Marketing Major | Dover, NH
"What I'll miss the most: the people. Everyone at UNH – students, faculty, staff – want to see you improve and succeed. In Paul especially, the faculty have really pushed me to be a good person and uncover my strengths and weaknesses."
Marketing Major | Manchester, NH
"Being from New Hampshire, I was a bit worried that UNH would be just like high school. But that hasn't been the case at all."
UNH Sustainability Fellow at Timberland
Katie Rascoe ‘22, a Marketing and Sustainability dual major, is spending her summer as a UNH Changemaker Sustainability Fellow with Timberland.
Shuili Du, associate professor of marketing
“I used Stonyfield Farm yogurt as an example of socially responsible brand,” Du recalled. “The consulate officer got excited about Stonyfield. It turned out he was a big admirer of Stonyfield’s commitment to sustainability. He said he not only liked the product, but...
Justin Pomerance, assistant professor of marketing
A University of New Hampshire researcher found the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic combined with exposure to fake news led people to feel a joint desire to save for the future but also to spend a little bit more to make themselves feel better.
The study discovers critical managerial trade-offs between product and brand portfolio decisions, as product and brand portfolio decisions are intertwined and a careful examination of the existing product and brand portfolio characteristics simultaneously seem...
Research examines changing bases of mutual trust formation in university-industry collaborations
Professor of marketing Ludwig Bstieler has devoted himself for more than a decade to understanding the inner workings of the complex relationship between universities and industry partners. “Universities and industry have important differences,” says Bstieler. 
Dual major combines love of sports with business
“My interview was at Fenway Park. I can’t tell you what they asked me, I can’t tell you what we talked about. It was the most surreal experience of my life,” Robie says. Carlton Robie, a dual major in business administration/marketing and sports studies, is a Dean’s Ambassador, co-managing director...
Hear how getting involved with the UNH Sales Club at the University of New Hampshire's Paul College of Business and Economics helped Matt Haley '19 get ready for the job market.
Fulbright Distinguished Chair
Professor Du is starting a new project examining how companies should revise their corporate social responsibility strategies and programs to address the challenges in the age of artificial intelligence. She is Associate Professor of Marketing at the Peter T. Paul...
Devin McMahon '19 pursues a future in advertising
When she was in her first-year student, Devin McMahon ’19 couldn’t imagine getting opportunities like traveling across the country or presenting a business plan. Now, as she pursues a future in the advertising industry, she’s happy she pursued each challenge head-on.
If we can’t eliminate uncertainty in business, perhaps we can turn it to our advantage
Billur Akdeniz Talay, associate professor of marketing sciences, strives to identify the answers for questions “that keep managers awake at night.”