Digital Signage Request

Unlike most of UNH's Durham campus, Paul College's digital signage is vertical. Designs submitted for the digital screens through this webform should follow our vertical sizing standards: 1080 x 1670 pixels.

There are five digital signage screens in Paul College. Only groups associated with USNH who have information/events relevant to Paul College students will be granted permission to display on the screens. Paul College reserves the right not to display signage at any time, and signage display management is at the discretion of Paul College.

If you have no previous design experience, we strongly suggest using Canva to design flyers for our screens. They are a free service with hundreds of premade templates for a variety of needs. If you have a Canva account you can use this template to get the correct size for our digital screens. When putting website links on flyer designs, we also strongly suggest using link shorteners for your URLs (we use or using Canva to generate a QR code.

If you would also like your event flyer distributed on @unhpaulcollege's weekly event calendar, please also submit a design in an Instagram Story panel format (1080 x 1920 pixels or 9:16 ratio).  We've found it easiest for our campus partners to first design a flyer for the digital screen and then resize it in Canva for Instagram stories. Although, please keep in mind that the Instagram calendar design will be viewed on a phone screen, so the digital signage version of your flyer may not be as effective (ex. it's no longer recommended that you include QR codes in your instagram design because we can put a clickable link on the flyer instead.)

Digital signage is updated weekly on Friday afternoons. So, for example, if you upload your image on Monday, it cannot be expected on the screens until Friday. Please plan accordingly.

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