Senior Snapshot: Katelyn Howe

Marketing Major | Manchester, NH
Katelyn Howe stands in the great hall at Paul College holding a graduation hat

⭐ Katelyn Howe '22 ⭐
Marketing | Manchester, NH
UNH Sailing Team, FIRE Peer Advisor, Voice Z Digital Marketing Agency

"Being a second-semester senior is scary. The nostalgia hits hard! What I'll miss the most by far is my friends. And small moments, like coming home and sitting on the couch with my roommates. When people say college is the best days of your life, they're not wrong. I would 100% do this all over again.

I think the biggest lesson I learned freshman year was to take advantage of every opportunity. There is so much to do on campus and you're not going to figure out what you want to do, or meet the people that you should be meeting in your life & make important connections unless you step outside of your comfort zone. Being from New Hampshire, I was a bit worried that UNH would be just like high school. But that hasn't been the case at all.

Before college, I had never sailed in my life. The first time I went was with my friend Lauren, who became one of my best friends and roommate of 3 years. She was the one who taught me how to sail – and we have been sailing together ever since. The people I've met on the team have become my best friends.

I think the FIRE program definitely encouraged me to go out & do more things on campus. Being the Igniter for my team gave me the opportunity to meet a group of students who were also adjusting to college. My personal experience is what encouraged me to become a Peer Advisor and I'm very grateful to give back to the program.

Voice Z has been a real taste of an agency lifestyle – something that's really hard to get in a normal classroom setting. Client relations is a tough business so I'm really happy to have a head start on gaining these skills. One of the best parts has been meeting peers who are all like-minded and have the same professional goals. It's immeasurable to any experience that I've had.

In a few years when I look back on UNH... I'll think about my friends, everything I've learned, the memories, the people I met. It's going to be a time I'll always miss.

Seniors: everything's going to be fine. You'll figure it out. Enjoy what time you have left."