Paul Excellence

Paul College congratulates the following students who are recognized for outstanding academic performance.


Awarded to students with a cumulative GPA of 3.9 or above at the end of the 2017 fall semester.

Ryan Allen • Ian Alpine • Sean Andreasson • Parker Armstrong • Kelsea Batchelder • Jeremy Bates • Calum Beaulieu • Matthew Benoit • Nicholas Bouchard • Jennifer Brisebois • Nicholas Brown • Clinton Cabral • Sydney Carlisle • AbigailChapman • Timothy Closson • Emily Cochran • Jill Conry • William Craig • Brian Dezurick • Danielle Doonan • Montana Drinkwater • Megan Elwell • Jada Ferreira • Ryan Gallant • Samantha Galvin • Kevin Gambeski • Charles Gates • Paige Gibson • Alexis Gray • Andrew Groch • Tyler Herrick • Jake Hewins • Bridget Hoffses • Luke Howard • Jill Howard • Carl Hubbard • Sophia Hughes • Andrew Hultgren • Zefeng Jin • Michael Kaichen • Kristine Keller-Miller • Ann-Marie Kolberg • Nicholas LaCreta • Jessica Lavallee • Amanda Lee • Christopher Leondires • Donald MacCallum • Logan Malone • Ely Marciano • Alexa Mayo • Sadie Mazzola • Michael McCarthy • Claire McCarthy • Corey McConville • Bailey McDaniel • Lindsey McGinnis • Brandi McKay • Cullen Moore • Grant Morhun • Madeline Moynihan • Matthew Murray • Jessica Nelson • Hiep Nguyen • Mai Thanh Nguyen • Chau Nguyen • Anh Phuoc Thien Nguyen • Sean Orr • Jessica Oswald • Stephen Panella • Anna Peaslee • Erica Peplau • Jack Porter • Benjamin Potter • Kate Powlowsky • Caley Prunier • Jessica Renna • Molly Richardson • Joshua Roberge • Carlton Robie • Isabella Ronson • Olivia Ross • Coleman Russell • Anupreet Saini • Jordan Sardo • Katelynn Scannell • Isaac Sheahan • Nathan Sheeler • Jemina Shepherd • Vanessa Sihombing • Allison Simone • Michael Simpson • Edward Speidel • Anna Stoll • Justin Sz • Wilbert Tamin • Stephen Taylor • Angela Tidd • Rachel Vaz • John Washburn • Christopher Watson • Brady Wentworth • Charles White • Jameson Whiteley • Tanner Williams • Samantha Woodward • Junyao Zhang • Jiamin Zhang • Yu Hao Raymond Zhu • Xinyu Zhu

Distinguished Student Awards for 2017-2018 academic school year

Paul College Service Award

Awarded to a Paul College student who has demonstrated the highest ideals of good citizenship through their outstanding service to Paul College. (Ideas of service can be through work study, teaching assistant, research assistant or peer advisor positions.)

Chosen by staff and faculty nomination letters.

Winners:  Alexis Gray and Devin McMahon

Paul Pride Award

Awarded to a Paul College student(s) who has made a positive impact (through research, presentations, competitions or community service) while representing Paul College.

Chosen by student, staff or faculty nomination letters.

Winners:  Connor Cote, Sean Hickey and Jemina Shepard 

Paul College Student Organization of the Year Award

Awarded to the Paul College student organization that has demonstrated significant success in following the mission and goals of their group and contributed positively to the Paul College community during this academic year.

Chosen by student nomination letters.

Winner:  Rines Angel Fund

Paul College Student Organization Leader Award

Awarded to a Paul College student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership within a Paul College student organization.

Chosen by student nomination letters.

Winner:  Andrew Ware, Rines Angel Fund

Paul College Student Organization Rookie Award

Awarded to a Paul College student who is a new member to an organization this year and contributed in a substantial way to the success of the program, event or the mission of the group. 

Chosen by student nomination letters.

Winner:  Kevin Murphy, Atkins Investment Club

Awarded to a graduating senior(s) on the basis of overall excellence in academics, leadership, service and character.

Chosen by staff and faculty nomination letters.  

Winners: Alexys Gilcreast, Pamela Merriman and Rachel Vaz

Honors in Major offers students the opportunity to undertake in-depth, challenging work in their fields of study. The program emphasizes student-led, individualized curricula and encourages the formation of working relationships between students and faculty.

Nicholas Bouchard • Marina Bowie • Scott Brockelbank • Quinn Connelly • Kayla Farren • Matthew French • Jacquelyn Grinnell • Claire Hawkes • Victoria Lorvig • Samantha Mello • Cory Melnick • Pamela Merriman • Anh Phuoc Thien Nguyen • Justin Poisson • Jack Porter • Heather Price • Caley Prunier • Malia Roberto • Ashley Scimone • Evan Searles • Jessica Selensky • Courtney Shaw • Michael Simpson • Drew Sullivan