Academic Assistance

There are a plethora of resources both at Paul, and within UNH as a whole, to help you be successful. 

We encourage you to utilize your teaching assistants' office hours, and reference each class's study strategies and resources.

We all need a little extra help from time to time whether it's in or outside of the classroom.  If you're feeling like you're behind, start with the action that resonates most with you.  Getting back on track isn't linear--everything's connected--it doesn't matter what you focus on first, what matters is taking that first step.  The good news is: there are lots of people, offices, and resources on campus that can help.   

Campus-Wide Resources

Study Strategies and Resources

For in-depth resources and powerful strategies for your Paul College courses visit the Center for Academic Resources here

Spring 2024 TA Schedule

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How can you take advantage of PAUL teaching assistants?  Read this advice from a TA!
Question Answer
Why should students visit TA hours? Students should visit office hours because it’s time TAs have dedicated to helping students succeed in the course. Sometimes it’s easier to ask your peers a question rather than a professor. Additionally, TAs are students who have successfully passed the course and did well, so beyond material knowledge, we can help with study strategies, etc. We’re truly there to help students do their best, understand the material, and support them. 
What can students expect during the session? Regular office hours are typically guided by students. Students will come in with questions on HW, quizzes, practice problems, etc. The week before and the week of the exam are dedicated to exam review. We’ll go through practice problems and practice exams, review prior assignments, and students can ask any questions they might have. 
What can students do to make the most of out of their TA time?  (Is there anything students can or should do that would make the TA time more fruitful or beneficial?) It’s always good to come with questions. They don’t have to be specific, but can about material taught in class, HW, quizzes, review materials, etc. We can talk about study strategies and how to prepare. 
How can students use TAs more than the week before the semester? Students can ask questions and review before quizzes, which can be helpful before exam week. Before exam week, they can ask clarifying questions about the material in class. Any questions (big or small) we’re happy to answer them.