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While each student situation is unique, Paul College Undergraduate Advisors work extremely hard to make sure you remain on track by taking courses that work towards UNH graduation requirements. It is very unlikely you will delay graduation by studying abroad for a semester or in some cases a year!

Some things to consider:
  • Save your World Cultures discovery requirement for study abroad! As long as your program is 8 weeks or longer, this discovery category will be waived. (Programs during January Term and/or Summer Terms often do not satisfy the World Culture requirement)
  • Other discovery categories that are more commonly taken abroad include Historical Perspectives and Fine & Performing Arts. *Science based courses are challenging to get approved  so it is best to take those at UNH.
  • You can take courses to satisfy major requirements as long as they are pre-approved. To see a list of major related courses that have been evaluated, please visit the Credit Transfer Database. *If you do not see a course on the list contact your advisor to see how you can get courses evaluated.
  • The most common time to study abroad is Junior year. However, some students choose to go abroad spring semester of their Sophomore year or during their Senior year. Each situation is different so it is best to talk with your advisor to see what makes the most sense for you.
Getting courses approved for your major:
  • First check the Credit Transfer Database to see if courses have been approved at your school of choice.
  • If a course you are interested to take is not listed on the database, you will need to send your advisor a copy of the full course syllabus (in English) for evaluation. *We cannot evaluate course descriptions.
  • Once a course has been evaluated by the faculty, you will receive an email with the results from the Undergraduate Programs Office.