Accounting and Finance

Nontraditional student reaches goal
Sokhna Aw ‘18 ‘19G always dreamed of going to college in America. Now, 19 years after she first arrived, the Senegal native has realized the rewards of that goal for the third time. A graduate of the Peter Paul College of Business and Economics, Aw spend three years...
WalletHub on low interest credit cards
Does it ever make sense to get a credit card with a low regular APR? (vs. a 0% credit card or paying in full)
International lens on board structure reveals dynamics beyond director independence
He and his coauthors looked at what happened when U.S. company boards included “island directors”, i.e., people who also sit on the boards of off-shore companies, and found these U.S. companies engaged in significantly higher levels of tax avoidance.
A study by Paul College researchers answers “yes,” but suggests many could do more
“Our study also provides a direct measure of taxes exempted that is lacking in previous studies because of the unique tax structure in New Hampshire, allowing for direct measurement of taxes avoided,” Ragland says.
As cash-to-assets ratios grow, companies look to lock in talent and send a message to would-be poachers
“The tip off for me came in 2010 when Google gave its employees an across-the-board raise of 10 percent to prevent them from jumping over to Facebook,” He recalls.
Ask the Experts with Stephen Ciccone
How important is it for students with no credit history to get a credit card? It’s very important for several reasons. Perhaps most importantly, students can start to establish their credit history through a credit card. This will help them later on when they need loans, for example, an auto loan,...
Master’s of Science in Accounting
I transferred here my freshmen year. I had no clue what I wanted to do, and kind of blew it my freshman year. But during my time at Paul I got more involved in the college. I found mentorship all around me, and I started to shift gears dramatically. I went from someone with no work ethic or desire...
Economics and Finance Double Major
I honestly expected to be worked to the bone, not respected, and not trusted. It’s the way I’ve heard big bank culture is. But I was immediately proven wrong. The team was extremely welcoming to me on the first day, we would go out together after work on occasion, and I had way more face time with...
Finance Major with a Sales Minor
I just closed my first six-figure deal working full-time, and also being a full-time student. I wake up, go to work from 8:30 to 1, come back, go to my class at 2:10, then work again until 5 and am on call until 7. When I was offered the job before my senior year, it was a pleasant surprise. I wasn...
Finance professor Yixin Liu investigates the value of corporate cash holdings
According to Moody’s Investor Services, U.S. non-financial companies held about $1.7 trillion in cash in 2016. Corporate cash holdings have more than doubled in the last 10 years, attracting the attention of activist investors, the public and academics, alike. Their concern? “Many view cash hoards...
Paul College senior has a plan
Sometimes choosing a major comes down to what makes sense. For Lawson Martinez ’18, that has meant not only pursuing business administration with an accounting option at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics but...
Alexi Galica-Cohen ’18G is trading words for numbers
"UNH had the most comprehensive foundation-building prerequisites. The other Master of Accounting programs I was considering had three to five courses, but UNH really made sure that I would have every tool in the toolkit that I would need to succeed"