Paul Excellence

Paul College congratulates the following students who are recognized for outstanding performance.

Paul College Student Excellence Award
Awarded to a graduating senior on the basis of overall excellence in academics, leadership, service, and character.
Chosen by faculty and staff nomination letters.
Awardees: (click on name  below to view the faculty nomination video)

parker armstrong

Parker Armstrong: Analytical Economics

Biyu Wang

Biyu Wang: Business Administration: Finance & Marketing

Distinguished Student Awards for 2019-2020 academic school year

    Paul College Service Award
    Awarded to a Paul College Student who has demonstrated the highest ideals of good citizenship through their outstanding service to Paul College. (Ideas of service can be through work study, teaching assistant, research assistant or peer advisor positions.)
    Chosen by staff and faculty nomination letters.


    kyle manlogon

    Kyle Manlogon
    “Kyle serves as a Peer Accounting Leader (PAL)…he is (also) reliable and consistent in his service as an Employer Ambassador.”

    madeline karlberg

    Madeline Karlberg
    “Maddy has made our community stronger, more inclusive and collaborative through her service to the college. She is passionate about giving back to the college and to her peers to consistently improve the experience for all.”

    brittney walker

    Brittney Walker
    “As a Career Ambassador, Brittney helps during employer events…(allowing) the counselors and Director to be more strategic at those meetings.”

    zhaozhao (elaine) xie

    Zhaozhao (Elaine) Xie
    “She served as a volunteer income tax assistant in 2019 and 2020, and helped over hundreds of students as a teaching assistant in Financial Accounting.”

    Paul Pride Award
    Awarded to a Paul College Student who has made a positive impact (through research, presentations, competitions, or community service) while representing Paul College.
    Chosen by student, staff or faculty nomination letters.

    hannah donahue

    Hannah Donahue
    “Hannah wears several hats as a student worker in Paul Undergrad Office, Tour Guide for both Paul College and UNH, works on the Paul BiP program for Assoc. Dean Niman and is a TNH Editor. She is a true Wildcat!”

    anthony gianelly

    Anthony Gianelly
    “Anthony served as first trumpet player in the pep band…participates in various intramural athletics…is a student worker and volunteer with McGregor EMS which serves UNH, Durham, Lee and Madbury.”

    cameron horack

    Cameron Horack
    “Cameron has embraced the UNH and Paul College alumni networks and shared his tips openly & effectively with his peers.”

    alana hovey

    Alana Hovey
    “Alana Hovey exemplifies #PaulPride. Alana has served as a peer advisor in the FIRE Program for two years, an office assistant in the graduate programs office, as well as an orientation leader.”

    carlton robie

    Carlton Robie
    “He was a monumental part of the founding of Voice Z and just created a video for us to send out as recruiting collateral for next year.”

    Paul College Inclusion Award
    Awarded to a Paul College Student who has contributed to making Paul College a more inclusive community.
    Chosen by student, staff or faculty nomination letters.

    harrison gleed

    Harrison Gleed
    “As a Paul Scholar pursuing a career in Accounting, Harry leads by example to make space for people of all backgrounds in a demanding, highly-structured career path.”

    isabelle kapoian

    Isabelle Kapoian
    “(Isabelle) has spent her years at UNH getting involved in the community and doing outreach to students and staff. She is passionate, articulate and very committed to making her community a better and safer place.”

    colleen spear

    Colleen Spear
    “(Colleen) has been open about sharing her own experiences of both inclusion and exclusion…thus served as a powerful educator in that context (of Paul Diversity & Inclusion Committee).”

    Biyu Wang

    Biyu Wang
    “Her love of education and her ability to translate and communicate difficult concepts has made her an exceptional tutor.”

    escarle turcios

    Escarle Turcios
    “Her focus on community and awareness, as well as her connections in Paul College and around the UNH campus have made her a central voice in promoting inclusion at UNH.”

    Paul College Organization of the Year Award
    Awarded to the Paul College Student Organization that has demonstrated significant success in following the mission and goals of their group and contributed positively to the Paul College community during this academic year.
    Chosen by student nomination letters.

    UNH professional-sales-group

    Professional Sales Group
    “PSG is so much more than an organization, it is a team of dedicated individuals who continue to grow every day and are willing to help others be their best.”

    "I have seen students grow into themselves and thrive within our group while developing unmatched sales and professional skills.”

    Professional Sales Group Members:

    Adams, Emily • Baroni, Nathaniel • Benoit, Matt • Cadagan, Johnny • Callahan, Scott • Campbell, Travis • Collard, Caroline • Cotter, Patrick • Daniels, Ben • Dushane, Julia • Fasold, Alli • Feldman, Ilya • Fiacco, Michael • Fiato, Rachel • Finn, Molly • Fogel, William • Gunter, Seth • Hutchins, Cameron • Joy, Jared • Kelley, Shane • Knox, Christine • Lamplough, Charles • Laurent, Kayla • Locandro, Katherine • Lupinacci, Samuel • Malatesta, Jake • Marand, Tara • Marshall, Kate • McArdle, Laura • McCann, Dustin • McIlroy, Sarah • Merian, Zachary • Morrissey, Liam • Muollo, Chris • O'Hara, Mary • O'Reilly, Skylar • Perry, Eric • Pescatore, Christina • Raftopoulos, Nikos • Reid, Andrew • Rozenberg, Paul • Ruotolo, Susannah • Schaake, Frederick • Sickles, Jack • Simard, Hannah • Sirmaian, Maxim • Snow, Carter • Sullivan, Dan • Thibodeau, Gavin • Tongue, Amanda • Whelan, Matt • Whittredge, Shane

    Paul College Student Organization Leader Award
    Awarded to a Paul College Student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership within a Paul College Student Organization.
    Chosen by student nomination letters.

    christina pescatore

    Christina Pescatore
    “Her enthusiasm and dedication for the group reflects on others and her positive attitude is contagious. She is a prime example of what Paul College Represents”

    "She should be applauded for all of the work that has gone into converting this program online. She has kept all of us engaged and motivated during this stressful time. Christina has also been a major player in converting two in-person competitions to an online format, and our first one was flawless.”

    Paul College Emerging Leader Award
    Awarded to a Paul College Student in their first 2 years who has contributed in a substantial way to the success of the program, event or student group’s mission.
    Chosen by student nomination letters.

    peter marcoullier

    PJ Marcouiller

    I have yet to see him turn down an opportunity to get involved, and he is a strong leader for his FIRE team…when challenged to go to four professional development events, Pj went to nine.”

    hannah vanden-heuvel

    Hannah Vanden Heuvel

    “Hannah’s ambition and determination along with her passionate work ethic; will make her a great leader in Paul College.”

    Awarded to students with a cumulative GPA of 3.9 or above at the end of the 2019 fall semester.

    Kindyl Alfonso • Ryan Allen • Ian Alpine • Gracie Anderson • Parker Armstrong • Claire Bacon • Kelsea Batchelder • Jeremy Bates • Jack Becker • Sarah Blampied • Paige Bohlig • Jenna Bortolussi • Nicholas Brown • Ryan Burke • Grace Cannon • Abigail Chapman • Zara Cheney • Jill Conry • Tierney Creighton • Carola Davis • Garrett Davison • Haley Demers • William Demers • Tyler Dickinson • Dreyton Dill • Elizabeth Dion • Danielle Doonan • Maria Eduarda Dos • Santos Koch • Katie DuBois • Jill Durkin • Megan Elwell • Charles Farrah • Clint Felch • Ryan Gallant • Lilia Gardner • Will Gaughan • Ivy Gogolin • Kaitlin Griffin • Andrew Groch • Jake Hewins • Bridget Hoffses • Joseph Hook • Lena Huang • Trevor Hunt • Sam Hussey • Gillian Jordan • Michael Judd • Kristine Keller-Miller • Sophia Koziell • Nicholas LaCreta • Noah Lapointe • Bryn Larkin • Camden Leno • Huan Li • Krysta Mack • Thurston Mann • Jon Marchiolo • Daniel Maurer • Sadie Mazzola • Mia McAuliffe • Bailey McDaniel • Brandi McKay • Andrew Meyer • Peter Mitchell • Madeline Moynihan • Matthew Murray • Benjamin Nadeau • Jessica Nelson • Alyssa Norris • Lisa Olsson • Matthew Oriente • Jessica Oswald • Erica Peplau • Mallory Perron • Jessica Pierson • Jason Plant • Kate Powlowsky • Hoppy Randazzo • Sean Ray • Erica Reith • Katie Remeis • Jessica Renna • Jacob Rich • Carlton Robie • Shannon Roche • Isabella Ronson • Sophie Ropp • Anupreet Saini • Jordan Sardo • Anna Schriefer • Emily Sergeant • Megan Sinclair • Daniella Sirois • Emily Soule • Edward Speidel • John Stewart • Ian Stromski • Katherine Swallow • Cameron Taatjes • Alex Tarczon • Carrie Tazbir • Henry Vaughan • Connor Waite • James Walsh • Ava Watkins • Whitney Wiley • Jack Wixson • Brahim Yatim • Emily Yopchick • Yu Hao • Raymond Zhu •

    Honors in Major offers students the opportunity to undertake in-depth, challenging work in their fields of study. The program emphasizes student-led, individualized curricula and encourages the formation of working relationships between students and faculty.
    jack barnes

    Jack Barnes
    Thesis Title: IT Security Policy Compliance: A University Perspective
    Thesis Advisor: Kholekile Gwebu

    oliver botthof

    Oliver Botthof
    Thesis Title: The Future for Actively Managed U.S. Equity Funds
    Thesis Advisor: Huimin Li

    nicholas brown

    Nicholas Brown
    Thesis Title: “Using Daily Market Reports to Determine Whether the Efficient Market Hypothesis or the Behavioral Finance View Has More Support”
    Thesis Advisor: Michael Goldberg

    abigail chapman

    Abigail Chapman
    Thesis Title: An Analysis of Jamie Dimon: Impact of Leadership and Culture at J.P. Morgan Chase
    Thesis Advisor: Rick Killbride

    colin daly

    Colin Daly
    Thesis Title: The Future of Netflix
    Thesis Advisor: Kevin McLaughlin

    margaret dauphinas

    Margaret Dauphinas
    Thesis Title: CSR Communication Techniques: How to Steer Away from Consumer Skepticism
    Thesis Advisor: Lin Guo

    megan elwell

    Megan Elwell
    Thesis Title: Understanding the Importance and Impact of Technology in an Accounting Setting: Work Outcomes and Relationships with Clients
    Thesis Advisor: Le (Emily) Xu

    ilya feldman

    Ilya Feldman
    Thesis Title: The Effect of University Sales Education on the First After-College Sales Job
    Thesis Advisor: Thomas Gruen

    sean fontaine

    Sean Fontaine
    Thesis Title: Analyzing the Social Media Presence of Nike, Adidas, and New Balance Using Social Listening
    Thesis Advisor: Matthew O’Hern

    catherine francis

    Catherine Francis
    Thesis Title: Understanding the Importance & Impact of Technology in an Accounting Setting
    Thesis Advisor: Linda Ragland

    kyle gourley

    Kyle Gourley
    Thesis Title: The Effect of Changes in Taxation on Earned Income
    Thesis Advisor: John Hasseldine

    annie henry

    Annie Henry
    Thesis Title: Exploring the Gender-Based Funding Gap in the Global Angel Investing Market
    Thesis Advisor: Jeff Sohl

    delaney housley

    Delaney Housley
    Thesis Title: The Effect of Gender on Ethical Investing
    Thesis Advisor: Stephen Ciccone

    madeline karlberg

    Madeline Karlberg
    Thesis Title: The Effect of CSR and Female Presence in Corporate Governance on Firm Tax Avoidance
    Thesis Advisor: Viktoria Staneva

    ivana korusiakova

    Ivana Korusiakova
    Thesis Title: The Effect of Pensions on Fortune 500 Companies and the Stock Market
    Thesis Advisor: Stephen Ciccone

    tim larkin

    Tim Larkin
    Thesis Title: The Transformation of Accounting Information Systems Curriculum in the Last Decade
    Thesis Advisor: Linda Ragland

    kara macdonald

    Kara MacDonald
    Thesis Title: Listening in: Investigating Social Media Activity in the Streaming Services Industry
    Thesis Advisor: Matthew O’Hern

    amber man

    Amber Man
    Thesis Title: Global Marketing Strategies Between Uber and Lyft
    Thesis Advisor: Goskel Yalcinkaya

    Andrew McCarthy (no image provided)
    Thesis Title: Negative Interest Rates in Europe and Their Effect on Asset Inflation
    Thesis Advisor: Jaroslav Horvath

    sinead mcdonagh

    Sinead McDonagh
    Thesis Title: What Drives Prices Within Financial Markets?
    Thesis Advisor: Michael Goldberg

    Porter McManus

    Porter McManus
    Thesis Title: How Efficient is Market Pricing: Can Investors Beat the Market? Further, are Assets Always Priced Correctly as Stated in the Efficient Market Hypothesis?
    Thesis Advisor: Richard Kilbride

    brandon mcneil

    Brandon McNeil
    Thesis Title: Price Prediction in the Sharing Economy: A Case Study with Airbnb Data
    Thesis Advisor: Christopher Glynn

    kevin murphy

    Kevin Murphy
    Thesis Title: Causes of Chaos: Understanding Financial Crises in Latin America
    Thesis Advisor: Ahmad Etebari

    dante povinelli

    Dante Povinelli
    Thesis Title: Aquaponics: A Sustainable Food Production System?
    Thesis Advisor: Shadi Atallah

    ryan quinn

    Ryan Quinn
    Thesis Title: Tax in the 2020 Presidential Election
    Thesis Advisor: John Hasseldine

    bryanna richardson

    Bryanna Richardson
    Thesis Title: Can Fundamental Accounting Analyses be Used to Explain Macroeconomic Conditions?
    Thesis Advisor: Le (Emily) Xu

    brian rivet

    Brian Rivet
    Thesis Title: MLB Franchise Valuation
    Thesis Advisor: Stephen Ciccione

    william saunders

    William Saunders
    Thesis Title: An Analysis of Excise Taxes on Wine in the United States
    Thesis Advisor: John Hasseldine

    jessica shah

    Jessica Shah
    Thesis Title: The Impact of Paid Leave on Employment of Women: The Case of Family Leave in California
    Thesis Advisor: Reagan Baughman

    cara small

    Cara Small
    Thesis Title: Predicting Gross Revenue using Online Movie Reviews
    Thesis Advisor: Ali Hojjat

    chad supranowicz

    Chad Supranowicz
    Thesis Title: The Impact of Tax Breaks & Incentives for Corporations on Local Economies
    Thesis Advisor: Peter Zaimes

    enoska ventura

    Enoska Ventura
    Thesis Title: The Fading American Dream
    Thesis Advisor: Loris Rubini

    jake yennaco

    Jake Yennaco
    Thesis Title: Effect of Elections on Health Care Stock Returns
    Thesis Advisor: Ahmad Etebari

    Congratulations to our winning student study abroad photos!

    Photos were submitted by students who studied abroad in 2019 and were voted on by all Paul College Community – students, staff and faculty.

    To view the study abroad images, please visit the study abroad photo contest page.

    Cultural Immersion: Photos engaging in local culture through people, music, festivals, traditions, food, etc.

    • James Wichert '21 - Portugal

    Landscape/Nature: Photos capturing your favorite view or scenery from your experiences.

    • Kimberly Tsui '20 - Seoul, South Korea
    • James Wichert '21- Portugal

    People: Photos that capture the essence of people in your host country or the places you’ve visited.

    • Kimberly Tsui '20 - Seoul, South Korea

    UNH Pride: Your favorite photos representing Wildcat Country abroad (group photo of UNH students, wearing UNH apparel, etc.)

    • Kimberly Tsui '20 - Seoul, South Korea