Sophomore Resources

The Making of a Paul College Wildcat

Sophomore year is an exciting time but it can feel overwhelming because of the sheer number of possibilities.  Together, the Undergraduate Advising & Programs Office can work with you to uncover what lies ahead and how to explore all the neat stuff you have access to!  Remember, there are lots of channels you can leverage if you’re interested in or passionate about an area—you can learn, grown, and gain from experiences inside and outside of the classroom.

the making of sophomore year a paul college wildcat

Our Charge to You: Explore!

  • Sophomore year is a great time to see what’s possible
  • Plans change and that’s OK
  • If you’re interested in something, give it a try!
  • Not sure where to start?  Make an appointment with your advisor


Questions to Consider...

  • What have you tried that you’d be interested in doing more of?
  • What experiences do you want to have while you’re at UNH?
  • What skills have you learned that you could see shaping a career around? 

Use These Resources as a Place to Start

This is a curated list and while it’s not exhaustive (there’s so much cool stuff at UNH!), use it as a beginning to your exploration journey.  And remember: things intersect and groups and organizations are inclusive. There’s lots you can combine depending on your interests and passions.  Take the time to see what’s out there. 

Potential Paul Paths: A Guide for Sophomores

Clubs & Organizations

Information Session:





Information Session:


Clubs & Organizations Opportunities Resources
Human Resource Association Communication minor Management Faculty
  Leadership minor  



Clubs & Organizations Opportunities Resources
Marketing & Advertising Club MAC SMAC Marketing Faculty
Professional Sales Group Design Studies minor  National Retail Federation
Sales Club Psychology minor  
Voice Z Sales minor  

Information Session:


Information Session:

Apologies, no recording available. 


Popular & Powerful Pursuits Outside of Paul

Clubs & Organizations Opportunities Resources
Women in Business Leadership minor Office of Student Involvement & Leadership
  Women in Business Conference  
  Peer Advising  
  Orientation or Spark Leader  
  Residential Assistant  
  Admissions Tour Guide  
  CFAR Academic Mentor  
  SHARPP Peer Advocates & Community Educators  
  Hall Council  



  • Dual major information session from December 2020


Clubs & Organizations Opportunities Resources
Cat Crew Kinesiology minor  
UNH Wildcat Productions    
Sports Career Club    


  • You can learn more about SITC and other Changemaker Collaborative initiatives here!
  • Semester in the City information session from March 5th featuring Faina Bukher and Masami Dustin


Video with Prof. Nina Windgaetter:


Video on PHIL minor and cognate requirements:



Sophomore Need-to-Knows


  • A minor is typically made up of (at least) five courses (20 credits)
  • You can overlap two courses (eight credits) between your major and minor
  • Minors are declared when you’re in your final minor course(s)
  • They appear on your transcript (not your diploma)


  • A cognate is made up of three courses (12 credits)
  • Cognates are declared when you’re in your final cognate course(s)
  • They appear on your transcript (not your diploma)

Dual Majors

  • A dual major is a program of study that needs to be paired with a student’s primary major (it can’t “stand alone”)
  • Most dual majors typically entail eight courses
  • You must declare your dual major in Degree Works
  • They appear on your diploma and transcript

BIP (Business in Practice)

  • The Business in Practice Program is Paul’s experiential learning lab
  • These two-credit courses give you the opportunity to explore an academic and/or professional interest in a hands-on way
  • Topics change each semester

Course Catalog

  • The Catalog contains everything about every program currently offered at UNH
  • Not sure how to use this tool?  Watch the video below for some easy and useful ways to glean information from the Catalog