To better understand how customers view employees with disabilities, Valentini Kalargyrou staged a “play” that proved the experts wrong
“People with disabilities have a lot to offer employers, but aren’t always given the opportunity to prove their capabilities and skills,” says Kalargyrou.
Franchisees share how they pulled together the cash to open their own franchise.
Then we run it all by E. Hachemi Aliouche, a professor and director at the University of New Hampshire’s Rosenberg International Franchise Center, who breaks down the pros and cons for any potential franchisee. Image credit: Max-O-Matic
Hospitality grad Trisha Crowe ’17 is in charge of it all
It’s a weeknight during UNH’s winter break, and the new Saxbys café is closed for business, but one light is still on. Trisha Crowe ’17, café executive officer (CEO) of the Durham location, sits in the empty café with her laptop, crunching numbers. The spot she’s camped out in, a table tucked into...