Assurance of Learning

The Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics is an AACSB accredited school and has a systematic process for assurance of learning and a culture of continuous improvement. Each of our programs is driven by a program mission, program goals, and program objectives that are linked to components of the curriculum. Through assessments, we gather feedback on how well each program is meeting its goals and objectives, and we use that feedback to uncover areas of improvement.

Our Promise to Students

We promise you a dynamic learning environment, one that combines a comprehensive core curriculum with abundant opportunities for hands-on experience. By graduation day, you will be prepared on all levels to succeed in today's complex and global business environment. From the beginning and throughout your career, we will stand behind you with a powerful network of faculty, alumni, and business partners.

Our Promise to Alumni

We promise to continually advance the reputation of the School and its graduates. We will uphold our distinctive educational approach that prepared you and your fellow alumni for leadership. We pledge to sustain a vibrant network of alumni, faculty, and business partners that can offer value at any point in your career. We dedicate ourselves to remaining current and to generating new knowledge that is critical to you, the business community, and our world.