Rines Angel Investment Fund

A graphic that says "Rines Angel Fund" alongside a wing

The Mel Rines Student Angel Investment Fund is a cross-disciplinary, undergraduate, student-managed private equity fund that allows students to learn angel and venture capital investment strategies through the first-hand experience of investing in start-up companies.

Student associates are versed in angel and venture capital investment strategies through a balance of angel investing research conducted at the Center for Venture Research and deal flow generated from actual companies seeking seed funding. Early-stage companies are invited throughout the year to pitch to the Fund for seed capital. Students evaluate the pitches, conduct due diligence projects on potential investments, and work with angel partners. 

Membership in the Fund helps undergraduate students at UNH:

  • Build relationships with local angels and venture capitalists.
  • Source attractive investment opportunities for the Fund.
  • Complete in-depth startup research using industry-grade tools.
  • Make well-informed investment decisions in early-stage companies.

This past year Rines experienced the pitches for and completed due diligence on nine companies. These ranged from an online store to assist video game developers, to a Biotech company in clinical trials for retina treatment, and even a mobile platform for new mothers. The fund currently has six companies in seven investment rounds in their portfolio. All of these portfolio companies have received additional funding rounds from external investors.

Admittance into Rines requires a highly selective application and interview process. The two-credit course is structured and coordinated by a student executive committee under the guiding hands of Professor Jeffery Sohl, Associate Professor Jianhong Chen, and Program Coordinator Laura Hill.

The Fund was established thanks to a contribution made by UNH Emeritus S. Melvin "Mel" Rines '47.

More information about the Rines Angel Fund, including the current team, current portfolio, insightful articles from students, and links to pitch or join the fund are available at their student-run website.