MBA - Healthcare Industry Option

MBA - Healthcare Industry Option
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You’re eager to reach your next career milestone and a master’s in business administration will help you develop the highly sought-after skills and knowledge necessary to lead change in your organization and beyond. The healthcare industry option within UNH Paul’s Online and Part-Time Hybrid MBA program is designed to provide professionals in healthcare, or those interested in entering it, with foundational knowledge of U.S. healthcare policy and finances, as well as analytical and improvement skills. 

Online MBA Program     Part-Time Hybrid MBA Program

Healthcare Industry Option at a Glance 

16 courses (9 core and 7 electives, three of which are in the Healthcare option) 


One required course: 

The U.S. Healthcare System  

* For students in the nursing programs who are also pursuing the MBA, this requirement can be satisfied with either NURS 901 - Health Policy or NURS 969 - Health Systems Policy, Economics & Financial Planning.

Includes two electives from the following courses: 

Quality & Safety 

Healthcare Finance Management 

Biostats and Epidemiology 

Applied Analytics for QI in Healthcare 

Information Systems and Technology Improvement 

Please view the Online and Part-Time MBA Program pages, linked above, and view Requirements for the Program to see full descriptions of these courses.

Note:  Graduates of the UNH New Hampshire Physician Leadership Development Program are eligible to apply that experience to replace two courses in the MBA program, making the total courses for the degree only 14.

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