Bud Albin Challenge Round

In line with UNH policy, the 2020 Bud Albin and Championship rounds will not take place face-to-face.  We are currently exploring options for alternative approaches that will maintain the spirit of the competition, while also accommodating the unusual and challenging circumstance related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will share this information once finalized.


Bud Albin Challenge Round
Friday, April 17, 2020

The Bud Albin Challenge acts as the semi-final round of the Paul J. Holloway Prize Innovation to Market Competition. Teams present their business concepts to a panel of judges using PowerPoint, a poster and a prototype of their innovation, if available. Posters are not required as part of the formal presentation.

Twenty teams will advance to the Bud Albin Challenge Round where they present their case before a panel of industry judges who have reviewed their 5-page submissions and videos. Students are allotted ten minutes to present to the panel of judges comprised of representatives from business and industry, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A with the judges.

At the conclusion of the Bud Albin Challenge Round, all teams will receive detailed feedback from the judges and six teams will advance to the Holloway Prize Championship Round.

All teams, including those not advancing to the challenge or championship round, are invited to compete in the Charles & Miriam Nelson Poster Competition.


Cash prizes will be awarded to all teams not advancing to the Holloway Prize Competition Championship Round.
$600- 2nd Place Teams (not advancing to the championship round)
$500- 3rd Place Teams
$300- Runner-up Teams

Questions? Email holloway.prize@unh.edu

Note: Information on the 2020 Competition will be added as confirmed.

Time Schedule of Events High Growth Track High Tech Track Sustainability Track Hospitality & Service Solutions Track



Room 165

Room 175

Room 135

Room 235

12:50 p.m.

Competition Opening
Room 175





1 p.m.

Presentation #1

PUSH- 3rd Place

Rotator Cuff Machine

Harvest Plus- 3rd Place



1:30 p.m.

Presentation #2

VELV- 2nd Place


Live Love Local

Snow & Mow- 3rd Place

2 p.m.

Presentation #3


Ping!- 1st Place

Upstream Care- 2nd Place

The Protein Bar NH

2:30-3 p.m.

Light refreshments will be served outside of
Room 165





3 p.m.

Presentation #4


TheHive- 3rd Place

Open Mind

MajorHelp- 2nd Place

3:30 p.m.

Presentation #5

The Bogey Bag- 1st Place

Grocery Optimizer- 2nd Place

Liquid Hops- 1st Place

Ease- 1st Place

4 p.m.

Dinner at UNH ECenter
(21 Madbury Road)





4:50 p.m.

Advancing Teams
Round at UNH ECenter

(21 Madbury Road)



Ease is an online platform that finds International Students rental housing and facilitates the process of renting on a turnkey basis. Our mission is to provide international students with seamless experiences in their rental process and enhances their educational decision on studying abroad in the US.

Win Phyu Phyu Aung, PAUL (Hometown: Durham, NH)
Chau Nguyen, PAUL (Hometown: Durham, NH)
Zhen Hui Jiang, PAUL (Hometown: Dover, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Keslar 

Shayan Amani, GRAD (Hometown: Durham, NH)
Chao Chi Cheng, CEPS (Hometown: Durham, NH)
Saisuk Lekyang, GRAD (Hometown: Portsmouth, NH)
Jia Lin Hau (Hometown: Durham, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

Grocery Optimizer
Grocery Optimizer's mission is to save you time and money while ensuring that you have the proper amount of nutrition in your diet. Our web-based service generates shopping lists with affordable items that are guaranteed to fulfill your weekly nutritional requirements, making it easy to be sure that you're getting the most nutrition for your dollar.

Caleb Peffer, CEPS (Hometown: Durham, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Laura Deitze

Harvest Plus
Harvest Plus is a web based network that provides farmers with a platform to sell surplus produce to consumers at a reduced price. Our mission is to decrease produce waste on farms, providing discounts to consumers, while increasing revenue for farmers. Harvest Plus allows the community to take part in improving farm sustainability.

Jamie Nelson, PAUL (Hometown: Deerfield, NH)
Jessica Nelson, PAUL (Hometown: Deerfield, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

Heystack is a platform that will bridge the gap between professional photographers and their potential clients. The commercial photography market is a $10.5B industry in the United States that largely operates through word of mouth and inefficient platforms. Heystack is poised to disrupt the status quo and insert itself into this market by offering a simplified browsing and booking process while giving photographers the tools they need to grow their business and increase their efficiency in the process.

Jack Doherty, PAUL (Hometown: Durham, NH)
Will Rasid (Hometown: Chelsea, MA)
Faculty Advisor: Caitlin DeSoye

Liquid Hops
Every pint of beer uses the hop plant to contribute to its bitterness, aroma, and flavor. However, larger breweries have a much easier time consistently securing hops due to their large purchase volume and low diversity of beers. This leaves small craft breweries paying a premium for the same hop, if they can even get an order to begin with. Liquid Hops will be an indoor hydroponic hop farming facility focused on expanding the growing season for hops and helping local craft breweries and brewpubs. The company’s vision is to not only expand the versatility of eco-friendly farming using hydroponics, but to help New England brewing thrive.

Jonathan Carrigan, CEPS (Hometown: Hampton, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Winans

Live Love Local
Live Love Local is a product designed to connect consumers with local small businesses to promote sustainable shopping practices and emphasize eco-friendly and ethical consumerism. As an alternative to shopping at big brand-name stores and mega corporations, Live Love Local allows you to explore more sustainably conscious shopping practices by being your guide to shop with your values in mind. Whether it be shopping to support small, female owned, American-made, or eco-conscious businesses; our filters are created to produce the best shopping options for your individual needs. By gathering detailed inventories from local small businesses, we enable consumers to explore more sustainable and ethical shopping options at the tip of their fingers.

MacKenzie Logan, PAUL (Hometown: Portsmouth, NH)
Cam Dixon, PAUL (Hometown: Woburn, MA)
Dylan Kyer, PAUL (Hometown: Tyngsboro, MA)
Shane Bartlett, PAUL (Hometown: North Reading, MA)
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Keslar

At MajorHelp, we are dedicated to supporting high school students in the overwhelming post-graduation process by providing them useful and relevant information to benefit their college decision.  We aim to emphasize the need to empower students to develop their career interests by educating them on the variety of academic avenues offered in colleges.  MajorHelp sticks by students’ sides to figure out their future.

Christopher Murphy, PAUL (Hometown: Windham, NH)
Jake Yennaco, PAUL (Hometown: Windham, NH)
Ben Daniels, PAUL (Hometown: Windham, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Michael Swack

MDRemindME builds and operates a software platform for physical therapists to create and manage SMS reminders to track patient compliance with at-home treatment programs. We look to help ease the $289 billion each year spent because of patient non-adherence to treatment programs in the Healthcare industry. 

Eric Ciarla, CEPS (Hometown: Dover, NH)
Benjamin Cappiello, PAUL (Hometown: Westfield, NJ)
Max Miller, CEPS (Hometown: Exeter, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

Open Mind
Open Mind is a software application designed to onboard students into their university’s counseling system and provides unlimited access to virtual mental health resources. Our goal is to provide an outlet for students who want to receive help, but are unsure where or how to begin. Utilizing our AI-backed chatbot, Remy, users will be able to communicate with a virtual therapist whenever they need to and help them become more comfortable meeting with on-campus professionals. Open Mind integrates recent technological advances with current university counseling systems to offer a friendly and accessible mental health resource for students.

Derek Steele, PAUL (Hometown: Bedford, NH)
Nick Barnard, PAUL (Hometown: Bedford, NH)
Matt LoStocco, PAUL (Hometown: Madison, CT)
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Keslar

Ping! is an app that helps college students stay connected on the weekends. If by chance you find yourself in an unsafe, awkward or otherwise uncomfortable situation, Ping will instantly send an alert to your group including location tracking and a predetermined message, all at the push of a button. Ping's mission is to bring America back to when the outside world was a place to be adventured, not feared.

RJ Harrington, PAUL (Hometown: Hingham, MA)
Dylan Wheeler, CEPS (Hometown: Bow, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Danielle Brick

PUSH is the first innovative on demand plowing app service that connects residential users with local plow drives at the touch of your fingers. PUSH works to solve all issues seen within the current plowing industry. We directly solve the issue of planning and scheduling your days around a plow drivers’ schedule, which makes up our unique value proposition to our customers. PUSH is the first app to transition snow plow driving to a direct consumer need and on-demand basis.

Brandon Mello, CEPS (Hometown: Kensington, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

Rotator Cuff Machine
Rotator Cuff Machine is an exercise machine intended to improve the way people can exercise their rotator cuff muscles. Shoulders are one of the most commonly injured areas of the body, with the rotator cuff being the most commonly affected area. To help prevent injuries, a few specific exercises can be done that strengthen the rotator cuff muscles. The problem is rotator cuff exercises are very challenging to perform correctly; any small change in form can lead to other surrounding muscles taking over the exercise. Our solution to this problem was to design an exercise machine that forces the user to have the correct form while doing these exercises, to ensure that the rotator cuff muscles are properly being targeted and strengthened.

Kyle Lecour, CEPS (Hometown: Durham, NH)
Matt Collins, CEPS (Hometown: Durham, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ivaylo Nedyalkov

Snow & Mow
Paul Stacy, PAUL (Hometown: Durham, NH)
Robert Davis, PAUL (Hometown: Durham, NH)
Jonathan Duffy, PAUL (Hometown: Leominster, MA)
Tobias Craig, PAUL (Hometown: Durham, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Keslar

The Bogey Bag
The goal of The Bogey Bag is to change the way golfers manage their anger while on the golf course. The Bogey Bag is a punching bag that attaches to any golf cart allowing players to take their anger out in a fun and healthy way without paying the price of equipment replacement or injuries. Whether it is a gift for a friend, or a product for yourself, The Bogey Bag is a surefire way to enjoy the game more.

Steven Schnobrich, PAUL (Hometown: Stratham, NH)
Brayden Mastin, CEPS (Hometown: Stratham, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

The Protein Bar
The Protein Bar NH is a mobile start-up food vendor run by two collegiate student-athletes. We travel to various athletic events throughout New England to sell products such as protein shakes, energy bites, and other healthy eats. Our promise is to provide athletes with the proper nutrition needed to fuel their bodies as to maximize peak athletic performance. 

Rylee Leonard, CHHS (Hometown: Durham, NH)
Caroline Hernon, COLSA (Hometown: Durham, NH)
Faculty Advisor: John Baxter

Jonathan Meagher, PAUL (Hometown: Stonington, CT)
Kameron Hall, PAUL (Hometown: Victor, NY)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

UPark is a mobile app that lets the user pay for their metered parking directly from their smartphone. Additional features of the app include: 1) viewing of available parking spaces on a phone, 2) the ability to pay for the spot right on a smartphone including renewals when necessary that do not exceed a specified parking time limit, 3) an alarm and notification that alerts the user when their space is up, and 4) an all-in-one place where the user can find all parking rules and regulations. With UPark, parking is now smart, easy and efficient. We strive to give all UNH drivers a stress free parking experience.

Taylor Barbagallo, PAUL (Hometown: North Billerica, MA)
Sara Cordova, PAUL (Hometown: Merrimack, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Diane Devine

Upstream Care
UpstreamCare is a service that helps homeowners live confidently and independently in their retirement. We provide a subscription that enables elder people to find and visit local business that provide meaningful activities that reduce the chance of Alzheimer. We also create a frictionless environment for getting medical and legal advice.
Arseniy Shapovalov, PAUL (Hometown: Durham, NH)
Ilya Feldman, PAUL (Hometown: Durham, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

Christin Badylak-Reals, CEPS (Hometown: Durham, NH)
Jessica Lavalle, PAUL (Hometown: Keene, NH)
Matthew Ross, P'aUL (Hometown: Londonderry, NH) 
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

High Growth Track - Room 165
Justin Jarvis, Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager, USB Wealth Management 
Inge Milde, Former Director, Tufts Entrepreneurship Center; Board Member, 3S Art Space
Mike Morneault, Senior Practice Director, H5; President and CEO, Odor Gladiator
Sam Warach, Founder and CEO, Nextstep Health Tech
Chuck Withee, President, Provident Bank
Moderator- Ryan O'Riordan, MBA Student

High Tech Track - Room 175
Mike Aldous '11G, Senior Director of Underwriting and Delivery, Personal Lines and Accident and Health, Liberty Mutual
Andrea Kokolis '73, '77G, CEO, Kokolis Consulting
Alec Rooney, Co-founder and CTO, Minim
Sebastian Titz '08G, Manager of New Ventures, 3M New Ventures
Moderator- Brendan Mitchell, MBA Student

Sustainability Track - Room 135
Yvon Durant '96G, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, Itaconix Corp. 
Cole Jaillet '14, VP and Product Owner, BNY Mellon, Eagle Investment Systems
Bradley Russell, Chair, Board of Directors, Oke USA Fruit Co, Equal Exchange 
Larry Spera, Managing Partner, Residential Capital Asset Management, LLC 
Moderator- Karin Martin, MBA Student

Hospitality & Service Solutions Track - Room 235
Gareth Dickens '02, Executive Chairman, Convenient MD Convenient Care
Maria Proulx '99, VP, Segment Solutions
Mike Somers, President and CEO, New Hampshire Lodging and Restaurant Association 
Beth Stueck, CEO, New England Inns and Resorts
Moderator- Carlos Quinones, MBA Student

Runoff Round - UNH ECenter
Lindsey Hayes, VP Global Sales, The Mountain Corporation
Seth McNally, Financial Advisor, The Elm Street Group at Morgan Stanley
John Pelaggi, Director of Sales, Integris Software
James Saunders, Strategic Account Executive, Symantec
Moderator- Ralph Matthews, MBA Student

About the Benefactor

Bud Albin

Harold C. "Bud" Albin, Jr. '55 was an active and generous supporter of his alma mater, most notably in the area of entrepreneurship and business development.

After working full-time and attending the University of Maryland part-time, Bud Albin enrolled at the University of New Hampshire. Following graduation, Mr. Albin entered the U.S. Navy Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island, and became a Naval Aviator. He was attached to squadrons in Georgia, Rhode Island and Virginia, piloting all weather fighter/interceptors.

In 1961, Mr. Albin joined a small company that manufactured steel parts. He continued his active participation in the Naval Reserve in flying status and was promoted to Officer-in-Charge. Mr. Albin retired from the Naval Reserve in 1978 at the rank of Captain.

While serving in the Reserve, he founded Albin Industries, which sold copying supplies. Shortly after its start-up, Mr. Albin expanded the company to include the sale and servicing of copier and fax machines. When sold to Konica Business Machines in 1995, Albin Industries had grown to a business employing 185 people.

In honor of his fiftieth class reunion, Mr. Albin established the endowment that bears his name to encourage and advance entrepreneurship within the Whittemore School of Business and Economics and support activities related to entrepreneurship, primarily in New Hampshire.

The Albin Entrepreneurship Fund supports faculty and administrative programs that link students with entrepreneurs; provides consulting support for new start-up companies; supports lectures and in-residence programs; funds external entrepreneurship competitions; and brings UNH students, faculty, and industry experts to the larger community.

Mr. Albin earned his Bachelor of Science at the University of New Hampshire, was awarded an MBA degree from Wayne State College and completed Harvard University's Owner/President Management program.