Management Department

Management Department
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The study of management focuses on how organization members develop and use strategies, structures, and the accompanying social, political, economic, and technical processes needed to compete in national and global markets. Courses cover such topics as leadership, ethics, adaptation, innovation, organizational learning and change, human resource management, governmental policy making, and industrial economics. The department's approach to teaching involves educational methods that promote behavioral and analytic competence through experiential learning, self-awareness, theoretical mastery, and case studies. A major emphasis is on action learning through group projects.

The educational values, reflected in our teaching methods, include:

  • Behavioral competence through experiential learning and awareness of self.
  • Analytic insight emphasizing empowering theoretical mastery and case analysis.
  • Action orientation; a strong bias for action and an ability to learn in action moments in a continuous refinement of self-as-actor
  • Effective communication through developing oral, presentation, and written skillfulness.

Undergraduate Management Option

The Management Option provides students opportunities to develop a substantial foundation in the principles of managing the human, organizational, and capital resources of the firm in a strategic manner to enhance organizational competitiveness.  

Contact Information

Rachel CAmpagna, Chair of Management
Associate Professor of Management
Phone: (603) 862-5365

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  • first_impressions_030518-800x450
    Rachel Campagna, assistant professor of management
    “It’s not just an old adage, first impressions really do matter especially when it comes to trust,” Campagna explains. “During an initial interaction, one of the most important and immediate factors people consider about another person is trustworthiness."
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  • Geno Miller
    B.S. Business Administration, Entrepreneurial Studies | Co-founder & CEO, Shtudy
    Shtudy is a career advancement platform that pre-vets, trains, and connects top Black, Latinx and Native American tech talent of color with companies that are trying to improve diversity and revenue within their workforces. Our goal is to bridge the racial wealth gap in America, and we feel that increasing diversity in tech is the most effective and efficient way of doing that.
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  • Betty Woodman
    Betty Woodman, lecturer in business ethics at Paul College
    “People tend to restrict business ethics to issues of compliance and legal fair dealing,” said Woodman. “I’ve chosen to take a systems approach in which ethics serves the health and wellbeing of the whole. Harm one part, and the whole suffers, hurting the other parts as well.”
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  • Tori Wyman
    B.S. Business Administration, Management
    I applied to be a part of the B Impact Clinic, hoping to merge my two interests of business, and environmental conservation and sustainability, my newly adopted minor. I think it is very important that all students have exposure to education and programming in social innovation and…
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  • haley burns, credit chad ripley
    Haley Burns ‘20 combines her passions to follow her dreams
    The consistent rattle of the spray paint can in her hands mimicked the ticking of her mind as Haley Burns '20 assessed the canvas in front of her. “Paul has given me an amazing foundation to feel confident in pursuing a creative career,” Burns said. “As I have grown and my interests have evolved, all of my business skills support my desire to be my own boss...” 
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