Paul College Influencer Team

Use our voice to amplify yours.


Are you loving your time at UNH? Interested in influencing how the university is perceived by prospective and current students? Looking for a solid resume-building position that could help you develop new skills – or put existing ones to work? 

You're in the right place.

As part of the Paul College Influencer team, you'll have a seat at the table to drive the direction of the college's marketing strategies while receiving direct mentorship from experienced Paul College staff. Our generalists pick up a variety of odd-jobs and opportunities throughout the semester, while our leads take ownership of a specialized skillset and delegate as needed. Together we bolster and celebrate the Paul College community.

GENERAL Influencer
$12/Hour | 1 - 3 Hrs/Week | Paul College students only

Student driven - receives assignments from various program supervisors

Capture the essence of campus life through a wide variety of potential responsibilities: offer feedback on new marketing initiatives, produce short-form videos for TikTok and Reels, photograph students and events, help manage or strategize for social media, volunteer at college events, lead college tours, write blog posts, participate in focus groups and more! Wherever your passions lie, you'll have the freedom to focus on your interests.

Lead SOCIAL MEDIA Influencer 
$14/Hour | 3 - 8 Hrs/Week

Reports to Senior Multimedia Manager

Take the reins of Paul College's social media presence! Shape the content calendar, curate amazing posts, engage with our online community, and impact social strategy. Lead a squad of talented student creators, bringing your vision to life. Stay ahead of trends and rivals across platforms. And if you're a design whiz, get ready to showcase your skills – or delegate!

Lead Short-Form Video Influencer 
$14/Hour | 3 - 8 Hrs/Week

Reports to Senior Multimedia Manager

Are you ready to be the mastermind behind the coolest short-form videos on campus? Orchestrate shoots like a true director, capture footage, and put your editing prowess to the test. As a thought leader on our team, you'll be at the forefront of the latest TikTok and Reels video trends, always on the lookout for up-and-coming sounds and concepts that align with UNH’s marketing goals.

Lead Photography Influencer 
$14/Hour | 6 - 10 Hrs/Week

Reports to Senior Multimedia Manager

Help us capture the essence of college life! Shoot captivating student portraits, breathtaking campus scenes, and unforgettable events. Curate and edit content from other influencers on your team. Join us in planning college photoshoots. Your skills could even take you beyond your assigned college to important UNH shoots – wherever talent and need arise.

Lead STORYTELLING Influencer 
$14/Hour | 3 - 8 Hrs/Week

Reports to Writer

Find and pursue the best stories within Paul and craft them with the written word. You will pitch, write, and organize compelling blog posts for UNH and College webpages that grab readers' attention and leave them wanting more. Collaborate with other talented team leads and generalists to create an engaging lineup, performing first-round edits.

Lead Student Experience Influencer 
$14/Hour | 3 - 8 Hrs/Week

Reports to Marketing Events Specialist and Admissions Liaison

Produce and organize captivating college-level events. Craft unique tour experiences, train fellow students as tour guides, and orchestrate student panels, mock classes, and shadow days. Curate/design a weekly Instagram event calendar for the college and maintain our digital screens.

Potential Assignments

Content Creation
  • Blog posts
  • TikTok/Reels videos
  • Campus photography
  • Flyers/social graphics
  • Instagram stories/takeovers

Social Media
  • Identifying/setting up/producing social features
  • Engaging with posts
  • Running contests
  • Reworking existing strategy

  • Microinfluencing


  • Competitor research
  • Market research
  • Focus groups/feedback

  • Recommendations for content/strategy

College Tours ($25/hr)
  • Leading them 
  • Speaking at the end based on major preference 

  • High School Visits  + General Prospective Visits

  • Volunteer and set up
  • Plan and organize

(ex. Admitted Student Visit Day, Homecoming, Holloway Competition, Senior Toast, etc.)

Talking to Prospective Students
  • Producing/signing e-mails
  • Writing/signing postcards
  • Speaking on student panels 
  • Direct messaging

The Specifics

  • Passionate about UNH, social media, content creation, and marketing

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with an ability to think creatively and engage audiences effectively

  • Good academic standing

  • Junior or senior standing preferred for Lead positions; freshmen and sophomores welcome as generalists

  • Okay to sign a team agreement/intellectual property agreement

  • Okay to download Slack to their phone and turn notifications on

Each week generalists are expected to: 

  • Have at least one on-going project 

  • Volunteer for/accept assignment to at least one new project 

  • Collect basic day-in-the-life story content (ex. campus beauty, clips of class, etc.) each week 

Each semester generalists will be expected to: 

  • Volunteer for at least two events 

  • Participate in at least one speaking opportunity 

  • Lead at least one tour 

Each semester every member of the influencer team (including leads) will be expected to: 

  • Write at least one blog post 

  • Be featured in photoshoots/videos 

  • Participate prospective student communication pilot programs

  • Find friends/classmates to participate in projects (especially short form videos) 

  • Interact with college/university social posts (liking/commenting/sharing) 

  • Complete a growth project they can use their hours on that is targeted and agreed upon at the beginning of each semester. (ex. Hubspot certification

  • Leads report weekly to their supervisors one-on-one

  • The entire influencer team meets monthly (including generalists) for project review (shoutouts + critique), roundtable discussions, and brainstorming. (Food is provided!)


  • One-on-one mentorship with UNH staff

  • Great resume and portfolio building opportunities

  • Strengthen your public speaking skills

  • Get paid to pursue a growth project each semester (ex. Hubspot Certification, Online Photography Course)
  • Access to professional camera gear
  • UNH + Paul College Welcome Swag Pack
  • Annual exclusive professional headshot day