Student Clubs and Organizations

Alpha Kappa Psi is the premier developer of principled business leaders in the university community. AKPsi is a coed professional fraternity focused of networking and growing together as business professionals.

 Makenzie Gagne (President)
 Colin Garneau (Vice President of Administration)
 Eric Chase (Vice President of Membership)
 Ethan Brennan (Vice President of External Relations)
 Nicolas Daly (Vice President of Finance)
 Caroline Sweet (Secretary)
 Sarah Craft (Pledge Educator)
 Trevor Santoro (Master of Rituals)
Faculty Advisors: Rick Kilbride & Kim France

Artifex Data Analytics is a student organization that applies data analytics to real-world business problems. Members of Artifex take a hybrid course in which one weekly classroom session is devoted to learning modern analytics tools and a second weekly session leverages those tools to build analytics products with industrial partners. 

President: Laura Earle (
Vice President: TBD  
Treasurer: Cole Fuller  
Social Media Manager: Toby Helton  
Event Coordinator: Brendan Kelly  
Representatives: Addison Craven, Cooper Hamel, Caitlin Mathieu 
Faculty Advisor: David Reynolds

The Atkins Investment Group is a completely student-managed investment fund at the University of New Hampshire's Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics overseeing approximately $265,000 in long-equity Fixed Income positions. The group, which is open to all majors and concentrations, is comprised of 45 students ranging from sophomores to seniors who are responsible for making all investment decisions. Student members are provided with a unique opportunity to learn about active investing and portfolio management.

Student Contact(s)
President: Johanne Nichols 
Portfolio Manager: Jobin Chavez 
Executive VP: Aidan Rolfe 
VP of Operations: Jacob Emerson 
Chief Economist: Gracie Hoadley 
VP of External Affairs: Maiah Seul 
Faculty Advisors Stephen Ciccone and Ahmad Etebari
Does your club or organization have an application process to join? Yes
What's the Recruitment Process? Our heavy recruiting is typically toward the end of the school year in April/May when the seniors will be graduating. Flyers typically are posted all around Paul with informational session dates and application deadlines.
Students are welcomed to apply at the mid-year point toward the end of first semester given the recruiting needs of the group (example a member graduating early, or a member studying abroad)
The application process begins with a written application to be filled out with various questions as well as attaching your current resume. If you are selected to proceed you will be selected to interview with the executive board for approximately 15 minutes. A decision will be made within a week after interviewing regarding a student being accepted.
To learn more about joining we recommend contacting our current recruiters, Joseph Lampe, or Aran Cherouvis,
Do students earn credit for their participation? Yes


Beta Alpha Psi is an honor organization for accounting, finance and financial information students and professionals.  The organization provides students the ability to explore various career paths within the financial information field and network with industry professionals.

Trevor Goding (
Megan Hill (
Gwenyth Dahlinger (
Lilie Murray (
Faculty Advisor: Kelly Root

Club Managers Association of America, UNH student chapter, brings students together to network with club managers throughout the country, increase knowledge of private clubs by touring local clubs and bringing in club managers to speak with students.

Student Contact: TBD
Faculty Advisor: Anu Sukhu

The student run UNH Entrepreneurship Club’s primary goal is to educate students of all majors about the power of thinking from an entrepreneurial mindset. E-Club exists as a community of students with an idea looking to grow it, a student looking to learn and grow their network, for current and future business owners, students with an interest in potentially running a business one day, etc. All students can prosper from an entrepreneurial understanding and we believe everyone can benefit from using the same practices in any job in any career. The E-Club is THE place for meeting other likeminded students with a passion for success. All students welcome anytime to any meeting. We are sponsored by the Patten Family Foundation and meet at UNH’s Entrepreneurship Center (ECenter) 21 Madbury Road (across from Hop + Grind) weekly.

President: Nova Robbins
Vice president: Sam Croteau
Secretary: Stephanie Evans 
External relations: Tyler Wittman
Event planner: Jack Sousa
Director of Marketing: Ian Lidster
Faculty Advisor: Joshua Cyr

In 1978, a group of students from Paul College (then the Whittemore School of Business and Economics) identified a need to recognize hospitality and tourism students for outstanding academic achievement, meritorious service, and demonstrated professionalism. The end result was the establishment of the first chapter of Eta Sigma Delta International Hospitality Management Society. Today, there are over 90 active Eta Sigma Delta chapters throughout the world.

Student Contacts:
President: Audrey O Keefe
Vice President: Hannah Collette
Secretary: Kerstin Surrette

Faculty Advisor: Dan Innis

The Human Resource Association aims to immerse members into the Human Resource field and industry. We focus on enriching members about the opportunities that one can obtain through Human Resources and all that it can provide. Furthermore, we would like to provide members with networking events, and ways to expand their academic and occupational knowledge outside of the classroom.

Paige Labonville - President 
Bailey Shippee - Vice President 
Margaret Lahey - Treasurer 
Julia Saab - Secretary 
Faculty Advisor: Kim France

The Information Systems Management Association (ISMA) is a student-run networking and professional development group for Information Systems and Business Analytics students at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics. ISMA acts as a resource and opportunity for networking with alumni and industry professionals, professional development, and improving academic performance within the ISBA option. ISMA promotes further learning and collaboration outside the classroom. 

Requirements to join ISMA: Must be either have declared or be strongly considering the ISBA option, must attend AT MINIMUM 2 ISMA events per semester.

If you are interested in joining ISMA, please fill out our registration form –

Student Contact:  Tim Sicard
Faculty Advisor: Dan Silverman
Instagram: @unh_isma

MAC, a student-run organization, creates a dynamic and engaging program that allows you to gain real world exposure and experience. It is a great opportunity to empower you to be successful in your marketing and advertising careers. Additionally, it provides networking opportunities with industry leaders and can help jump start your career.  MAC is an official collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) where we compete against other colleges and universities across the nation.

Student Contact(s)
President: Dan Gottschalk ‘24 
VP: Nolan Duffy ‘24 
Director of Marketing: Madi Fleming ‘25 
Director of AMA: Emily Alberigo ‘24 
Director of Outreach: Ayrika West ‘24 
Director of Events: Autumn Frazier ‘24 
Marketing Associate: Maddie Nerden ‘26 
Marketing Associate: Maddie Pomeroy ‘25 
Web Manager: Lindsey Murphy ‘24 
Secretary: Emma Guagnini ‘25 
Treasurer: Ian Lidster ‘24 
Faculty Advisors Diane Devine
Social Media Handles Instagram: @unhmac
LinkedIn: UNH MAC
Twitter: @MAC_UNH
Facebook: @UNHMAClub 
Does your club or organization have an application process to join? No
What's the Recruitment Process? There is an application and interview process for board members. 
Do students earn credit for their participation? No

Net Impact UNH is a chapter of Net Impact, a community of over 60,000 student and professional leaders who use the power of business to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world.

Student Contact: TBD
Faculty Advisor: Fiona Wilson

An elite experiential sales and leadership course with a mission to train for, compete in, and host sales competitions and business networking events.  Our sales team travels to Florida, Georgia, Rhode Island and NY/NJ for intercollegiate competitions as well as regionally in our own Elite Competition Series with our top partner companies. An officer corps is responsible for structuring and coordinating the group. Note: There is a competitive application process for this group. Credit is awarded.

Student Contact(s)
President: Myles Kierstead
Head Coach: Griffin Richards
VP Marketing: Libby Moreau
VP External: Matthew Hauschild
VP Internal: Anne-Marie Maughn
VP Operations: Ben Pitts
Faculty Advisors James McIlroy
Social Media Handles Instagram: @UNHSales
LinkedIn: UNH Professional Sales Group
Does your club or organization have an application process to join? Yes
What's the Recruitment Process? We recruit students at the end of each semester to be admitted for the following semester. They submit an application and then find out if they move onto the final interview. Follow our Instagram and LinkedIn for updates about joining!
Do students earn credit for their participation? Yes (Course Catalogue)
Is there anything else interested students should know? Learn the art of sales and how it can help you, build valuable connections that will lead to internships and jobs, and join a community dedicated to improving every day!

Students actively manage the Rines Student Angel Investment Fund, a donor-created fund which focuses on investments in private equity and angel investments in entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups. During weekly meetings students present due diligence completed on potential investment opportunities. Final due diligence reports are presented to the investment committee of the Fund. Students attend regional angel group meetings for company presentations for investment opportunities. An officer corps is responsible for structuring and coordinating the group. Note: There is a competitive application process for this group. Credit is awarded.

Student Contact(s)
Morgan Kahn – Co-managing director
Charlotte Butterfield – Co-managing director 
Mitchel Gagnon – Director of Marketing
Jocelyne Bisson – Director of External Relations
Sofia Menyalkin – Director of Membership
Stephanie Evans – Head Principal
Faculty Advisors Jeffrey Sohl
Social Media Handles Instagram: @unhrinesangelfund
LinkedIn: UNH Rines Angel Fund
Does your club or organization have an application process to join? Yes
What's the Recruitment Process? To become an associate of the Rines Angel Fund, we offer several opportunities to learn more about the group. Each semester, we have the opportunity for interested students to sit in on a pitch to learn more about a typical day in the group. Additionally, we offer several information sessions to learn more about the group. We open our applications towards the latter half of each semester, followed by interviews, and ideally acceptance into the group. The break between each semester is dedicated to providing onboarding materials and one-on-one help to prep every new associate for their first semester in the Fund. We always post our recruitment timeline on social media and encourage everyone to apply.
Do students earn credit for their participation? Yes
Is there anything else interested students should know? We accept students of all majors and grades, additionally, we do not require any particular knowledge of angel investing. The group is looking for students who are motivated to learn and dedicated to challenging themselves!

This organization provides students the opportunity to further explore potential careers in sales and to network with fellow undergraduates and alumni.

VP Sales Club: Anna Catino
Faculty Advisor: James McIlroy

Trash 2 Treasure’s mission is to assist students and universities in reducing waste on college campuses. T2T works to avoid unnecessary trash, created at move-out weekend, from entering landfills. Consequently, Trash 2 Treasure significantly reduces trash removal costs for the University and provides families back-to-school savings at move-in weekend yard sales. The success of this social enterprise is achieved through strong student leadership and passionate, active volunteers who value accountability, respect, teamwork, and the promotion of sustainability. T2T’s achievement is evaluated on the scope and positivity of its impact on the UNH community.

WIB provides undergraduate women with a positive environment to prepare for their careers while connecting with one another. Activities include professional development workshops, networking events and community service projects. 
Student Contact(s)
President: Emma Farnham 
Vice President: Megan Charron 
Business Manager: Shiloh Osmer 
Marketing Manager: Sheila El-Azem 
Conference Manager: Ella Longacre 
Treasurer: Emily Frie 


Faculty Advisors Rachel Campagna
Social Media Handles Instagram: @UNH_WIB
Twitter: @UNH_WIB
Facebook Page: @UnhWomenInBusiness
Does your club or organization have an application process to join? No
What's the Recruitment Process? We open registration during the first few weeks of the Fall semester and the Spring semester (these dates are posted on our social medias).
We welcome new members during these two registration periods and encourage new students to attend our Information Sessions also held at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semester.
There is no application process! We discuss all requirements to be a member during our info sessions.
Students can learn about how to join by following our social media platforms highlighted above (especially our Instagram and Facebook pages). Also, any specific questions can be directed to our email:
Do students earn credit for their participation? No
Is there anything else interested students should know? We hope anyone who is considering joining reaches out to us! We are so excited to welcome new members to our club!
We accept students of all majors and grades, additionally, we do not require any particular knowledge of angel investing. The group is looking for students who are motivated to learn and dedicated to challenging themselves!

Voice Z gives students the opportunity to gain real-world marketing experience by working hand in hand with clients to create impactful and innovative digital marketing campaigns. Voice Z is a 2-credit course that meets twice a week in order to collaborate in teams and learn from industry professionals. We are driven, hard-working and passionate group and are eager to begin our first official year as a student organization. Students from any grade and major are encourage to apply!

Internal Co-Managing Director: Lindsey Murphy
External Co-Managing Director: Christina Merchant
Director of Marketing Technology: Axel Barretto-Rodriguez
Director of Social Media: Natalie Ouellette
Director of Finance: Catrina Touchette
Contact information: