UNH Sales 2020 Speed Sell Event !!!

80+ students took their first steps into the "arena" this year...

Monday, September 21, 2020

UNH Speed Sell Competition sponsors fall 2020

#UNHSales best finish (5th Overall of ~30 schools) and biggest team (38) at #NISC_Bryant! Always a lot of fun attending and competing.

Each completed a series of four speed sells to business professionals, with networking afterwards, explaining why they are a good fit for an entry-level sales role. This develops the critical skill of selling themselves, builds their professional networks, and enables understanding of sales principles.

Excellent job to students Katherine Locandro and Charles Lamplough coaching the role-play team to doubling last years results!

Congratulations to Sales Role-Play Quarter Finalists Travis Campbell, Nathaniel Baroni, Katherine Locandro, Andrew Reid and to Christina Pescatore and Michael Fiacco who made it to the Semi-finals! (final 20 of >140 competitors).

In the Speed Sell Competition Professional Sales Group members Scott Callahan, Kayla LaurentZachary Merian, Gavin Thibodeau were top 20 finalists and Sales Club member Christine Knox placed 4th overall out of >200 students! Wow! So impressed by these students.

Well done Patrick Cotter for competing in the Spanish language Speed Sell!

Nathaniel Baroni also gets props for earning the Best Tweet Award!

Congratulations to winners Margaret MossColin RunkKatie HawkinsonAdam S., and Stephanie Andrews, the top 20 Finalists pictured below, and to all participants for having the courage to get uncomfortable and trying something new to learn and improve.

Event success was thanks to Matthew Benoit and team, Ben DanielsKayla LaurentSusannah RuotoloMary O'Hara, and Shane Whittredge! As well as all of our sponsors and attending business professionals who helped support the students and made real connections through conversation.

#gratitude - Thank you to Stefanie Boyer, PhDHannah B. Patrick Foley and team for putting on such a great event impacting so many students!