
  • Orientation
  • Assistance in creating and organizing course structure and materials 
  • Become part of a strong network that focuses on supporting one another
  • Recap meetings to share best practice techniques
  • BiP Student Allies: In-classroom student support
Sample Courses/Experiences

Core Competency

How to Talk Stocks Social Intelligence
Organizational Agility Social Intelligence
Peer Advising Social Intelligence
Leadership in Practice Social Intelligence
Semester in the City Social Intelligence
Study Abroad Social Intelligence
You Got the Job...Now What: First 180 days

Social Intelligence

HR: Culture as a Competitive Advantage Social Intelligence
Designing Solutions for Impact Social Intelligence
Data Visualization: Tableau

Analytical Intelligence

Adv. Excel for Financial Analysis Analytical Intelligence
Data Driven Decisions: DOMO Analytical Intelligence
Python for Business Analytics Analytical Intelligence
Social Venture Innovation

Analytical Intelligence

B-Impact Clinic Analytical Intelligence
Digital Advertising

Analytical Intelligence

Sports Product Concepts I: Disruption Analytical Intelligence
Spinning Up Mobile Apps Analytical Intelligence
Technical Sales in a Virtual World Analytical Intelligence
Inbound Marketing Competitive Intelligence
Sports Product Concepts II: Creation & Launch Competitive Intelligence
Smart Segmentation & Productization Competitive Intelligence
Taking a Company from 10mil to 200mil Competitive Intelligence
Bitcoin & Blockchain

Competitive Intelligence

Agile Product Management Competitive Intelligence
CRMs: Salesforce Competitive Intelligence 
Career Strategy & Development Professional Intelligence
College to Career: How to Stand Out in Today's Job Market Professional Intelligence
U.S. Job Market for International Students Professional Intelligence
CRM: Salesforce Internship Professional Intelligence
Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Prep Professional Intelligence 

Curriculum & Requirements

 Students take a minimum of four courses, one in each of the core competency areas:

  • Social intelligence - Ability to navigate complex social relationships and environments.
  • Analytical intelligence - Ability to analyze and evaluate ideas, solve problems and make decisions.
  • Competitive intelligence - Ability to gather, analyze and distribute information and ideas about products, customers, competitors or the external environment.
  • Professional intelligence - Ability to leverage skills and talents within a professional domain and expand their network

Core curriculum intelligences diagram

In tandem with intelligence competencies, each BiP course has developmental goals that impact the capabilities of students to utilize what they've learned in ways that advance their professional development. 

  • An array of 2-credit courses taught primarily by industry professionals
  • Courses incorporate current business data and practices
  • Administer active individual and team-based experiences that simulate working in a realistic business environment
  • Immersive 7 or 14 week terms delivered as face-to-face, virtual or hybrid courses
  • Students can gain credit from additional experiential learning opportunities such as study abroad, internships and applicable Paul College student organizations