Semifinal Round: Bud Albin Challenge


Friday, April 22, 2022
The Bud Albin Challenge acts as the semifinal round of the 
Paul J. Holloway Prize Innovation to Market Competition.

Twenty teams will advance to the Semifinal Bud Albin Challenge Round where they present their business concept before a panel of business and industry judges who have reviewed their 5-page submissions and videos. Teams are allotted 10 minutes to present followed by 15 minutes of Q&A with the judges.

At the conclusion of the Semifinal Bud Albin Challenge Round, all teams will receive detailed feedback from the judges and six teams will advance to the Holloway Prize Competition Championship Round.


Cash prizes will be awarded to all teams not advancing
to the Holloway  PrizeCompetition Championship Round
$600- 2nd Place Teams
$500- 3rd Place Teams
$300- Runner-up Teams


Information on the 2022 teams and judges will be added as the competition nears. 


Time Room Order Track
12:50 p.m. 115

Competition Opening

1:00 p.m.   Presentation #1  



Next Neighborhood

High Growth 



Spot Swap

High Tech



HydroPhos Solutions





Hospitality & Service Solutions

1:30 p.m.


Presentation #2




Companion Company

High Growth 




High Tech








Hospitality & Service Solutions
2:00 p.m.    Presentation #3  
  175 QuietKitchen High Growth 
  115 Life.Edu High Tech



Apropros Energy Sustainability
  125 Vita Bottle Hospitality & Service Solutions
2:30 p.m. Outside 165 Break  
3 p.m.    Presentation #4  
  175 Grey-t Water High Growth 
  115 SOASIS High Tech
  135 Gen Impact Partner Sustainability
  125 ParShark Hospitality & Service Solutions
3:30 p.m.    Presentation #5  
  175 KickerSticker High Growth
  115 TrackBag High Tech
  135 Wegrow Sustainability
  125 The Hub Hospitality & Service Solutions
4:00 p.m.  UNH ECenter Dinner  
4:50 p.m.  UNH ECenter Advancing Teams Announced  
5:15 p.m.  UNH ECenter Run-off Round: Presentation #1 High Growth 
5:45 p.m.  UNH ECenter Run-off Round: Presentation #2 High Tech 
6:15 p.m.  UNH ECenter Run-off Round: Presentation #3 Sustainability 
7:15 p.m.  UNH ECenter Run-off Round: Presentation #4 Hospitality & Services Solutions
7:40 p.m. UNH ECenter Run-off Round Winners Announced  

College students with disabilities need viable inexpensive solutions to enable engagement and reduce physical difficulties. Our vision is to produce accessibility-related solutions through responsible and collaborative production. Solutions are available on or from cooperative solution creation. 3VISE innovates within industrial infrastructure through reduced manufacturing and processing costs, market specialization, and collaboration for a common goal- reduced inequality. 

Timothy Sicard, Paul College (Hometown: Hampton Falls, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

Apropos Energy
Apropos Energy is a software company that delivers open gaming platforms and online services for classroom learning that engage students and teachers alike. Our mission is to provide a suite of sandbox video games in the sciences that provide data-driven instruction for digital classroom curricula. Student users will engage with their education in an entertaining way and teachers will be equipped with a powerful resource to design custom minigames for assignments. Starting with our inaugural title Aproposlis, our games will enhance remote learning experiences, provide a unique way to assess student progress, and prepare players to tackle the world’s largest issues.  

Eli Duggan, CEPS (Hometown: Concord, NH)
Matt Libby, CEPS (Hometown: Bristol, NH)
Samuel Mercer, CEPS (Hometown: Sanford, ME)
Bailey Prasad, COLSA (Hometown: Glen Mills, PA)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

Companion Company
At Companion we understand there is a growing notion that our pets represent extensions of our families, and at the same time there is growing concern for the health and safety of our pets. Still today approximately one third of all dogs and cats in the U.S. will go missing throughout their ownership. This is a key goal of Companion’s mission to solve. Additionally, we aim to assist pet-oriented businesses with digital processes which can include check-in services, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services. Our solution is to develop a key tag to be worn on the respective pet’s collar and a printed ID card for the owner. Both will be equipped with easy, quick and immediate scanning QR code capability or card tapping capability. The card will operate in conjunction with our digital platform to assist both the pet owners and businesses servicing pets. Companion aims to be a one-stop digital solution for owners to utilize to service their respective pet’s needs.

Patrick Fleming, Paul College (Hometown: Dover, NH)
Diego Smith, Paul College (Hometown: Seattle, WA)
Faculty Advisor: Stephen Ciccone

Gen Impact Partners
Conscious consumerism is on the rise and consumers are starting to rely on standardized certifications such as B Lab’s B Corp Certification to distinguish responsible, purpose-driven companies from those that falsely claim positive impact. However, as more companies show interest in certifying, the B Impact Assessment becomes more complex to account for different business structures. As a result, B Lab and prospective B Corps are experiencing bottlenecks. Many companies want to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable business, but lack the time and resources required to complete the BIA. Gen Impact Partners is designed with these prospective B Corps in mind. With three years of experience working through the BIA, our consultants will support each client through the BIA process and provide recommendations for improving impact along the way. We additionally will offer assistance in developing communications that will serve to highlight the company’s identity as a B Corp. With a growing number of businesses certified and equipped to market their unique value, there will be increased awareness about the existence of B Corps and consequently, increased pressure on large multinational market leaders to meet the same rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Jill Durkin, Paul College (Hometown: Greenland, NH)
Kathryn Roscoe, Paul College (Hometown: Queensbury, NY)
Gabrielle Sott, Paul College (Hometown: Litchfield, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Rick Kilbride

Grey-t Water
Grey-t Water is a sustainable solution to water scarcity. The Grey-t Water system collects greywater from the drains of your sinks and showers, filters it, then redistributes it to your toilets to eliminate freshwater use.

Emily Abrusci, COLSA (Hometown: Henderson, NV)
Nathan Brennan, Paul College (Hometown: Arlington, MA)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

The Hub
The HUB is an evolutionary platform, connecting students to employers and community members. Our platform helps find labor for tasks by connecting them to surrounding college students who are willing to work at a lesser cost than professional services. Our service is the most convenient and affordable option for residents and employers. Community members and employers will be able to post any job that needs to be done ranging from raking leaves, to filling a shift, without paying the rates of established professionals. On our platform, students will be able to look through those jobs and see which ones work best for their busy academic schedules, allowing them to have flexibility without a full time commitment. This opportunity allows students who have been prevented from pursuing a job during the previous school years due to scheduling conflicts to now have the ability of an alternative option. The HUB is a “one-stop-shop” to not only serve the community and potential employer's needs, but college students in need of work.

Jonathan Leone, Paul College (Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA)
Alex Muto, Paul College (Hometown: Natick, MA)
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Earle

HydroPhos Solutions
HydroPhos Solutions is a circular economy social venture that simultaneously addresses the critical environmental and social concerns associated with eutrophication and phosphorus depletion as a core function of its business model. HydroPhos Solutions utilizes filtration technology to extract phosphorus from wastewater, subsequently reselling this purified phosphorus into the fertilizer industry. This profitable and scalable approach to combating phosphorus depletion reduces eutrophication caused by phosphorus runoff, recycles the non-renewable nutrients, preserves aquatic ecosystems, and extends the lifespan and affordability of our global food supply.

Daisy Burns, Paul College (Hometown: Sanbornton, NH)
Derek Long, Paul College (Hometown: Northborough, MA)
Matt Oriente, Paul College (Hometown: Jamison, PA)
Jason Plant, Paul College (Hometown: Sanbornton, NH)
Katie Remeis, Paul College (Hometown: Pelham, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

Kicker Sticker
The Kicker Sticker is a soccer training tool for anyone who is looking to improve their kicking technique, but may not have access to affordable, quality coaching. It is a removable decal that is applied to the user’s own soccer ball. It helps the user learn and practice eight different kicking techniques by identifying the areas of ball contact and the correct kick execution techniques. Each area was determined by scientific research investigating the effects of impact location on ball aerodynamics and trajectory. The accompanied instruction sheet and training videos also outline many of the smaller but important details that affect the user’s kicking technique. This product is much more cost-effective for the user than personal trainers or the competing products, and it ensures that the user can continue to train with the familiarity of their own ball without having to compromise on the quality of their training.

Adison Hicks, CEPS (Hometown: Deerry, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ivaylo Nedyalkov

Life.Edu is an evolutionary game simulation that immerses high school students into a virtual world in which they are guided through real world situations. In their own world, students will create an avatar, pick a home, vehicle, and job, they will go to work and throughout the game they will be presented with tasks such as paying bills, applying for credit cards, maintaining a good credit score, writing checks, making car payments, picking insurance, and filing taxes. Giving students an opportunity to experience these responsibilities without real and harmful consequences as they learn. A recent study showed that 46% of students felt like they lacked general knowledge in financial and economic literacy, and 38% said they had some sort of class that taught financial literacy. Our simulation will be integrated into high schools as a half year elective course to provide students with personal finance skills and knowledge that is necessary to be financially successful as young adults. We want students to feel confident in their financial management skills coming out of High School, putting America in a better place financially. 

Chloe Otterbeck, Paul College (Hometown: Huntington, MA)
Shania Robinson, Paul College (Hometown: Fremont, NH)
Thomas Reis, Paul College (Hometown: Nashua, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Keslar

Next Neighborhood
Due to COVID-19, the US is currently facing a worker shortage of 4.3 million workers. Although cases are decreasing and vaccination rates are increasing, companies are struggling to fill positions. As of August 2021, there were 9.5 million citizens classified as unemployed, with over 9.2 million job openings. Next Neighborhood is a web platform that helps corporations recruit talent for in person positions. Zillow, HotPads, and are what most users turn to when looking for a rental or property in a new location. Yet despite these companies' success and market valuation (Zillow 15.3 Billion), they are lacking in major areas that consumers look at when purchasing. To ease user experience and decrease the outside research that many potential tenants must go through, we have added in information about the neighborhood, personal preferences of those who live in the area, and local information to create a sense of community within your new rental. 

Kelsey MacLeod, Paul College (Hometown: Medway, MA)
Lilly Bennet, Paul College (Hometown: Medway, MA)
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Earle

Two key areas of improvement have echoed in discussions with prominent ski industry professionals on the ski resort experience. Mountain Resorts want to develop new revenue streams and increase customer satisfaction and retention. Determining where to implement new initiatives and changes is aided by better understanding your customers. Achieving this through data collection and discovering customer flow patterns is where we come in. 

OuterPlace expands on preexisting RFID technology allowing for greater data-collection and interpretation of customer tendencies on the slopes. Gates ping each time a user’s ski ticket passes by. Knowing when a user passes a slope-side gate can help determine customer flow and time spent throughout a specified location. Development of the OuterPlace system will allow our team to analyze and assist mountain resorts through data-driven decision making. 

The market will initially consist of mountains within New Hampshire through our business-to-business model, leading into New England and beyond. Resorts utilize RFID technology, interlinking ski passes, room keys, and POS systems. OuterPlace will aid in expanding this interlink onto the slopes. RFID technology is universal, therefore integration across multiple platforms is possible. With the ski industry growing year-over-year by 3.37%, OuterPlace is a natural opportunity for resort growth.

John Grace, Paul College (Hometown: Strafford, NH)
Jack LoRe, Paul College (Hometown: Niskayuna, NY)
Brendan Sullivan, Paul College (Hometown: Auburn, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Keslar

Par Shark
ParShark is an online golf membership distribution platform that enables players to explore the sport affordably. This is accomplished by selling several season passes in combination with one another, giving ParShark customers a multi-course membership for a single rate.

Courses determine their own listing price and golfers can then customize their own multi-course pass. For example, if clubs X, Y, and Z each sell their traditional memberships for $2,000, on ParShark they might list for $1,000 when sold in a three-course pack. A golfer could purchase the “XYZ” pass on ParShark for $3,000, and have access to each of the three courses for this one-time payment.
With golf exploding in popularity, especially within the younger, less affluent demographic, courses must look for ways to attract these new players to their location. These novice golfers aren’t looking to commit to a full year at a single club, so by listing on ParShark, courses can generate revenue from a previously untapped market.

Jeff Marquis, Paul College (Hometown: Derry, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

Project Happy
Project Happy is a revenue generating nonprofit technology startup on a mission to reconnect young people to their community, in an effort to help them live happier and more connected lives. Our first positive technology has successfully launched in pilot this month. The Project Happy Community Involvement Platform eliminates the barriers that discourage a student from community involvement and volunteering by simplifying & improving the student volunteering process. The long-term vision for Project Happy includes building a suite of complementary, technological solutions aimed at solving adolescent unhappiness/unfulfillment in American youth.

Gerry Donahue, CEPS (Hometown: Hopkinton, NH)
Nick Mokas, Paul College (Hometown: Bedford, NH)
Jack Potvin, Paul College (Hometown: Derry, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

Quiet Kitchen
Emily Duffy, COLSA
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

Coding education typically focuses on toy problems in fake environments, making it easy to lose interest, not fully grasp concepts, or even give up. To remedy this we are building SideGuide, a coding course platform designed to help new devs learn and apply concepts at lightning speed. Our course platform and marketplace are built directly into development environments, providing an easy and efficient way to up-skill or train developers regardless of experience level.

Eric Ciarla, Paul College & COLA (Hometown: New Boston, NH)
Garrett Frohman ’21 (Hometown: Hudson, NH)
Caleb Peffer, CEPS
Nicolas Silberstein Camara ’21 (Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

SOASIS is a new social media based on blockchain technology that allows users and creators to make money, and not worry about their user data being sold to third parties. Users get paid for each ad they see and even more for those they interact with, however, if they don’t want to see ads, they can just turn off all ads with a simple click. The vision for SOASIS is a platform that will allow users to build their own communities, one where they can customize their digital social experience, show off and trade their digital assets like NFTs, make money using the platform, and act as their gateway to Web 3 concepts like decentralized finance.

Derek Bobbitt, Paul College (Hometown: Nashua, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

Spot Swap
Parking is an ongoing issue that students/visitors on college campuses face. With little to no solution to the lack of available parking spots that are reliable, affordable, or easily located, our app seeks to solve this problem. Our service Spot Swap is an app that functions as an Airbnb model for parking at Universities. The app allows landlords, semester-long and year-long spot renters to list their available parking on the app for increased reachability to students who need long-term parking. Spot Swap will also allow landlords or spot renters to list their spots for short-term parking rentals. Students or landlords can list their spot for the number of hours/days the spot will be unused; allowing those who commute to campus the ability to rent a convenient and secure spot. Our application allows users to post their parking spots on the map of their campus with a schedule of openings, allowing drivers to easily find a spot to “rent/sublet” in their desired location. Spot Swap will not only help drivers find ideal parking but also allow parking spot owners to earn cashback on the parking spot they purchased, helping to more efficiently utilize all available privately-held University parking.

Ryan Dooley, Paul College (Hometown: Barnstable, MA)
Courtney Jacques, Paul College (Hometown: Pembroke, NH)
James McGrath, Paul College (Hometown: Berlin, NJ)
Andrew Micale, Paul College (Hometown: Basking Ridge, NJ)
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Keslar

Track Bag
The TrackBag is a golf bag that effortlessly stores all your clubs, tracks your swing, ball speed, and distance, and turns into a golf simulator off the course for golfers who are serious about improving their golf game. The TrackBag integrates a built-in launch monitor at the bottom of your bag that connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth to give you real-time data on the course to track your progression. The TrackBag also has a fold-out net used as a backstop for off-course practice. A laptop or an iPad can connect the launch monitor to double as a golf simulator, so the player can play 18 holes in their garage just by hitting the ball into the net. The TrackBag allows golfers to improve their game by giving them real-time data and statistics to improve on the course and over time. 

Konstantinos Alexandropoulos, Paul College (Hometown: North Hampton, NH)
Paul Holloway, Paul College (Hometown: New Castle, NH)
Cameron Kelley, Paul College (Hometown: Wareham, MA)
Steve Phan, Paul College (Hometown: Kingston, MA)
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Keslar

Vita Bottle
Life flies by. When everything is fast paced, what is a common occurrence when you're in a rush? You forget things, important things; keys, wallet, phone or for some, daily medication or vitamins. Taking pills can be tedious as most usually require to have a drink on hand, and obviously your medication! But far too often do individuals find themselves forgetting one, if not both. So, we created The Vita Bottle. The Vita Bottle is a stainless steel water bottle that doubles as a weekly pill organizer on the bottom, offering discrete and easy access to medication or supplements at an affordable price, while being environmentally conscious. We work today for a better tomorrow.

Ashlynn Elkin, COLA (Hometown: Derry, NH)
Christa Salvesen, COLSA (Hometown: Derry, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

WeGrowTM is your personal home farm without the hassle. Have you ever questioned the concept of a lawn? WeGrowTM is proposing an alternative to the typical grass lawn. WeGrowTM will provide a subscription lawn service, but rather than clear-cutting your lawn into a desolate plot of water-hungry and ecosystem-ruining grass, we will install and manage a ‘garden farm’ right in your backyard. WeGrowTM will help customers choose what crops they would like to be included in their personal garden farm, and then we handle the rest, including installation, planting, maintenance, and finally harvest and post processing. WeGrowTM will utilize state-of-the-art micro farming techniques in order to optimize production. This is a simple solution because our ‘garden farms’ would replace sections of lawn previously occupied by unproductive and damaging grass, with micro farms that will produce healthy food for each customer and thereby also relieve stress on the food supply chain. There’s no need for the customer to have a green thumb, because WeGrowTM for you!

Nicholas Colucci (Hometown: Wenham, MA)
Benjamin Patt, Paul College & COLA (Hometown: Wenham, MA)
Faculty Advisor: Timm Triplett

High Growth Track 
Mike Aldous '11G, Vice President of Insurance Data and Product Services, EverQuote
Michelline Dufort, Director, UNH CEO & Family Enterprise Center
Sherif Farag, Owner & Founder, Elephantine Bakery
Kristin Zingler Laberis, Administrative Director- Cardiovascular Service Line, Portsmouth Regional Hospital 

High Tech Track 
Cole Jaillet '14, Director of Product, Esper
Jeff Lapak '02, '13G, Director, UNH IOL and Covid Lab
Alison Stebins, Chief Financial Officer, FUZE Biotech
Sebastian Titz '08G, Manager of New Ventures-North America, 3M

Hospitality & Service Solutions Track 
Deborah Burns, Executive Director, New England Inns and Resorts Association
Eric Goodwin, Goodwin Family Management, LLC, Goodwin Recruiting, The Friendly Toast Restaurants, NOBL Coffee, NOCA Beverages
Carlos Quinones, '94, '19G, Account Manager, Lodging Econometrics
Conner Roelke '15, Founder, NOBL Coffee

Sustainability Track
Yvon Durant '96G, Chief Technology Officer, Itaconix 
Mark Eichenberger, Corporate Engagement and Partnership, UNH Innovation
Nathan Harris, UNH Ph.D. student in Leadership & Policy Studies, Board of Directors Enova Illumination, Former SVP of Sales & Marketing ZOLL Medical
Samantha Raymond, Buyer, TJX Companies

Runoff Round 
Lindsey Hayes, Experienced Apparel and Footwear Executive
Joël Nkounkou '18, Co-Founder and CEO, EcoText
John Pelaggi, Area Vice President of Sales, America East, CyCognito

About the Benefactor

Bud Albin

Harold C. "Bud" Albin, Jr. '55 was an active and generous supporter of his alma mater, most notably in the area of entrepreneurship and business development.

After working full-time and attending the University of Maryland part-time, Bud Albin enrolled at the University of New Hampshire. Following graduation, Mr. Albin entered the U.S. Navy Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island, and became a Naval Aviator. He was attached to squadrons in Georgia, Rhode Island and Virginia, piloting all weather fighter/interceptors.

In 1961, Mr. Albin joined a small company that manufactured steel parts. He continued his active participation in the Naval Reserve in flying status and was promoted to Officer-in-Charge. Mr. Albin retired from the Naval Reserve in 1978 at the rank of Captain.

While serving in the Reserve, he founded Albin Industries, which sold copying supplies. Shortly after its start-up, Mr. Albin expanded the company to include the sale and servicing of copier and fax machines. When sold to Konica Business Machines in 1995, Albin Industries had grown to a business employing 185 people.

In honor of his fiftieth class reunion, Mr. Albin established the endowment that bears his name to encourage and advance entrepreneurship within the Whittemore School of Business and Economics and support activities related to entrepreneurship, primarily in New Hampshire.

The Albin Entrepreneurship Fund supports faculty and administrative programs that link students with entrepreneurs; provides consulting support for new start-up companies; supports lectures and in-residence programs; funds external entrepreneurship competitions; and brings UNH students, faculty, and industry experts to the larger community.

Mr. Albin earned his Bachelor of Science at the University of New Hampshire, was awarded an MBA degree from Wayne State College and completed Harvard University's Owner/President Management program.


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