Dear Paul College colleagues,

Please join me in extending warm congratulations to our faculty colleagues who received promotions this past year. The Education Excellence Committee of the Board of Trustees approved all of the tenure-track faculty we recommended for promotion to Professor or to Associate Professor with tenure last Thursday (see below). I also want to congratulate Ron Boucher and Maryann Clark for being promoted to Senior Lecturer this past spring. These are such important career milestones, and it is wonderful to see how our faculty has developed over the past few years.  


Billur Akdeniz
Reagan Baughman
Shuili Du
Yixin Liu
Emily Xu

Associate Professor with tenure

Rachel Campagna
Andrew Earle
Yin Germaschewski
Zhaozhao He
Jay Horvath
Huimin Li
Loris Rubini


The Board also approved our new Dean, Lucy Gilson, at the rank of Professor with tenure. Earlier in January the Board also approved Markus Schuckert at the rank of Professor with tenure.

My thanks to all the Department Chairs, Department P&T committees, and College P&T committee, as well as Debbie Hensley who managed the process, for their efficient, effective, and thoughtful work as we managed this record number of cases this past year. 

Finally, what a wonderful message for my last communication to our community as dean! Wishing each of you and Paul College continuing success in the future. It has been an honor and pleasure to work with all of you over the past seven years. My thanks to Associate Dean Vicky Parker for stepping up to serve as Interim Dean until August 15 when your new dean arrives.



Deborah Merrill-Sands, Ph.D.
Paul College of Business and Economics