Course Registration

It's the most wonderful time of year: registration season is here!

The only thing between you and registration serenity are these 5 steps

road map to pregistration-success



Explore this site and review the resources

Everything you need to get yourself ready and to complete your form are here:

Here's a timeline to get your started but if you're already filled with questions, read through our registration FAQ to get the jitters out! 

  1. Check Degree Works for program requirements
    • WebCat > Student Records > Degree Evaluation 
  2. Check your UNH email for a list of deadlines, links, and important resources related to registration (sent by your advisor)
  3. Fill out your course registration form
  4. Upload your completed course registration form to your advisor's designated BOX folder
    • This needs to be done by your class year's designated due date!
    • Be sure to use the following naming convention: Lastname_Firstname
  5. Schedule a pre-registration appointment with your advisor in myWildCat Success

Let's get ready to register!

Registration Form Resource Timeline



  • Consult: the time and room

  • Need a Discovery?: watch this video

  • Upload: your completed registration form



Let's do some troubleshooting!

If you hit a snag, read through the following options

How do I...

  • All students will need to make an appointment with their assigned advisor. All appointments this term will be via Zoom.
  • You will get your RAC during your appointment!

When Will I...

  • You'll get an email with a special scheduling link--use that link to make an appointment!
  • As long as you don't miss your schedule appointment time, you'll meet with your advisor before you register for classes (we promise!)
  • Your registration day is based on your class year
  • And, your class year is based on the number of earned credits you have
    • November 23rd: Seniors (90 or more earned credits)
    • November 30th: Juniors (58 to 89 earned credits)
    • December 3rd: First-years (0 to 25 earned credits)
    • December 8th: Sophomores (26 to 57 earned credits)
  • During your pre-registration appointment with your advisor

What do I do if...

  • Make sure your option is declared in WebCat
  • Double check any program, College, or class-year restrictions included in the course description
  • Note that if a course is closed, it's full
  • Still having trouble?  Visit your advisor's Zoom drop-in hours on your designated registration day!
  • You can hop on your advisor's Zoom link during your designated registration day
  • You can add your name to the wait list form and we'll help you out!
  • You can ask for advisor for advice and here is a list of some good classes
  • That’s ok! Do your best on the form and you will talk it through with your advisor when you meet. You won’t actually register through WebCat until later.
  • If you missed your meeting or forgot to schedule, you will need to come to drop-in day for your class. We will review your schedule and get you your RAC, but you will forfeit your priority time.