Dual major combines love of sports with business
“My interview was at Fenway Park. I can’t tell you what they asked me, I can’t tell you what we talked about. It was the most surreal experience of my life,” Robie says. Carlton Robie, a dual major in business administration/marketing and sports studies, is a Dean’s Ambassador, co-managing director...
Hear how getting involved with the UNH Sales Club at the University of New Hampshire's Paul College of Business and Economics helped Matt Haley '19 get ready for the job market.
Fulbright Distinguished Chair
Professor Du is starting a new project examining how companies should revise their corporate social responsibility strategies and programs to address the challenges in the age of artificial intelligence. She is Associate Professor of Marketing at the Peter T. Paul...
Devin McMahon '19 pursues a future in advertising
When she was in her first-year student, Devin McMahon ’19 couldn’t imagine getting opportunities like traveling across the country or presenting a business plan. Now, as she pursues a future in the advertising industry, she’s happy she pursued each challenge head-on.
If we can’t eliminate uncertainty in business, perhaps we can turn it to our advantage
Billur Akdeniz Talay, associate professor of marketing sciences, strives to identify the answers for questions “that keep managers awake at night.” 
Marketing with Communications Minor
If I could do my blog full time after I graduate, that would be ideal. I love writing and it’s my favorite platform to express myself. I can write whatever I want and share my opinion about things. And being a marketing major I’ve realized that companies having blogs is such a crucial tool to...
Marketing Major with a Minor in Sales
It was awkward. I called a prospect and as we got to chatting and I began my pitch, he cut in and said ‘I’m actually no longer with the company.’ I got the impression he had been laid off. He was one of my top prospects and I didn’t know where to go with it anymore. A couple weeks later, I saw that...
Marketing and Management Dual Major
Media has always played a huge role in my life, I’ve always been an informed person, and I’m fascinated by how widely available information is to everybody. But with that comes responsibility. And after my internship this summer, I have a much deeper appreciation for how important the media’s role...
Students learn about business in the Dominican Republic
In today’s world, global and cultural knowledge has become increasingly more critical for success in the business field. Ashton-Savage, principal lecturer in marketing, made it her mission to provide a short-term, study-abroad class to...
Major study shows just how far online inventories have to go to keep customers satisfied
Gruen’s study illuminates critical differences between how online consumers and in-store shoppers react to not finding what they want.
Spanish Language Speed Sell Competitor
Congratulations to Jordan Sock '19 for being the first UNH student to compete in a Spanish language Speed Sell competition! This challenge, along with his quarter final finish in the Role-Play competition, took place at the...
Brands and consumer behavior can influence your relationship
You like Coke and Starbucks. Your partner likes Pepsi and Dunkin’ Donuts. Does it matter? More than you might think, according to Danielle Brick, assistant professor of marketing at UNH’s Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics.