Paul College Honors

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Lift your learning experience to a whole new level by adding Paul Honors as a standalone program for your last two years of college. Work 1:1 with faculty, take interesting courses that are designed specifically for you alongside likeminded peers (and satisfy BiP requirements), and gain skills that go beyond what is taught in a traditional classroom.


  • Must be a Paul College student
  • 3.4 GPA or higher required at time of application. 3.5 GPA or higher required at graduation.
  • Students can only apply during their sophomore spring semester

Drew Patrick
Academic Advisor, Honors Program Coordinator

Paul College Honors
University of New Hampshire 
Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics
10 Garrison Avenue, Suite 101
Durham, NH 03824
University of New Hampshire

The Paul College Honors Program is a total of 10 credits

  • Honors Workshop (2 credits) - This course will allow students the space to intimately get to know their field of choice and drill into some current and future challenges, disruptors, and trends in their space through research. Students will learn how to find subject matter experts they can interview, and working with their faculty partners, they will research these trends and asses their findings, becoming much more in-tune with what is happening in their field – before they’re even in it. They’ll be able to research something that people in their field actually care to know about, putting them in an advantageous position to speak fluidly about this in interviews. 

  • Honors Seminar (2 credits) - This course is designed to broaden perspectives, creating a socially conscious mindset of the impact of business activity. Students will explore a variety of topics with a focus that is open to various global issues, the future of business, or learn about faculty research interests in a relaxed environment. This seminar will allow students to see the cross-disciplinary nature of business practices and research.

  • Research Seminar (2 credits) - The Research Seminar is dedicated to preparing students to write their honors thesis. The thesis process is broken into steps and students complete a thesis proposal.
  • Thesis (4 credits) - The culminating experience of Paul Honors is the thesis. Students apply what they have learned and undertake their own research with the help of a faculty mentor.





Start your Paul Honors journey by applying. The application process is competitive and based upon grade point average, extra-curricular experiences, and application responses. Applications go live on April 1st and are accepted until May 1st.



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Honors Workshop
Complete Major-Designated Honors Course
Honors Seminar




Research Seminar


Honors Thesis


Yes. You can study abroad fall or spring of junior year and still complete the program. Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor to make a four-year plan with Paul Honors and study away opportunities.

Yes. Paul Honors is a standalone program for your last two years of college. Students who complete Paul Honors will graduate with Honors in Major

Yes. This is a separate program and you must apply whether or not you are in University Honors.

Students outside the university honors program must complete Interdisciplinary Honors to graduate with University Honors. Paul students already within the university honors program who also participate in Paul Honors will graduate with University Honors and Honors in Major.

Abby Chapman poses in her graduation gown

Abigail Chapman ’20 graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance & Entrepreneurial Studies with a minor in Political Science. Abigail’s Honors Thesis was based on the leadership of Jamie Dimon of J.P. Morgan Chase and how his effect on corporate culture directly translated into more a profitable business. After graduation, Abby joined the J.P. Morgan Chase team full-time as a Multinational Corporations Commercial Banking Analyst.
Read Abby's Thesis

Ivana Korusiakova's headshot

Ivana Korusiakova ’20 graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance and her Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Ivana examined the effects of changes in corporate pension rules on stock market performance. She now works for SVB Leerink as an Investment Banking Analyst.
Read Ivana's Thesis