Semifinal Round: Bud Albin Challenge


Friday, April 22, 2022
The Bud Albin Challenge acts as the semifinal round of the Paul J. Holloway Prize
Innovation to Market Competition

Twenty teams will advance to the Semifinal Bud Albin Challenge Round where they present their business concept before a panel of business and industry judges who have reviewed their 5-page submissions and videos. Teams are allotted 10 minutes to present followed by 15 minutes of Q&A with the judges.

At the conclusion of the Semifinal Bud Albin Challenge Round, all teams will receive detailed feedback from the judges and six teams will advance to the Holloway Prize Competition Championship Round.


Cash prizes will be awarded to all teams not advancing
to the Holloway  PrizeCompetition Championship Round
$600- 2nd Place Teams
$500- 3rd Place Teams
$300- Runner-up Teams


Information on the 2022 teams and judges will be added as the competition nears. 

Bloodhound Safety Tracker
The Bloodhound Tracking Device is a wearable safety device that allows the user to be constantly monitored and ensures safety during any adventure they sought out for. Whether the user is backcountry skiing, snowmobiling, or hiking, the Bloodhound Safety Tracker allows the user a clickless life line for an emergency response. Bloodhound uses a combination of a GPS satellite chip, an accelerometer, a bluetooth transceiver and a speaker that allows the user to have a lifeline if they get into any emergency. Our device has the ability to detect if someone is in danger and sends an emergency alert to our call center to then forward to emergency dispatch and response. This speeds up the time of search and rescue, saving people money and creating a better chance of survival. Bloodhound Safety Tracker also allows the user to transmit constant data and signal from their location (real-time) to our online platform. Finally, the user has the ability to manually bluetooth connect to our app and upload their days track. Using a clickless device allows us to shorten the time of recovery and ultimately increase the chance of survival for the user. 

Sydney Carlisle, Paul College (Hometown: Keene, NH)
Cole Favazza, Paul College (Hometown: Ipswich, MA)
Ethan Keslar, Paul College (Hometown: Durham, NH)
Devin Sawtelle, Paul College (Hometown: Lee, NH)
Joe Quintal, Paul College (Hometown: Rye, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Keslar

Cerebrum Helmets 3rd Place: High Tech Track
Cerebrum Helmets is a high technology company which designs and develops protective equipment with embeddedtechnology for the powersports industry. This is exemplified in products such as the CNII Vision Helmet, which is built around the foundation of a class leading helmet design which meets or exceeds all industry standards including SNELL, DOT and ECE certifications. From there, we’ve incorporated a high-fidelity video recording device which is seamlessly integrated and offersan immersive viewing experience. 

Dana Ruland, Paul College (Hometown: Hooksett, NH)
Reid Ruland, Paul College (Hometown: Hooksett, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Michael Kukenberger

Clever Cart 1st Place: High Tech Track
Clever Cart is an Augmented Reality Navigation and Advertising Platform that 
empowers customers, retailers, and marketers to benefit from the most advanced AR retail application ever created. Clever Cart is first and foremost a reinvention of in-store advertising with the mission of helping Grocers across the country.   

Seth Gunter, Paul College (Hometown: Amherst, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Jeff Sohl

Farified 1st Place: Hospitality & Service Solutions Track
Farified provides individuals with food allergies and dietary restrictions real-time information about what foods can be eaten based on individual profiles. Through the Farified app. users will receive personalized actionable intelligence regarding dining locations, food choices, and ingredient changes. Farified is dedicated to reducing large number of adverse, sometimes fatal,  food reactions and empower a community of people to make informed decisions regarding food safety. 

Madison Smith, CHHS  (Hometown: Moultonborough, NH)
Ann-Marie Kolberg, Paul College  (Hometown: Delmar, NY)
Faculty Advisor: Jeff Sohl

Fry’d LLC 3rd Place: Hospitality & Service Solutions Track
Fry’d is a unique ghost kitchen style restaurant creating delicious late-night treats on Main Street in Durham NH. The company offers take-out and delivery services to the town of Durham. We specialize in American-style comfort food to satisfy those late-night cravings! Whether you are searching for sweet, savory, or both - we’ve got it covered. Mac-n-cheese, french fries, grilled cheese, fried Oreos & more! Gluten-free, dairy-free & vegan options are available too. There’s something for everyone. For your next craving, think Fry’d. 

Nelson Davis, COLSA (Hometown: Chester Springs, PA)
Patrick Duggan, Paul College (Hometown: Plymouth, MA)
Darren Gibadlo, Paul College  (Hometown: Hampton, NH)
Ethan Landon, Paul College (Hometown: Natick, MA)
Christopher Sheehan, Paul College (Hometown: Cortlandt Manor, NY)
Keane Regan, Paul College (Hometown: North Bradford, CT)
Faculty Advisor: Ryan Cox

Ghost Kitchen Food Truck
Ghost Kitchen is a food trailer that will operate from the hours of 8:00 PM - 4:00 AM, Wednesday through Saturday, near the University of New Hampshire in Durham. The problem the company is solving is the lack of food and delivery options late at night for students studying, partying, or craving a late-night snack. 

Devon Bruzzese, Paul College (Hometown: Reading, MA)
Derek Gardner, Paul College (Hometown: Bedford, MA)
Ryan Harrington, Paul College (Hometown: Hingham, MA)
Matthew Paolucci, Paul College  (Hometown: North Reading, MA)
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Keslar

HallHub 2nd Place: Hospitality & Service Solutions Track
HallHub is a "Digital" Residence Hall that elevates campus communities, helping universities stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. 

Nicolas Camara, CEPS (Hometown: San Paulo)
Garrett Frohman, CEPS (Hometown: Hudson, NH)
Caleb Peffer, CEPS (Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

HydroPhos Solutions 3rd Place: Sustainability Track
HydroPhos Solutions is a for-profit service company that simultaneously addresses eutrophication and phosphorus depletion as a function of its core business model. We utilize phosphorus filtration technology to extract phosphorus from wastewater treatment plants, subsequently reselling this phosphorus to fertilizer companies. This reduces eutrophication, recycles the nutrients, and extends the lifespan of our global food supply by combating phosphorus depletion, all while creating a profit that we reinvest into the business's growth to scale the positive impact of our operations. 

Daisy Burns, Paul College
Derek Long, Paul College
Matt Oriente, Paul College
Jason Plant,  Paul College
Katie Remeis, Paul College
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant 

Lighthouse aims to redefine how we see social media by focusing on bettering the user instead of focusing on increasing metrics and screen time for advertisers. It will be a platform that allows users to connect with their digital world in a healthy and productive way that actually helps them reach their personal goals, without taking up a lot of their time or getting them addicted. To do this, we are implementing AI/ML behavior changing models into content to subliminally help users reach their goals and using features like content filters so you can see what you want to see, when you want to see it. To address another major issue, data privacy, Lighthouse will use a Freemium model that for the price of a cup of coffee per month, you can know none of your user data is being sold to third party sources. Lighthouse is shining a brighter future on our social future with an aim of making social media a non-time consuming, beneficial aspect of our lives. 

Derek Bobbitt, Paul College (Hometown: Nashua, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

LogSmarter, LLC  2nd Place: High Growth Track
LogSmarter™ is not just another calorie counter. It is an AI nutrition coach that uses machine learning to help people reach and sustain their health goals. You tell us your demographic information and whether you want to gain muscle or lose fat. From there our proprietary machine learning algorithm will generate a goal calorie intake that fits your individual needs. As you progress towards your goal of gaining muscle or losing fat, your metabolism will change. Based on daily records of your calorie intake and body weight, our algorithm will update your goal calorie intake appropriately to make sure you are optimizing your nutrition. As our algorithm learns more about you, it will provide feedback to make sure you are following the latest evidence based nutrition recommendations. Our software is available through our website and the app store. See for more information.

Ben Kfoury, Paul College (Hometown: Manchester, NH)
Ryan Lefebvre, CEPS (Hometown: Northborough, MA)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

LyfeStyle 1st Place: High Growth Track
LyfeStyle is a free-to-download smartphone application which informs consumers on what activities and events are in their desired area. Utilizing the LyfeStyle app will not only benefit consumers, but businesses will be able to update their events seamlessly. All B2C businesses are supported by giving them an all in one platform to advertise. The application supports consumers' ability to be educated on any upcoming and current events that match their lifestyle or wants. Whether that be dining, entertainment, shopping or anything in between, after this pandemic everyone will be looking for an exciting night out away from their household. 

Gavin Thibodeau, Paul College (Hometown: Westford, MA)
Jack Kelly, Paul College (Hometown: Wyndmoor, PA)
Justin Szabo, Paul College (Hometown: Tolland, CT)
Faculty Advisor: Bruce Pfieffer

MicroReality plans to sell a virtual reality controlled robotic stereomicroscope that they have invented and are prototyping. 

Luke Botticelli, COLSA (Hometown: Kingston, NH)
Sanen Imchen, CEPS (Hometown: Hudson, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

Mind Body Soul Boxes
Subscription boxes that help promote college aged girls health and well-being. 

Sophia Bolduc, CHHS (Hometown: Bedford, NH)
Alison Durand, Paul College (Hometown: Durham, CT)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

Mongo 1st Place: Sustainability Track
Mongo is new sustainable plant-based protein derived from mung beans that is high in protein, fiber and antioxidants. Mongo is versatile as it can be incorporated into stir-fry’s, wraps, scrambles and smoothies.  

Jessica Nelson, Paul College (Hometown: Deerfield, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

MyGreenPlate is an app that allows people to understand the sustainability of their food choices. 

Will Bodewes, CEPS (Hometown: Durango, CO)
Holly Proulx, CEPS (Hometown: Durham, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

Ping 3rd Place: High Growth Track
In the US, incapacitated and drug-assisted assaults account for nearly one-third of the sexual assaults that occur. Ping is an SaaS app with the goal of revolutionizing personal safety for young women everywhere, connecting you with close friends and nearby allies at a moments notice via multi-connectivity and GPS location tracking technology.

Ryan Harrington, Paul College (Hometown: Hingham, MA)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

Promised Protection 2nd Place: Sustainability Track
Promised Protection is stiving to modernize the way water is placed and prepared for wildfires in the Western U.S. Through modular suppression units there can be more strategic placement of large amounts of water, along with needed suppression equipment. Decreasing time way from the fires collecting water and more time suppressing that water on the fires. Overall, increasing water preparation and lowering destruction.  

Spencer Coveney, Paul College (Hometown: Milford, MA)
Patrick Gillis, CEPS (Hometown: Stratham, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

SciCAD is a technology consulting start-up based in Henniker, New Hampshire that focuses on optimizing the CAD (Computer Aided Design) / IT (Information Technology) environments and advises companies on business strategy relating to IT/CAD infrastructure and software. 

Tyler Heymans, CEPS (Hometown: Weare, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

SPAITR 2nd Place: High Tech Track
With SPAITR™, players and coaches can see the speed of their shot, the angle of release, and the number of reps that were taken during practice or play sessions. Coaches can hold players accountable as well as see minute details about practice sessions and games. SPAITR™ is not only a platform for viewing growth and distinct play statistics, it is also a social platform that can allow players to share their improvements, participate in team and national leaderboards, as well as interact with their teammates. Parents and relatives can also see their youth’s progress in a way that allows them to interact actively with their child's growth, in a level of detail that was previously impossible. 

Brayden Esmaili, CEPS (Hometown: Wilmont, NH)
Nathaniel Hunt, COLA (Hometown: Rochester, NH)
Joey Neleber, CEPS (Hometown: Guilford, CT)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

SyringeAdmin (Syringe Services Program Tracking Software)
Syringe Services Programs (SSPs) lack a modern and mobile tool to track their activities, provide reporting and forecast future demand. SyringeAdmin meets this need through a mobile app and a SaaS-based administrative console. This new product will allow for outreach workers who often work out of cars and backpacks to log needle-exchange transactions in real-time while unlocking analytics capabilities for the back-office. SyringeAdmin saves SSPs time and money, allowing these organizations to focus more resources on their mission - reducing harms among people who inject drugs and the communities they live in. 

Mark Santoski, Graduate School (Hometown: Dover, NH)
Faculty Advisor: James Kibler

Thatbeat is a company focused on helping music producers with issues involving Music Theory, Sound Design and Song Structure. Thatbeat looks to provide an online search engine where users find audio samples from different distributors, individual artists, and record labels. Results, based on a user's search, are sorted by Views (commonly seen as listens and downloads) and Responses (commonly seen as comments, likes, and shares). This website helps those interested in music production by making sure they have the tools needed to succeed and continue their creative endeavors. 

Jackson Lucier, CEPS (Hometown: Nashua, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Michael Merenda

High Growth Track 
Duncan Craig '01, Partner, Raka
Gareth Dickens '02, Executive Chairman, ConvenientMD Urgent Care
Nathan Harris, UNH Ph.D. Student in Leadership & Policy Studies, Board Director Enova Illumination, Former SVP of Sales & Marketing ZOLL Medical
Justin Jarvis, Financial Advisor and Portfolio Manager, UBS
Maria Proulx '99, Regional Vice President of Sales, Anthem, Inc. 

High Tech Track 
Andrea Kokolis '73, '77G, CEO, Kokolis Consulting
Mike Morneault, Senior Practice Director, H5
Kendra Rodriguez '16, Enterprise Account Executive, Google Cloud
Sebastian Titz '08G, Manager of New Ventures-North America, 3M

Hospitality & Service Solutions Track 
Mike Aldous '11G, Vice President of Insurance Data and Product Services, EverQuote
Eric Goodwin, Goodwin Family Management, LLC, Goodwin Recruiting, The Friendly Toast Restaurants, NOBL Coffee, NOCA Beverages
Beth Stueck, Retired CEO, New England Inns and Resorts
Carlos Quinones, '94, '19G, Account Manager, Lodging Econometrics

Sustainability Track
Todd Boucher '03, Principal and Founder, Leading Edge Design Group
Yvon Durant '96G, Chief Technology Officer, Itaconix 
Cole Jaillet '14, Director of Prospect Management, Esper
Bradley Russell, Operations and Marketing Coordinator, Maine Manufacturing Extension Partnership; Chair, Board of Directors Oke USA Fruit Co.

Runoff Round 
Lindsey Hayes, Experienced Apparel and Footwear Executive
Seth McNally, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley
John Pelaggi, Vice President of Sales, Hysolate
James Saunders, Account Executive-Strategic Clients, Onfido

About the Benefactor

Bud Albin

Harold C. "Bud" Albin, Jr. '55 was an active and generous supporter of his alma mater, most notably in the area of entrepreneurship and business development.

After working full-time and attending the University of Maryland part-time, Bud Albin enrolled at the University of New Hampshire. Following graduation, Mr. Albin entered the U.S. Navy Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island, and became a Naval Aviator. He was attached to squadrons in Georgia, Rhode Island and Virginia, piloting all weather fighter/interceptors.

In 1961, Mr. Albin joined a small company that manufactured steel parts. He continued his active participation in the Naval Reserve in flying status and was promoted to Officer-in-Charge. Mr. Albin retired from the Naval Reserve in 1978 at the rank of Captain.

While serving in the Reserve, he founded Albin Industries, which sold copying supplies. Shortly after its start-up, Mr. Albin expanded the company to include the sale and servicing of copier and fax machines. When sold to Konica Business Machines in 1995, Albin Industries had grown to a business employing 185 people.

In honor of his fiftieth class reunion, Mr. Albin established the endowment that bears his name to encourage and advance entrepreneurship within the Whittemore School of Business and Economics and support activities related to entrepreneurship, primarily in New Hampshire.

The Albin Entrepreneurship Fund supports faculty and administrative programs that link students with entrepreneurs; provides consulting support for new start-up companies; supports lectures and in-residence programs; funds external entrepreneurship competitions; and brings UNH students, faculty, and industry experts to the larger community.

Mr. Albin earned his Bachelor of Science at the University of New Hampshire, was awarded an MBA degree from Wayne State College and completed Harvard University's Owner/President Management program.


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