BiP: Business in Practice

  • Matt O'Hern with Paul College Student

    BiP: Gain a professional skill set

  • Paul College Students in Mike O'Reilly's Class

    BiP: Learn by doing

  • Kim Clark Teaching Paul College Students

    BiP: Get applicable feedback 

Students engage in experiences that are less about making a grade and more about making the journey. 


BiP empowers students to take their education into their own hands, and here's how...

BiP courses employ active learning and projects to construct an environment where students can take risks, learn from failure, ask candid questions, and build a rich portfolio of experiences and skills. 

What makes a BiP course distinctive is the opportunity for a student to gain insights through company projects or scenarios. They learn how current tools and techniques are actually used and get feedback from professionals in the field.

BiP Courses by Intelligence:

  • How to Talk Stocks
  • International Bridge
  • Business for Podcasting
  • Leadership in Practice
  • Ready to Lead
  • Women in 21st Century Leadership
  • HR: Culture as Competitive Advantage
  • Social Selling & Networking
  • Designing for Social Impact
  • Let's Make a Deal: Multi-functional Teams
  • Data Storytelling
  • Study Abroad 
  • You Got the Job...Now What: First 180 days
  • Adv. Excel for Financial Analysis
  • Data Visualization: Tableau
  • Data Driven Decisions: DOMO
  • Digital Advertising
  • Financial Drivers: Analyzing and Planning for Budgets
  • Intro to SEO
  • Non-Profits: Purpose-Driven Innovation and Careers
  • Python
  • Sports Product Concepts I: Disruption
  • B Impact Clinic
  • Semester in the City: Becoming a Problem Solver
  • Spinning Up Mobile Apps
  • Technical Sales in a Virtual World
  • Agile Product Management
  • Organizational Agility
  • Bitcoin & Blockchain
  • CRMs: Salesforce
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Intro to Content Strategy
  • Macro and Markets
  • Product Licensing
  • Sports Product Concepts II: Creation & Launch
  • Smart Segmentation & Productization
  • Taking a Company from 10mil to 200mil
  • Business Development & Strategic Sales
  • Career Management Strategy & Development
  • College to Career: How to Stand out in Today's Job Market
  • CRM: Salesforce Internship
  • Hotel & Hospitality Management: Prep for Success
  • Inspired Personal Branding
  • Security Industry Essentials (SIE) Prep
  • U.S. Job Market for Int'l Students

BiP Student Isabel Cieslar

Isabel Cieslar '21

Isabel Cieslar '21

BiP Course Taken: "College to Career: How to Stand Out in Today’s Job Market"

“My BiP course is nothing short of amazing! My instructor always shares her experiences as well as the misconceptions and truths about the job. You can truly gain a vast amount of knowledge and insight into your future and ease common fears that you may have. I truly believe every student at UNH should take a BiP!"

BiP Instructor Krystal Hicks

Instructor Krystal Hicks

Krystal Hicks

BiP Course: "College to Career: How to Stand out in Today's Job Market"

 “My biggest goal is that students become more self-aware throughout the entire process so that they can have a more real conversation with themselves and what they want to do”

BiP Student Dylan Grocer

Dylan Grocer '20

Dylan Grocer '20

BiP Course(s) Taken:  "Career Strategy and Development, Digital Advertising, Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Certification"

“BiP courses have prepared me for professional success by giving a hands on approach to what the business world is like outside of the classroom”

BiP Instructor Kim Clark

Instructor Kim Clark

Kim Clark

BiP Course: "Career Strategy & Development"

“Students are able to interact with employers during recruiting panels and career events as well as develop their professional profiles on LinkedIN and in creating their resumes. Employers enjoy participating in the class career events and students benefit from creating solid connections”

BiP Student Isabella Ronson

Isabella Ronson '21

Isabella Ronson '21

BiP Course(s) Taken: "Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing Agencies"

"I have taken Inbound Marketing with Raka partners. I loved working with an actual nonprofit in the Manchester area through this course and giving them a final recommendation at the end. I feel more confident in my abilities and knowledge in the marketing field"

James Walsh

James Walsh '20

James Walsh '20

BiP Course(s) Taken: "Tableau: Data Visualization"

"Data has stories to tell and visualizing it makes these stories very intuitive for anyone to understand. Learning Tableau has unlocked this ability for me thanks to the BiP course and now I can craft meaningful stories from data for any audience."


Students will take a minimum of four courses, one in each of the core competency areas:

  • Social intelligence - Ability to navigate complex social relationships and environments.
  • Analytical intelligence - Ability to analyze and evaluate ideas, solve problems and make decisions.
  • Competitive intelligence - Ability to gather, analyze and distribute information and ideas about products, customers, competitors or the external environment.
  • Professional intelligence - Ability to leverage your skills and talents within a professional domain and expand your network

    BiP Intelligence diagram paul college
    • A variety of 2-credit courses taught primarily by industry professionals
    • Build your resume with acquired business tools, skills and certifications
    • Engage in dynamic, individual and team-based experiences that simulate working in a realistic business environment
    • Immersive 7 or 14 week terms delivered as face-to-face, virtual or hybrid courses
    • Students can gain credit for experiential learning opportunities such as: internships, study abroad and applicable Paul College student organizations (i.e. Voice Z, Artifex, Atkins Investing etc.)


    I'm part of a club, organization, and/or co-curricular opportunity, will that count toward my BIP requirements?

    • If you have questions about this, please reach out to your academic advisor for more information
    • You can also use the guide below to see what satisfies certain BIP requirements


    BiP Intelligence
    Competitive PAUL 680 PAUL 520 Fall Top/Artifex: Data Analytics 2
    Analytical PAUL 670 PAUL 520 Spring Top/Artifex: Data Analytics 2
    Analytical PAUL 670 MKTG 520 Fall Top/Digital Marketing Agency 2
    Professional PAUL 690 MKTG 520 Spring Top/Digital Marketing Agency 2
    Social PAUL 660 FIN 650 Fall Atkins Investment Group 2
    Competitive PAUL 680 FIN 650 Spring  Atkins Investment Group 2
    Professional PAUL 690 ACC 795 Both Internship: Accounting 1-4
    Professional PAUL 690 FIN 795 Both Internship: Finance 1-4
    TBD TBD ACC 725 Both Independent Study: Accounting 1-4
    TBD TBD FIN 725 Both Independent Study: Finance 1-4
    Analytical PAUL 670 DS 650 Fall Rines Student Angel Fund 2
    Competitive PAUL 680 DS 650 Spring Rines Student Angel Fund 2
    Analytical PAUL 670 INCO 505A Both Semester in the City: Becoming a Problem Solver  4
    Competitive PAUL 680 INCO 505B Both Social Innovator’s Toolbox 4
    Professional PAUL 690 INCO 505I Both Semester in the City Internship 8
    Professional PAUL 690 INCO 682I Both Washington Center Internship  Variable: up to 12
    Analytical PAUL 670 MKTG 520 Fall Top/Professional Sales Group 2
    Competitive PAUL 680 MKTG 520 Spring Top/Professional Sales Group 2
    TBD TBD PAUL 725/725W Both Independent Study Variable
    Social PAUL 660 PAUL 626 Both Supervised Student Teaching 2-4
    Social PAUL 660 PAUL 705 Fall Peer Advisor 2
    Professional PAUL 690 PAUL 705 Spring Peer Advisor 2
    Social PAUL 660 PAUL 790 Fall Honors Workshop 2
    Competitive PAUL 680 PAUL 792 Spring Honors Consulting Project 2
    Analytical PAUL 670 PAUL 794 Fall Honors Research Process 2
    Professional PAUL 690 PAUL 795 Both Internship 1-4
    Professional PAUL 690 PAUL 796 Both International Internship 1-4
    Competitive PAUL 680 MKTG 520 Fall Marketing and Advertising – AMA Collegiate Chapter  2
    Professional PAUL 690 MKTG 520 Spring Marketing and Advertising – AMA Collegiate Chapter  2
    Social PAUL 660 INCO 686 Spring Study Abroad Variable