Paul Excellence

Paul College congratulates the following students who are recognized for outstanding performance in 2021-2022.

All awardees are chosen through a combination of either faculty, staff, or student nomination letters.


Paul College Student Excellence Award

Awarded to a graduating senior on the basis of overall excellence in academics, leadership, service, and character.

Brynn Larkin Headshot

Brynn Larkin

Katie Rascoe

Katie Rascoe

Paul College Service Award
Awarded to a Paul College Student who has demonstrated the highest ideals of good citizenship through their outstanding service to Paul College. (Ideas of service can be through work study, teaching assistant, research assistant or peer advisor positions.)
Abby Meyers 2022
Annah Santarosa 2022
Reid Signet 2023
Jill Durkin 2022
Sarah Hills 2023
Maggie Keenan 2024
Sam Hussey 2023
Michael Dambach 2022
Chloe Villemure 2023
Paul Pride Award

Awarded to a Paul College Student who has made a positive impact (through research, presentations, competitions, or community service) while representing Paul College.

Jason Plant 2023
Claire Bacon 2023
Hannah Donahue 2022
Tejun Celestin 2022
Katie Hawkinson 2022
Sam Walsh 2023
Paul College Inclusion Award

Awarded to a Paul College Student who has contributed to making Paul College a more inclusive community.

Jenna Hubbard 2023
Diego Smith 2022
Clara Richards 2023
Paul College Organization of the Year Award

Awarded to the Paul College Student Organization that has demonstrated significant success in following the mission and goals of their group and contributed positively to the Paul College community during this academic year.

Information Systems Management Association

A group photo of the club's student board of directors


Paul College Student Organization Leader of the Year Award

Awarded to a Paul College Student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership within a Paul College Student Organization.

Ellie Johnston '22

Ellie Johnston headshot


Paul College Emerging Leader Award

Awarded to a Paul College Student in their first 2 years who has contributed in a substantial way to the success of the program, event or student group’s mission.

Makenzie Gagne  2024
Fazla Karim 2024
Molly Caplette  2025
Gavin Blonda 2025
Trevor Goding 2024
Transfer Pride Award

Awarded to a Paul College student who transferred into Paul College and has made a positive impact while representing Paul College.

Taylor Donovan 2022
Mackenzie LeLievre 2023
Dharati Bhagat 2022
Parker Finkelstein 2023
Joe Chavez 2023
Stephanie Evans 2024
Wilton Geissenhainer 2024

Awarded to students with a cumulative GPA of 3.9 or above at the end of the 2021 fall semester.

Andrew Abirached, Emily Alberigo, Kindyl Alfonso, Cameron Allen, Gracie Anderson, Marisa Armer, Emory Bachand, Claire Bacon, Nathaniel Barber, Tyler Bernard, Katie Berthasavage, Emily Bini, Drew Blackwell, Sarah Blampied, Timothy Bonagura, Mark Borak, Nathan Brennan, Zack Broder, Jacob Buban, Rebecca Camire, Sara Carleo, Catherine Casey, Zara Cheney, George Cheney, Alyssa Chiodi, Emma Coakley, Camryn Copp, Sarah Craft, Addison Craven, Sam Croteau, Gwenyth Dahlinger, Carley Dahlstrom, Anna Davis, William Demers, Hailey Deming, Dreyton Dill, Ava Dobbelaer, Maria Dos Santos Koch, Katie DuBois, Jill Durkin, Laura Earle, Daniel Fachiol, Emma Farnham, Erich Fischer, Matthew Fitzpatrick, Shannon Flaherty, Patrick Fleming, Cole Fuller, Ashley Gallant, Lilia Gardner, Tyler Gilroy, Sarah Glennon, Kaitlin Griffin, Cooper Hamel, Timothy Hanley, Ashlynn Hatch, Madeleine Heath, Joshua Hidalgo, Katie Hoppler, Bob Horgan, Andrew Horvat, Erin Hurley, Sam Hussey, Jared Jesseman, Juhong Jin, Michael Judd, Morgan Kahn, Brayden Kearns, Thomas Keegan, Maggie Keenan, Ceara Kelly, Kyle Kempskie, Samantha Kenny, Alexandra Kerivan, Nicole Kinzlmaier, Megumi Komoto, Bryn Larkin, Olivia LaRose, Caroline LeBlanc, Thomas Leighton, Camden Leno, Anthony Lotane, Molly Mahoney, Daniel Malzahn, Thurston Mann, Jon Marchiolo, Carley Markward, Thayer Maughan, Mia McAuliffe, Meghan McDonough, Siobhan McKee, Christina Merchant, Andrew Meyer, Sean Miclette, Ian Miles, Eric Mrozek, Johanne Nichols, Alyssa Norris, Lisa Olsson, Matthew Oriente, Liam O'Toole, Jessica Pierson, Jason Plant, Ryan Quinn, Brooke Rafter, Hoppy Randazzo, Caeleigh Reger, Holly Reid, Erica Reith, Katie Remeis, Jacob Rich, Shannon Roche, Abram Rock, Makenzie Ryan, Julia Saab, Anna Schriefer, Colby Sherwin, Emily, Soule, Alexander Soule, Ian Stromski, James Sullivan, Ria Talwar, William Theriault, Maddie Vangellow, Lea Wenaas, Jack Wheeler, Dalton Wick, Whitney Wiley, Emma Wilkins, Ethan Wilson, Jack Wixson, Yihao Wu Wu, Brahim Yatim, Rachel Youngcourt, Jae Yun, Kyra Zamborsky

Honors-in-Major offers students the opportunity to undertake in-depth, challenging work in their fields of study. The program emphasizes student-led, individualized curricula and encourages the formation of working relationships between students and faculty.

Daniel Andrews

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Thesis Advisor: Md. Safayat Hossain
The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Audit Timeliness

Jenna Barrows

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Thesis Advisor: Yunshil Cha
Potential Employee Work Location Preferences

Sarah E. Blampied

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Thesis Advisor: John Hasseldine
Income Inequality Has Been Expanding Over the Past Decade: What Are Some of the Main Contributing Factors?

Emily Bolognino