Bud Albin Challenge Round

The 2021 Bud Albin Challenge Round will be virtual  and follow a semi-synchronous approach that uses pre-recorded pitches and realtime Q&A. Details will be shared with all teams, advisors, and judges. 


Bud Albin Challenge Round
Friday, April 23, 2021

The Bud Albin Challenge acts as the semi-final round of the Paul J. Holloway Prize Innovation to Market Competition. Teams present their business concepts to a panel of judges using PowerPoint, a poster and a prototype of their innovation, if available. Posters are not required as part of the formal presentation.

Twenty teams will advance to the Bud Albin Challenge Round where they present their case before a panel of industry judges who have reviewed their 5-page submissions and videos. Students are allotted ten minutes to present to the panel of judges comprised of representatives from business and industry, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A with the judges.

At the conclusion of the Bud Albin Challenge Round, all teams will receive detailed feedback from the judges and six teams will advance to the Holloway Prize Championship Round.

All teams, including those not advancing to the challenge or championship round, are invited to compete in the Charles & Miriam Nelson Poster Competition.


Cash prizes will be awarded to all teams not advancing to the Holloway Prize Competition Championship Round.
$600- 2nd Place Teams (not advancing to the championship round)
$500- 3rd Place Teams
$300- Runner-up Teams

Questions? Email holloway.prize@unh.edu


Ambrosia Fabrics- 2nd Place High Growth Track
Ambrosia Fabrics is developing nontoxic performance fabrics for the furniture industry. Our fabrics utilize sustainable fibers to offer performance that people desire without the harmful chemicals!

Christian Hollis,  Undeclared (Hometown: Seabrook, NH)
Tiger Destefano, Paul College (Hometown: Greenland, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

BarBoost- Runner Up Hospitality & Service Solutions Track
An application service that will change the inconvenience of long bar lines, and allow bar goers to spend more time inside the bar. BarBoost is a subscription-based service that offers subscribers bar line video feeds, an Uber-like system to help subscribers skip the line, and a live comment page for app users to connect with other bar goers on current bar line updates.

Jack Doherty, Paul College (Hometown: Sunapee, NH)
Elizabeth Lane, Paul  College (Hometown: Porter, ME)
Abigail Chapman, Paul  College (Hometown: Beverly Hills, MI)
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Keslar 

BuddyUp- 1st Place High Tech Track
BuddyUp is a wristband that allows swimmers to notify lifeguards and parents that they need help with the press of a button. The app enables lifeguards to pin point the swimmers location through the use of augmented reality. By decreasing the uncertainty in lifeguarding, BuddyUp allows swimmers to take water safety into their own hands. 

Jessica Nelson, Paul College (Hometown: Deerfield, NH)
Jamie Nelson, Paul College (Hometown: Deerfield, NH)
TJ Evarts, CEPS (Hometown: Londonderry, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

ecoText, Inc.- 1st Place Sustainability Track
Students and their families struggle every semester to cover the high “out of pocket” costs of college textbooks. ecoText’s mission is to reduce these financial obstacles to create opportunity through affordability. ecoText bridges the gaps between colleges, publishers, professors, and students by aggregating titles onto its online platform that is set to become the ultimate collaboration learning tool for students and professors.

Dylan Wheeler, CEPS & COLA (Hometown: Bow, NH)
Nelson Thomas, COLA (Hometown: Plainfield, NJ)
Rachel Yee, COLSA (Hometown: Brewster, NY)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

HallHub- 1st Place High Growth Track
Transitioning into the college environment can be difficult for incoming freshman,who may feel lonely and intimidated without their family and friends. Hallhub connects dorm residents with their RA’s, fostering meaningful relationships between residents and the hall community.  RA’s can notify users of upcoming socials, release polls, and address concerns conveniently from their mobile device.  

Nick Camara, CEPS  (Hometown: Sao Paolo, Brazil)
Caleb Peffer, CEPS  (Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

JukeBot- Runner Up High Tech Track
JukeBot is an autonomous artificial intelligence disc jockey that uses sensory data and machine learning to select songs based on crowd reading.  Our proprietary solution allows for bars and nightclubs to provide a superior music experience for their customers while simultaneously saving their own business thousands of dollars a month.  

Pat Earley, CEPS (Hometown: Hopkinton, NH)
Marc Tausanovitch, CEPS (Hometown: Windham, NH)
Ben Daniels, Paul College (Hometown: Windham, NH)
Faculty Advisors: Ian Grant, May Win Thein and Mike McClurken

Kikori 2nd Place Hospitality & Service Solutions Track
Kikori is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that supports educators in transforming their classrooms through experiential education activities - so their students can transform the world. The benefits of experiential education and social emotional learning have been heralded in recent years as significantly improving academics, student well-being, and school climate. Kikori's easy-to-use digital platform aligns activities with curriculum, training, and impact measurement tools, supporting teachers in providing students with the whole-child education necessary to succeed inside and outside the classroom. 

Kendra Bostick, GRAD (Hometown: Manton, Michigan)
Bhavya Wadhwa, GRAD (Hometown: Delhi, India)
Gayathri Venkatasrinivasan, GRAD (Hometown: Chennai, India)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

Lightning Bike Pump- 3rd Place High Tech Track
Current bike pumps use a two handed attachment method which is often difficult to attach to your bike tire and many times yields a faulty seal or broken valve. Lightning Bike Pump offers a revolutionary one handed attachment method that easily attaches to any bike pump allowing a secure, airtight attachment every time.

Will Bodewes, CEPS (Hometown: Durango, CO)
Faculty Advisors: Ian Grant and  Todd Gross

LogSmarter™-  2nd Place High Tech Track
LogSmarter™   is an evidence-based software system for tracking fitness and nutrition. We provide fitness enthusiasts, athletes and coaches a smarter way to track their fitness and nutrition data. Using our proprietary machine learning algorithm, we are able to estimate our customers caloric requirements with more accuracy than traditional methods. These accurate personalized recommendations help our customers progress faster towards their goals.  For anyone with health, physique or performance goals LogSmarter™ is the ultimate solution to tracking their training and nutrition data in a way that aligns with reaching their goals. 

Ryan Lefebvre, CEPS (Hometown: Northborough, MA)
Bowen Bilodeau, CEPS  (Hometown: Manchester, NH)
Ben Kfoury, Paul College (Hometown: Manchester, NH)
Brandon Roberts (Hometown: Northborough, MA)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

Neutralyze Runner Up Sustainability Track
Neutralyze is solving the problem of CO2 emissions through commercial air travel. Neutralyze helps combat climate change by allowing individuals to offset their carbon emissions from commercial air travel. We provide individuals with a platform that streamlines the process of offsetting their emissions using our connections to various non-profit organizations that will plant the trees needed to offset the individual’s emissions. Our customers will input their flight number in the application which will then send a notification to the phone (post-flight) alerting the individual of their CO2 emissions and offset cost for that flight. 

Jack Rohrer, Paul College (Hometown: York, ME)
Porter McManus, Paul College (Hometown: Durham, NH)
John Kelly Driscol, Paul College (Hometown: Marblehead, MA)
Tyler Story, Paul College (Hometown: Lynn, MA)
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Keslar

Ping!- Runner Up High Growth Track
Ping! is an app that helps college students stay connected on the weekends. If, by chance, you find yourself in an unsafe, awkward or otherwise uncomfortable situation, Ping! will instantly send an alert to your group including location tracking and a predetermined message, all at the push of a button. Ping!'s mission is to bring America back to when the outside world was a place to be adventured, not feared. 

RJ Harrington, PAUL (Hometown: Hingham, MA)
Thomas Donnelly, CEPS (Hometown: North Conway, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Peter Zaimes

Project Happy- Runner Up Hospitality & Service Solutions Track
Being young is supposed to be the most fun and carefree time of one’s life; yet twenty percent of teens experience depression, suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people and these numbers are only rising. Project Happy contributes a significant impact towards reversing the trend of our country’s unhappiness epidemic.  

Jack Potvin, Paul College (Hometown: Derry, NH)
Nick Mokas, Paul College (Hometown: Bedford, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

The Protein Bar NH - 3rd Place Hospitality & Service Solutions  Track
The Protein Bar NH is a mobile food vendor run by two collegiate student-athletes. We travel to various athletic events throughout New England to sell products such as protein shakes, energy bars, and other healthy eats. Our promise is to provide athletes with the proper nutrition needed to fuel their bodies as to maximize peak athletic performance. 

Rylee Leonard, CHHS (Hometown: Coventry, RI)
Caroline Hernon, COLSA  (Hometown: Hampton, NH)
Faculty Advisor: John Baxter

REVIVE - 3rd Place (Tie) High Growth Track
REVIVE is a mindfulness buffet of pay per minute yoga, massage, sauna, guided meditation, kickboxing, and stretching classes. With busy schedules, customers can customize the length of their stay, as well as choose what classes to attend and how long they want to spend in each class. This will promote relaxation, improving their health and focus during their busy days.  

Nicole Dunbar, Paul College (Hometown: Orange County, CA)
Jamie Nelson, Paul College (Hometown: Deerfield, NH)
Rylee Culverwell, Paul College (Hometown: Rowley, MA)
Haley Burns, Paul College (Hometown: Westport, CT)
Faculty Advisor: Zachary Jones

SCRAPP- 2nd Place Sustainability Track
Scrapp is a free-to-download, gamified, smartphone application which educates consumers and rewards individuals and institutions for recycling correctly. Utilizing the theory of behavioural economics, the Scrapp App enables consumers to change their behaviour around everyday recycling activities. Scrapp supports the consumer with immediate, positive feedback and empowers them to realize that many of the materials they may be throwing away are, in fact, a valuable resource. 

Mikey Pasciuto, CEPS (Hometown: Burlington, MA)
Daniel Marek, CEPS (Hometown: Ashland, UK)
Evan Gwynne Davies, CEPS (Hometown: Andover, UK)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

Slasher Pro-Tech - Runner Up High Tech Track
Creating a cut-proof athletic underlayer to protect skiers and other athletes from life-threatening lacerations, while maintaining the high-performance standard of top athletes. 

Andrew Hancock, Paul College (Hometown: Aspen, CO)
Samantha Shamberger, Paul College (Hometown: Ashland, NH)
Abigail Reinelt, Paul College (Hometown: Derry, NH)
Brian Auffant, Paul College (Hometown: Hampton, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Keslar

SQN Capital Partners - 1st Place Hospitality & Service Solutions  Track
SQN Capital Partners is a financial services venture which aims to deliver a sustainable and effective capital formation solution to address the structural problems inherent to the existing higher-education finance industrial complex; SQN’s core offering – the SQN Income-Share Agreement, or ISA – provides a sophisticated alternative to the antiquated portfolio of solutions available to American students today, which are reliant on a debt-capital funding model. Our ISAs – with a structure most closely analogous to that of preferred share equity – allow students to source capital via a financial instrument which more effectively accounts for the risks inherent to investment in their post-secondary educational pursuits. Similarly, the SQN ISA platform also offers investors the opportunity to place capital in an ESG compliant investment vehicle, comprised of securitized portfolio of ISAs and which delivers attractive risk-adjusted returns on their capital with ultra-low correlation coefficients to broader-market volatility events. 

Cameron Horack, Paul College (Hometown: Beverly, MA)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

STEP- Runner Up Sustainability Track
Step produces pressure tiles that convert mechanical energy from footsteps into electric energy. This energy can be used immediately, or stored in batteries for later application.

Ben Chapin, Paul College (Hometown: Manchester, NH)
Eric Berkemeier, Paul College (Hometown: Dayton, OH)
Andrew Iannuzzi, Paul College (Hometown: Conway, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Keslar

UPark n’ Ride- 3rd Place (Tie) High Growth Track
UPark n’ Ride is a mobile app that lets the user pay for their metered parking directly from their smartphone, as well as connect with other users to share rides to and from college campuses. This app makes it easier for drivers everywhere to park and gives peace of mind knowing that you are helping the environment at the same time. 

Sara Cordova, Paul College (Hometown: Merrimack, NH)
Taylor Barbagallo, Paul College (Hometown: Billerica, MA)
Faculty Advisor: Diane Devine

Wildline- 3rd Place Sustainability Track
Wildline is an all-in-one source for those who wish to become more self-sufficient at home through modern and accessible sustainability solutions. Wildline will handle all aspects of the process that a client desires; from consultation, to analyzing client properties, to working with partner companies on implementation. Through a combination of in-company consultants and outsourcing to partnered, best-fit businesses, Wildline’s services will be attainable and uniquely tailored to all clientele. 

Hunter Letendre, Paul College (Hometown: Hooksett, NH)
Alex Autenrieth, COLSA (Hometown: Hooksett, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Keslar

High Growth Track 
Mike Aldous '11G, Senior Director of Underwriting and Delivery, Personal Lines and Accident and Health, Liberty Mutual
Todd Boucher '03, Principal and Founder, Leading Edge Design Group

High Tech Track 
Mike Morneault, Senior Practice Director, H5
Sebastian Titz '08G, Manager of New Ventures-North America, 3M

Sustainability Track - Room 135
Yvon Durant '96G, Chief Technology Officer, Itaconix 
Cole Jaillet '14, Head of Product, Vault, Data and Analytics Solutions, BNY Mellon

Hospitality & Service Solutions Track 
Maria Proulx '99, Regional Vice President of Sales, Anthem, Inc. 
Beth Stueck,CEO, New England Inns and Resorts

Runoff Round 
Lindsey Hayes, Experienced Apparel and Footwear Executive
John Pelaggi, Vice President of Sales, Americas, Hysolate
James Saunders, Account Executive-Strategic Clients, Onfido

About the Benefactor

Bud Albin

Harold C. "Bud" Albin, Jr. '55 was an active and generous supporter of his alma mater, most notably in the area of entrepreneurship and business development.

After working full-time and attending the University of Maryland part-time, Bud Albin enrolled at the University of New Hampshire. Following graduation, Mr. Albin entered the U.S. Navy Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island, and became a Naval Aviator. He was attached to squadrons in Georgia, Rhode Island and Virginia, piloting all weather fighter/interceptors.

In 1961, Mr. Albin joined a small company that manufactured steel parts. He continued his active participation in the Naval Reserve in flying status and was promoted to Officer-in-Charge. Mr. Albin retired from the Naval Reserve in 1978 at the rank of Captain.

While serving in the Reserve, he founded Albin Industries, which sold copying supplies. Shortly after its start-up, Mr. Albin expanded the company to include the sale and servicing of copier and fax machines. When sold to Konica Business Machines in 1995, Albin Industries had grown to a business employing 185 people.

In honor of his fiftieth class reunion, Mr. Albin established the endowment that bears his name to encourage and advance entrepreneurship within the Whittemore School of Business and Economics and support activities related to entrepreneurship, primarily in New Hampshire.

The Albin Entrepreneurship Fund supports faculty and administrative programs that link students with entrepreneurs; provides consulting support for new start-up companies; supports lectures and in-residence programs; funds external entrepreneurship competitions; and brings UNH students, faculty, and industry experts to the larger community.

Mr. Albin earned his Bachelor of Science at the University of New Hampshire, was awarded an MBA degree from Wayne State College and completed Harvard University's Owner/President Management program.