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Economics Department
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"[The great economists] commanded no armies, sent no men to their deaths, ruled no empires, took little part in history-making decisions... Yet what they did was more decisive for history... more powerful for good and bad than the edicts of kings and legislatures. It was this: they shaped and swayed men's minds."

-  Robert Heilbroner (The Worldly Philosophers, Simon and Shuster, 7th Edition, 1999, p.13).

With a global reputation for outstanding teaching and research, the Economics Department at the Peter T. Paul College of Business & Economics provides a vibrant atmosphere for undergraduate and graduate learning, research, and development.  Programs are designed to teach students the apparatus of the mind by studying and engaging in pressing issues and problems that face today's societies. Respected as a social science, the Economics programs also serves as the foundation for many of the business disciplines.  Students create an experience by applying skills and knowledge to a new world context.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Bachelor of Arts Program in Economics degree is designed to offer you maximum flexibility in designing a program of study. You will have flexibility in the choice of your electives, or can choose an option in one of the following areas.

The Bachelor of Science Program in Analytical Economics differs from the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in that it requires more quantitative and data analysis courses but does not require a foreign language. It provides more structure and direction than the B.A. degree and is more professionally focused.

The International Business and Economics (IBE) Option within our Business Administration major offers an interdisciplinary course of study, providing strong business training for students pursuing careers at organizations with an international focus, particularly in multinational corporations, international banks and government agencies. 

Interested in a major in economics but unsure about a career in economics?  See the American Economics Association's information about how a career in economics is more than you think! 

Graduate Degree Programs

UNH’s Paul College of Business and Economics offers two of the nation’s most distinctive graduate programs. Whether your career goal is to become a professional economist or college professor, our rigorous academics, research practice and exceptional faculty will help you advance your knowledge and skills to reach that next level of your career.

Paul College’s program is one of the most rigorous in the country, and one of the best, ranked 33 in the U.S. by The Financial Engineer (TFE). Students earn their degree in 10 months.

Paul College’s program is one of only a handful in the country that has a dual emphasis on training students as research economists and college professors. Students learn economic theory and econometrics at the highest level and can pursue coursework and receive supervised training in the teaching of economics.

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