UNH Paul College sustainability dashboard

Paul College has launched a new Sustainability Website that gives a big picture of what Paul is accomplishing in the impact areas of teaching, research, partnership, dialogue, and organizational practices. It includes a dynamic sustainability dashboard created in partnership with Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph's University.

This project was initiated by Associate Dean Lu Echazu, who worked with the faculty to populate the information. Karie Fisher in the Dean's Office, along with student worker Bella Crowell, helped tabulate and enter the data, while Sharon Keeler in the Marketing & Communications Office, built the website.

To keep the website update, faculty should send Lu information about new or refined courses incorporate sustainability concepts substaintially in their syllabus. In regard to research, faculty need to keep their "My Elements" pages current and let Lu know of new work in the areas of sustainability. Once a year, a download of My Elements will be conduct to update the dashboard. Lastly, if a publication is being highlighted in the faculty/staff blog, include that it is sustainablility-related so it can be pulled into the website.