Course Registration

Registration advising appointments for Spring 2020 will begin on Monday, October 28 starting with seniors. You will need to schedule an appointment with an advisor through the email that was sent to you directly. These appointments are 15 minutes long and you must have the course registration paperwork completed prior to your meeting time.

SENIORS (90 or more credits earned): Monday, October 28 - Tuesday, November 5

JUNIORS (58-89 credits earned): Wednesday, November 6 - Tuesday, November 19

SOPHOMORES (26-57 credits earned): Wednesday, November 20 - Wednesday, December 4

FIRST YEAR (0-26 credits earned): Monday, November 4 - Thursday, November 14  **Students meet with their Peer Advisors at assigned times.**

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Please fill out the following form BEFORE your scheduled registration advising appointment.

Paul COllege regisrtation form

*Must print two copies*

Credit Hours

UNH allows undergraduate students to register for up to 12 total credit hours.  Because of the intensive nature of the 5-week session, Paul College Students are advised to only register for one major course.  Permission will not be given for more than two major courses in a 5-week session.  In addition, we recommend only one online major course be taken during a 5-week session. Based on current academic standing, individual students may be restricted to one major course per session.

Registration Permission

Most Paul College summer courses have prerequisites and major restrictions, which are listed when you search the courses at courses.unh.eduYou are responsible for checking course pre-requisites. You may be dropped from any course(s) when pre-requisites have not been met.

Summer Session Only students who want to take a major restricted course must contact the Undergraduate Programs and Advising Office ( to verify that they have met prerequisites. 

Course Cancelations

No class or section will be taught if the enrollment does not meet minimum requirements at the end of the registration period.

Course Load Policy

Due to the intensive format of January Term, ALL students are limited to registering for one* course and a maximum of 4 credits.

*One Course Exception: Students may register for more than one course provided the courses DO NOT meet concurrently and the total credits DO NOT exceed the 4 credit maximum.

What does Degree Works do?
  • Shows you what courses you have completed and what they count for (in yellow)
  • Shows what courses you are currently registered for (in blue)
  • Shows you what requirements you still have left to complete (in red)
    • Note: Courses that you have transferred into UNH may not be listed correctly. Please contact your Academic Advisor if you have any questions.
  • Allows you to run a "What If" scenario for different majors.
How to access Degree Works:
  1. 1. Go to and login.
  2. 2. Select Webcat
  3. 3. Select Student Records
  4. 4. Select Degree Evaluation
  5. 5. Select Degree Works - For students first admitted to UNH Fall 2013 and after
  6. 6. Select the Refresh icon (circle with arrows)