Paul College Influencer Team

Use our voice to amplify yours.

Are you loving your time at UNH? Interested in influencing how the university is perceived by prospective and current students? Looking for a solid resume-building position that could help you develop new skills – or put existing ones to work? 

You're in the right place.

As part of the Paul College Influencer team, you'll have a seat at the table to drive the direction of the college's marketing strategies while receiving direct mentorship from experienced Paul College staff. Our generalists pick up a variety of odd-jobs and opportunities throughout the semester, while our leads take ownership of a specialized skillset and delegate as needed.

Together we bolster and celebrate the Paul College community.


GENERAL Influencer
$12/Hour | 2 - 3 Hrs/Week | Paul College students only

Student driven - two dedicated projects + assignments from various program supervisors

Wherever your passions lie, you'll have the freedom to focus on your interests. Each generalist takes on two dedicated passion projects for the academic year and fills the rest of their time with a WIDE variety of potential responsibilities. You might offer feedback on new marketing initiatives; produce short-form videos for TikTok and Reels; help manage or strategize for social media; design digital screens slides and Instagram stories; help track social or web analytics; do competitor research; speak or volunteer at college events;  write blog posts... the sky really is the limit. Generalists also serve as dedicated Paul College tour guides and are expected to help with at least two tours a semester.

Lead SOCIAL MEDIA Influencer 
$14/Hour | 2 - 8 Hrs/Week

Reports to Assistant Director of Content Strategy

What better way to learn social media marketing than helping manage brand social accounts?  You'll be a sounding board for new content and help reshape our existing strategies to flex with constant platform updates. Beyond that, you have the option to take point on a social series or platform, get experience with caption writing, design contests, manage social analytics, engage with our online community, and do competitor research. This position can offer content creation experience, but we also have a squad of talented student creators acting as both leads and generalists who can help bring your vision to life.

Lead Short-Form Video Influencer 
$14/Hour | 4 - 8 Hrs/Week

Reports to Assistant Director of Content Strategy

Are you ready to be the mastermind behind the coolest short-form videos on campus? This is the only lead position with a dedicated team: you'll always have two generalists assigned to work with you. Short-form video leads are expected to pitch a variety of video ideas, ranging from funny to informational – even educational. You'll be expected to shoot and edit your own projects and recruit Paul College students to star in your content. As a thought leader on our team, you'll also need to be at the forefront of the latest TikTok and Reels video trends, always on the lookout for up-and-coming sounds and concepts that align with Paul College’s marketing goals. Your content will be distributed on Paul College's Instagram and UNH's TikTok account.

Lead Photography Influencer 
$14/Hour | 6 - 10 Hrs/Week

Reports to Assistant Director of Content Strategy

Help us capture the essence of college life! Our photography lead has traditionally focused on student portraiture for social features; getting candid shots of our building and the students inside it; and documenting club, class, and college-level events. You'll also have the opportunity to get into our classrooms or out into local businesses to photograph field trips and nearby alumni, and help plan our annual college fall photoshoot. Your skills could even take you beyond your assigned college to important UNH shoots – wherever talent and need arise. Your content will be showcased across Paul College's social platforms, print materials and website.  No camera? No problem. We provide professional-grade camera equipment.

Lead STORYTELLING Influencer 
$14/Hour | 2 - 6 Hrs/Week

Reports to Writer

Find and pursue the best stories within Paul and craft them with the written word. You will pitch, write, and organize compelling blog posts for UNH and College webpages that grab readers' attention and leave them wanting more. You'll also pursue long-form undergrad, graduate, and alumni features and work on video scripts for our TikTok-style research series. There's also the opportunity to dive into web copy and social captions if that is where your interests lie.

Lead COLLEGE EVENT Influencer 
$14/Hour | 3 - 8 Hrs/Week

Reports to Marketing Events Specialist

From students winning thousands at the Holloway Prize Competition to Peter T. Paul popping champagne bottles with his saber, and even gourmet dinners themed after the roaring 20s, our college events run the gambit. The event lead helps the MarComm office organize and produce these captivating occasions and has a hand in creating the amazing community feel that Paul College is known for. Help us make events special for students, professors, staff, alumni, business partners, and community members alike!

$14/Hour | 4 - 8 Hrs/Week

Reports to Admissions Liaison and Assistant Director of Content Strategy | Paul College students only

This role is all about college tours, admissions events, and unique touch points with prospective students. We'll want you to help reimagine our tour scripts,  develop a tour experience where students and parents can lead themselves, train fellow students as tour guides, and orchestrate student panels, mock classes, and shadow days. You can also impact our email marketing and print outreach to the incoming class.

Example Assignments

(Not comprehensive!)

Content Creation
  • Blog posts

  • TikTok/Reels videos

  • Campus photography

  • Flyers/social graphics

  • Instagram stories/takeovers

Social Media
  • Identifying/setting up/producing social features

  • Engaging with posts

  • Running contests

  • Reworking existing strategy

  • Microinfluencing


  • Competitor research

  • Market research

  • Focus groups/feedback

  • Recommendations for content/strategy

College Tours ($25/hr)
  • Leading them 

  • Speaking at the end based on major preference 

  • High School Visits  + General Prospective Visits


(ex. Admitted Student Visit Day, Homecoming, Holloway Competition, Senior Toast, etc.)

  • Volunteer and set up

  • Plan and organize

Talking to Prospective Students
  • Producing/signing e-mails

  • Writing/signing postcards

  • Speaking on student panels 

  • Direct messaging


The Specifics

  • Passionate about UNH, social media, content creation, and marketing

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with an ability to think creatively and engage audiences effectively

  • Good academic standing

  • Junior or senior standing is generally preferred for Lead positions; freshmen and sophomores are welcome to shoot their shot, but will probably be assigned as Generalists

  • Okay to sign a team agreement/intellectual property agreement

  • Okay to download Slack to their phone and turn notifications on

Every member of the influencer team (including Leads) is expected to: 

  • Have one "office hour" where you are present in the MarComm office and doing Influencer work (for Leads this is often a weekly one-on-one meeting with your supervisor)

  • Attend an all-team meeting for project review (shoutouts + critique), roundtable discussions, and brainstorming every three weeks

  • Write at least one blog post for the UNH Admissions Blog (don't worry, we'll help)

  • Be featured in photoshoots and videos

  • Participate in prospective student communication

  • Find friends/classmates to participate in Marketing projects (especially short-form videos) 

  • Interact with college/university social posts (at least liking - preferably also commenting/sharing)

  • Participate in as-needed Marketing assignments that require the insight/eye/feedback of current students

Generalists are also expected to:

  • Volunteer for at least four events (minimum of two per semester)

  • Help lead at least four college tours (minimum of two per semester)

  • Have two dedicated projects/responsibilities (ex. member of short-form video team, manage digital screens/instagram story, competitor research, etc.)

  • Take on at least one as-needed assignments every two weeks (ex. graphic design requests, feature in a short-form video, put flyers around campus, help sort our swag, etc.)

Leads are also expected to:

  • Meet one-on-one with your supervisor each week
  • Maintain two additional "office hours" each week, for a total of three hours (these additional hours can be performed outside the MarComm office)



"It was such a great experience. It isn’t the biggest commitment in the world, but it’s something I am so glad I applied for."

"My experience has been very good. I have learned a lot about marketing and I think I have become a better teammate as well."

"Love this program, can't wait to come back next year!!!"

"A great learning experience with lots of different opportunities."

"I really liked it. I enjoyed working in a professional environment and gaining a lot of experience within content creation and editing content."

"Very enjoyable. I learned a lot about myself."



Applications for this team open annually in mid-April and are reviewed every two weeks until the beginning of Fall semester. If you are late to this process, we still encourage you to apply. The form will only close once all positions are filled!

If the form below is not appearing properly you can apply through this link.


  • One-on-one mentorship with UNH staff

  • Great resume and portfolio building opportunities

  • Strengthen your public speaking skills

  • Access to professional camera gear

  • UNH + Paul College Welcome Swag Pack

  • Annual exclusive professional headshot day