Senior Snapshot: Hannah Donahue

Marketing Major | Dover, NH
Hannah Donahue adjusts her graduation cap while sitting on steps at UNH campus.

⭐Hannah Donahue ‘22 ⭐
Bus Admin: Marketing | Writing Minor
Dover, NH (Commuter)

FIRE Advisor, Dean’s Ambassador, The New Hampshire Content Editor, Her Campus UNH, Director of External Communications Voice Z Digital Marketing Agency, Paul College Tour Guide

“Freshman year I was SO stubborn! I wanted to study fashion, but that's not an option here so I chose marketing. But I was only interested in the creative side of things and didn’t let myself explore anything else. I ended up really closed off and unhappy... but eventually I gave myself permission to try new things – and completely surprised myself with what I loved! These days I try to have a positive outlook in everything I do. It's really helped me grow into a leader.

What I'll miss the most: the people. Everyone at UNH – students, faculty, staff – want to see you improve and succeed. In Paul especially, the faculty have really pushed me to be a good person and uncover my strengths & weaknesses. I’m really going to miss this community. My peers on @thenewhampshire especially have become my best friends. We are constantly spending time together. Thinking about after graduation, when I won’t get to see them every day, is heartbreaking.

Looking back, I’m most proud of getting the Business in Practice guide program up and running. It's a mentorship program where we connect students with the industry professionals who teach BiP courses. They're regular people with 9-5 jobs, so students show them how to use zoom & Canvas and general tips on teaching. I really revamped the program and made it what it is today.

Some of the things I do – I’ve been in @voicezdigital since my sophomore year. We work with businesses to determine recommendations for their social media and web presences. The opportunities I've gotten have been endless! Voice Z sparked my initial interest in HubSpot, which led me to my first internship with a partner company. And now I’ll be working there as an Associate Marketing Manager full-time after graduation!

To prospective students: don’t be stubborn. I held myself back all of freshman year & lost so much time. Now that I'm a senior, all I want is more time. So take full advantage of all UNH has to offer!"