Paul Excellence

A graphic that says "Paul College Excellence Awards" with the image of a certificate faded in the background.

We would like to congratulate every student recognized for outstanding performance in 2022-2023. 

All awardees are chosen through a combination of either faculty, staff, or student nomination letters.

Paul College Student Excellence Award

Awarded to a graduating senior on the basis of overall excellence in academics, leadership, service, and character.

Matthew Oriente '23
Matthew Oriente


Paul College Student Organization Leader of the Year Award

Awarded to a Paul College Student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership within a Paul College Student Organization.

Madison Shatzer '23
Maddie Shatzer


Paul College Organization of the Year Award

Awarded to the Paul College Student Organization that has demonstrated significant success in following the mission and goals of their group and contributed positively to the Paul College community during this academic year.

Marketing and Advertising Club

A photo of all the club members on a staircase with the words, "UNH MAC/AMA 2022-2023"


Emerging leader Award

Awarded to a Paul College Student in their first two years who has contributed substantially to the success of a program, event, or student group’s mission.

A collage of the winners
Ellie Hornkohl '26
Emily York '25
Madison Fleming '25
Tiffany Marrotte '25
Michael Pelkey '26

Paul College Inclusion Award

Awarded to a Paul College Student who has contributed to making Paul College a more inclusive community.

A collage of student winners
Reece Apgar '25
MJ Condon '25
Fazla Karim '24
Jeffrey Stanley '26
Adrian Sutton '24
Kobe Zimmer '23
Emily Alberigo '24

Paul College Service Award
Awarded to a Paul College Student who has demonstrated the highest ideals of good citizenship through their outstanding service to Paul College. (Ideas of service can be through work study, teaching assistant, research assistant or peer advisor positions.)
A collage of the student winners
Alyssa Fallon '23
Gavin Blonda '25
Lena Karp '23
Ness Uitti '23
Radames Gonzalez '24
Trevor Santoro '24

Paul Pride Award

Awarded to a Paul College Student who has made a positive impact (through research, presentations, competitions, or community service) while representing Paul College.

A collage of the student winners
David Moss '23
Jordan Moyer '23
Katie Remeis '23
Clair Carroll '23
Jack Ginand '23

Transfer Pride Award

Awarded to a Paul College student who transferred into Paul College and has made a positive impact while representing Paul College.

A collage of the winners
Grace Cooper
Miles Wharton '24
Karissa Livingston 
Tyler Gilroy '24
Ann Beikman '23(DEC)

Honors-in-Major offers students the opportunity to undertake in-depth, challenging work in their fields of study. The program emphasizes student-led, individualized curricula and encourages the formation of working relationships between students and faculty.
A collage of the winning students

 Isaac  Blanchette

 Jill Mattucci

 Jackson  Cleary

 Stephanie Menard

 Patrick Cotton

 Jordan Moyer

 Clay Courtmanche

 Eric Mrozek

 Alessandra Cutone

 Kilian O'Connell

 Katie DuBois

 Katie Remeis

 Adam  Garrity

 Alexander Soule

 Jack Gillis

 Tommy Stimson

 Edward King

 Jacqueline Veglia

 Patricia Laws

 Whitney  Wiley

 Tyler Leland

 Jack  Wixson

 Colin Liebert

 Jae  Yun

 Logan Lopus


Awarded to students with a cumulative GPA of 3.95 or above at the end of the 2022 fall semester.

Hailey Anderson • Joey Baker • Sofia Balan • Evan Baron • Benjamin Black • Haley Brodbeck • Brecken Calcari • Rebecca Camire • Morgan Carnegie • Jayme Carr • Catherine Casey • Sam Croteau • Gwenyth Dahlinger • Kaleigh Davis • Anna Davis • Ariana DiGregorio • Peter Duriga • Samuel Farrington • Matthew Fitzpatrick • Julia Harnum • Emily Hedman • Erin Hurley • Hannah Kelley • Kyle Kempskie • Samantha Kenny • Mather Kipka • Megumi Komoto • Ella Longacre • Skye Loto • Amelia Magay • Karina Malachowski • Daniel Malzahn • Meghan McDonough • Tanner McDougal • Sofia Menyalkin • Mina Morcos • Landis Nadeau • Johanne Nichols • TJ O'Keefe • Shiloh Osmer • Jacob Overton • Mikayla Passage • Jason Plant • Hoppy Randazzo • Holly Reid • Madison Renken • Elizabeth Robinson-Kiang • Colby Roy • Madilyn Schartner • Ainsly Schug • Brett Schultz • Colby Sherwin • Katherine Soucie • Jeff Stanley • Anna Steele • James Sullivan • Andrew Turkington • Caden Zalenski • Kyra Zamborsky • Addison Craven • Laura Earle • Emma Farnham • Ashley Gallant • Sarah Glennon • Jared Jesseman • Katie Remeis • Julia Saab • Jae Yun • Tyler Bernard • George Cheney • Alyssa Chiodi • Katie DuBois • Cole Fuller • Lilia Gardner • Toby Genova • Matthew Oriente • Brooke Rafter • Jacob Rich • Anna Schriefer • Will Theriaultv • Rachel Youngcourt • Emily Bini • Zara Cheney • Camryn Copp • Daniel Fachiol • Bernadette Farmer • Shannon Flaherty • Cooper Hamel • Morgan Kahn • Andrew Abirached • Claire Bacon • Sarah Craft • Carley Dahlstrom • Ava Dobbelaer • Sam Hussey • Michael Judd • Jack Wheeler • Jack Wixson