Paul College Honors

Paul College is committed to providing a rich and engaging learning experience for our students. Beginning this spring, we invite students to apply to the new Paul Honors Program. We have set the bar higher and added components that lift the learning experience to a whole new level.

The Four Parts of the Paul Honors Program

  • Designation and Designation Workshop - Students pick a course to designate as honors and work with the professor to create a special honors project related to the course. The Designation Workshop brings all honors students together to share, build upon and ultimately present their designation work.
  • Consulting Project - Designed to broaden perspective and build a bridge to the real world, the Honors Experience pairs students with small businesses across New Hampshire. With the help of the Small Business Development Center, we will identify real world projects and give students a chance to apply their learning.
  • Research Seminar - The Research Seminar is dedicated to preparing students to write their honors thesis. The thesis process is broken into steps and students complete a thesis proposal.
  • Thesis - The culminating experience of Paul Honors is the thesis. Students apply what they have learned and undertake their own research with the help of a faculty mentor.

Paul Honors Timeline


How to Apply

The application process is competitive and based upon grade point average, extra-curricular experiences, and application responses.

To apply, students must complete the online Paul College Honors Application. The application requires both a resume and cover letter.


  • Must be a Paul College Student
  • A 3.4 GPA or higher required at time of application. 3.5 GPA or higher required at graduation.
  • Students can only apply during their sophomore spring semester

Paul College Honors APPLICATION - Applications accepted until May 1st.

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Paul College Honors and University Honors


For more information or questions, contact Shane Baker in the Undergraduate Programs and Advising Office.


Shane Baker, Academic Counselor
Undergraduate Programs and Advising
Suite 101, 10 Garrison Avenue, Durham NH
Phone: (603) 862-3885

General Information
  • In order to participate in the Honors in Major Program, students must have a minimum major GPA of 3.40 and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.40.  Initial eligibility is evaluated after the fall semester of the sophomore year, and is confirmed after the spring semester of the sophomore year.
  • For a course to count towards fulfilling an Honors Program requirement, the grade earned must be a B- or above.
  • The student must successfully complete a 4-8 credit honors thesis.  This requirement involves supervised research and/or field study under the supervision of a faculty member.  The submission of a written thesis is required at completion.
  • To graduate in the Honors in Major Program, a student must have earned a minimum major GPA of 3.40 and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.40.   (Note: The University uses the fall semester GPA proceeding May graduation to determine if a student will be noted in the graduation materials and honors convocation as being an Honors student.
Program Information

1.  Students must successfully complete THREE of the following courses with an honors component:  ADMN 570, ADMN 575, ADMN 580, ADMN 585; major required courses, major electives or option courses at the 600- or 700-level; specially designed pre-approved 600- or 700-level electives, seminar, or independent study courses.
2.  Students must successfully complete ADMN 799 or HMGT 799 (Honors Thesis).*


1.  Students must complete an honors project in conjunction with one 600 level economics course.
2.  Students must successfully complete two 700 level economics courses.
3.  Students must successfully complete ECON 799 (Honors Thesis).*

*Students undertaking 8 credits of thesis research may reduce the number of their other Honors courses to two.