Inter-College Transfer Student Information

Paul College accepts students from other colleges at UNH twice a year (December and May) through a selective application process. The Inter-College Transfer Application is for students who want to change their major to Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Administration or Analytical Economics.

There is a separate process for the Bachelor of Arts in Economics that can also be found below.

application dates
December 1st at 8AM - December 15th at 11:45PM
May 1st at 8AM - May 15th at 11:45PM

Paul Inter-College Transfer Application (Spring 2024)

Application opens on May 1

***You must log in to your Microsoft 365 account to access the application***


1.  Be a current 4-year degree student attending UNH who will have at least 12 credits after the current semester is complete.

2.  Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.

3.  Have completed at least two of the following courses at Paul College:

For Business Administration applicants:
ECON 401, 402; ADMN 400, 410, 502, 503, 510

For Analytical Economics applicants**:
ECON 401, 402, 565, 605, 606, 611; ADMN 410, 510

**ECON students may also count upper level ECON courses as part of their completed courses in their applications.

4. Have earned an average of 3.0 in all Paul College courses completed and have no grade less than a C- in any Paul College required course. Preference may be given to those having completed a greater number of Paul College courses with grades of A and B.

5.  Have successfully passed Math 420, 422, 424A/B, or Math 425 (or equivalent transfer course). If applying for the Analytical ECON/ECON BS degree, you must have either Math 424A/B, 425, or an equivalent transfer course. 

6.  Be in good conduct standing.

7.   A Paul College course may be repeated only once and no more than two Paul College required courses may be repeated. If a student receives below a C- in a Paul College course, it must be repeated to be eligible for application. ADMN 403, a one credit required course in which the grade assigned is a CR or F (credit or fail), also falls under this repeat rule. If ADMN 403 has already been completed prior to applying to Paul College, you must have earned a grade of CR or you will not be eligible to apply until the course is successfully repeated.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Meeting the above requirements allows a student only to be eligible to apply to Paul College and does not guarantee that a student will be accepted. The intercollege transfer process is competitive and having a good GPA does not automatically gain one admission to the school. Decisions regarding applications will be based on enrollment factors, including a conduct review. Admission is granted on a space-available basis.

To be eligible to declare the Bachelor of Arts in Economics, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a cumulative UNH GPA of 2.75 or above.
  • Have completed both ECON 401 and ECON 402 and earned a grade of B- or above.  
  • A student may take ECON 605 or 611 and earn a B- or above to replace a lower grade in ECON 401 or 402. 
  • While transfer courses approved as equivalent may satisfy major requirements, they do not meet declaration criteria.  If both intro courses are transferred into UNH, students must complete 2 ECON courses in Paul College with a grade of B- or better. 
  • Be in good conduct standing

All current UNH degree program students who wish to declare the Economics BA must complete the online change of major process through Webcat.  Non-degree students must apply through the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

PLEASE NOTE: The major change process is open to students at UNH at any time with the exception of the following blackout months:

  • Paul College Registration Appointment Period (November and April)
  • First Year Orientation (June)

Students wishing to declare a Bachelor of Science Major in Paul College need to apply through the competitive Paul College Inter-college Application process at the end of each semester (see above). No special consideration will be given for Economics BA students to enter the BS programs in Paul College.

Current Enrolled Students:

All international and domestic transfer coursework must be approved in advance. 

Subject to approval of each individual course, students may transfer from abroad:

  • 50% of the coursework for the option
  • 30% of the coursework for the major core courses

In total, Paul College students may transfer no more than 50% of their major coursework from domestic and study abroad programs combined. 

External Transfers:

All major related coursework taken prior to enrolling at UNH must be evaluated by the academic department.  This review will determine if the course(s) will satisfy major requirements.  Although the university may have accepted credit for your transfer courses, this does not necessarily mean they will satisfy major requirements.  

After individual course evaluations:

  • Students must complete at minimum of 6 major courses at UNH.
  • Students must complete at least 50% of their option coursework at UNH. 
  • Students may transfer up to 50% of the coursework for the option and no more than 60% of their option and core coursework combined. 

Students have up to one semester after matriculation to reconcile transfer credit. 

All Students: UNH Transfer Policies

  • A grade of “C” or better is required to transfer credit. 
  • A course taken at another institution may not be used under the University repeated course rule. 
  • If credit was received for a UNH course equivalent to the course taken at another institution, no transfer credit will be allowed. 

Senior Residency Requirement:  UNH residence policy states that students must attain the last one-fourth of their credits (generally 32 credits) toward the degree in residence at UNH as a matriculated student.  Students seeking to transfer credits that fall into this range must petition to the Academic Standards and Advising Committee through their Dean’s Office, unless they are taking these credits on an approved study abroad or study away program through UNH.


You will receive an email in late January or mid-June. At that point, you will need to change your major. You will get further directions with your acceptance letter on how to do that process. We will also attempt to change your classes if needed. You will be contacted if we have questions on a course.  Please note that this is done with moving students ahead in their degree, but we have certain policies to follow. Your schedule may not look exactly how you envisioned.

Note: We cannot guarantee your previous graduation timeline as you are changing your major. You will meet with an advisor to map out  your remaining time in your new major to see when your new graduation timeline will be.

Note: If a student has transferred major required courses from another institution, consultation with Veronika Cryer is required to determine if the courses are equivalent to Paul College courses. This normally occurs after acceptance.


You will also receive an email in January or mid-June. At that point, it is suggested you meet with your current Academic Advisor to discuss your options. You should work with your current Advisor to help determine if you should apply to Paul College during the following semester or to consider another major.

If you have questions about the transfer process, please email the Undergraduate Programs and Advising Office at

* (Current two-year degree or non-degree students must apply through the UNH Admissions Office. Visit for info. Students at UNH-Manchester should contact their UNH-M Academic Counselor to discuss the process to apply to Paul College.)