Six members of the Paul College community were recognized by the UNH Office of Research, Economics Engagement and Outreach at the 2024 Celebration of Researchers and Scholars Honors. 

The achievement recognized those who received prestigious external honors, prizes, special recognition or other accolades for their research, scholarship, creative, innovative, or outreach achievements in 2023.  

Paul College Honorees include: 

  • Billur Akdeniz, Marketing: Associate Editor, Journal of Business Research. 
  • Rachel Campagna, Management: Most Influential Article Award, Academy of Management Conflict Management Division. 
  • Yunshil Cha, Accounting and Finance: 2023 Public Interest Section Best Paper Award, American Accounting Association. 
  • Devkamal Dutta, Management: One of the world's topmost cited researchers in the field of entrepreneurial ecosystems during the period 2015-2023, Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Observatory Netherlands. 
  • Jun Li, Management: President of the Academy of International Business, U. S. Northeast Chapter, the largest Chapter for the most premier academic association of scholars in the International Business field. 
  • Goksel Yalcinkaya, Marketing: Literati Award - Outstanding Paper for "The Use of Social Media and the Prevalence of Depression: A Multi-Country Examination of Value Co-Creation and Consumer Well-Being,” International Marketing Review. 

See a list of those who were honored here.