Dean's Ambassador Program

A group photo outside of Paul College with all of the 2023 Dean's Ambassadors



The Dean’s Ambassadors are selected by faculty and staff nomination to serve as the student advisory board to the Dean.

Dean’s Ambassadors perform two crucial roles: to provide advice and feedback to the Dean and to represent Paul College at business and alumni events throughout the year.

In the past, they traveled to San Francisco/Silicon Valley each January to complete a residency studying the west coast innovation economy through site visits with alumni. In 2023, the group visited Atlanta, GA.  

View the Highlights from the 2023 Dean's Ambassadors Trip to Atlanta


Tamara Scapicchio
Director, Undergraduate Programs
Phone: (603) 862-3885

Dean's Ambassadors
University of New Hampshire 
Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics
10 Garrison Avenue
Durham, NH 03824
University of New Hampshire

Requirements and Nomination Process

  • Must be a full-time student at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics
  • Must be either a Junior or a Senior
  • Must have a minimum of a 3.1 GPA

The Dean annually selects 12-16 students (even distribution of male/female students) to serve as the “Dean’s Ambassadors.”
This group Juniors and Seniors serve as the Dean’s Student advisors and represent the college at most high-level alumni and business events, both on and off the campus.


  • Must be nominated by a member of the Paul College faculty and staff.
  • Nominators must submit a short written statement detailing the nominees strengths. (Any nomination without a written statement will not be considered.)
  • Nominators are asked to consider the following:
    • GPA
    • Leadership Skills
    • Interpersonal Skills

Nomination Process:

  • Dean’s ambassadors are selected on an annual basis.
  • Any faculty or staff member of the Paul College may submit nominations to the Paul College Dean's Office at any time. 
  • Formal requests for nominations will occur during spring semester, generally late March or early April. Interview Process:
  • Interviews will occur in early May before the semester ends. 
  • All nominees will be required to present their resume.
  • All students must be in good academic and conduct standing. 
  • Dean’s office will review social media presence of each nominee in the selection process.

Interview Format:

  • 3-4 students will be interviewed by the Dean and the Director of Undergraduate Programs. 
  • The interview will last approximately 30 minutes. 
  • Business Attire is recommended.
  • Photo of the Dean's Ambassadors posing at the David J. Sencer CDC Museum
  • Dean's Ambassadors pose at the CBRE Atlanta office
  • Dean's Ambassadors pose on the field at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA
  • Dean's Ambassadors pose at reception event
  • Dean's Ambassadors pose in front of the Ambassador Andrew J. Young International Building

Dean's Ambassadors

Emily Alberigo

Radames Gonzalez

Charlotte Butterfield

Alexa Hopkins

Abby Crowther

Jake MacInnis

Laura Earle

Joseph Skehan

Emma Farnham

Miles Wharton

Trevor Goding

Michon Whitney

Mody Abdel-Salam Logan Lopus
Clair Carroll Matthew Oriente
William Demers Katie Remeis
Stephanie Evans Anna Schriefer
Jenna Hubbard

Madison Shatzer

Thomas Leighton Adrian Sutton

Tejun Celestin

Bryn Larkin

Kelsie Dawe

Peter Mitchell

Hannah Donahue

Jason Plant

Kaitlin Griffin

Erica Reith

Ashim Gurung

Diego Smith

Natalie Haddon

Cameron Taatjes

Katie Hawkinson

Angela Yun Lee

Sydney Carlisle

Allison MacPhee

Liam Conrad

Sophia Mazzarelli

Masami Dustin

Peter Mitchell

Kaitlin Griffin

Jessica Nelson

Natalie Haddon

Johanna Rewucki

Aidan Kittredge

Drew Siemering

Anne-Marie Kolberg

Cameron Taatjes

Parker Armstrong Annie Henry
Logan Barker Ivana Korusiakova
Virginia Chandra Madison Murdick
Devin Cowhig Kevin Murphy
Haley Demers Jamie Nelson
Luke Doverspike Carlton Robie
Erin Gralton Jessica Shah

Ryan Anastasi Michael McCarthy
Rebecca Bailey Kate Rosenblatt
Emily Grone Katelynn Scannell
Sean Hickey Hanzla Sheikh
Jill Howard Nicholas Stuart
Andrea LaBonte Dai Vu
Jennifer Lueke Austin Wildes

  • Nicholas Bouchard
  • Timothy Closson
  • Connor Cote
  • Alexys Gilcreast
  • Alexis Gray
  • Matthew Haley
  • Janet Khoury
  • Devin McMahon
  • Francesca Molinari
  • Cullen Moore
  • Heather Price
  • Stephen Taylor
  • Angela Tidd
  • Andrew Ware

  • Ahed Alhamdan
  • Brendan Beale
  • Julianne Calef
  • Devereux Evans
  • Alexys Gilcreast
  • Mohitosh Gour
  • Sarah Keiran
  • Janet Khoury
  • Sarah Murphy
  • Michael O'Donnell
  • Heather Price
  • Paul Valhouli

  • Brendan Beale
  • Michael Bettencourt
  • Cassidy Croci
  • Elizabeth Forde
  • Mohitosh Gour
  • Sarah Harmon
  • Julia Hopkins
  • Justin Lappin
  • Diana Lo
  • Wyatt Powell
  • Samantha Raymond
  • Kendre Rodriguez
  • Matthew Rozenburg
  • John Schwartz

  • Matthew Beaulieu
  • Anna Darling
  • Matthew Doubleday
  • Julia Hopkins
  • Daniel Lambert
  • Diana Lo
  • David Mesa
  • Kasi A. Murphy
  • Wyatt Powell
  • Kendre Rodriguez
  • Matthew Rozenberg
  • Jessie Ryan
  • John Schwartz
  • Edward Smith
  • Sarah Tibbo
  • Lauren Uram

  • Daniel Cray
  • Tucker Cutter
  • Kevin Cyr
  • Victoria Hexenberg
  • John Kerrigan
  • Daniel Lambert
  • Keri Longacre
  • David Mesa
  • Tracey Nicholson
  • Caitlin Pennycuick
  • Alex Pepicelli
  • Leah Preble
  • Edward Smith
  • Emily Stone
  • Sarah Tibbo
  • Lauren Uram
  • Tyler Walsh
  • Lillian Ally Weimer

  • Victor Adejuyigbe
  • Anthony Albano
  • Jennings Clare Becker
  • Ann Marie Britton
  • Heather Brooks
  • Ariel Buchholz
  • Christopher Celi
  • Tucker Cutter
  • Mike Deering
  • Kimberly Jarry
  • Kyle Lacerte
  • Keri Longacre
  • Gustav Nilsson
  • Emily Stone
  • Tyler Walsh
  • Lillian Ally Weimer

  • Anne Marie Britton
  • Kate Early
  • Alexander Foss
  • Jillian Granucci
  • Jessica Lynn Gulla
  • Megan Horowitch
  • Kimberly Jarry
  • Ashley Kaplan
  • Colin Kelley
  • Natalie Kitchen
  • Kyle Labbe
  • Kevin Lapoint
  • Brendan Lawrence
  • Gustav Nilsson
  • Brendan Slein
  • Brian Thompson