In a significant step toward global business education, Paul College full-time MBA students recently embarked on an enlightening trip to Germany from March 15 to March 23, a journey that blended academic learning with real-world business experience.

The trip began with an insightful overview of Berlin's vibrant business scene by Andreas Dittes, setting the stage for a deeper exploration of entrepreneurship. Highlighted by a panel discussion with entrepreneurs Laurence R. N., Julie B., and Michael Martens, the students received first-hand accounts of the highs and lows of starting and running a business in Berlin.

A core element of the trip was an exploration of Germany's "Mittelstand," the small and medium-sized businesses that are vital to the country's economy. 
Visits to various companies, including Wurth Electronik Group and HYVE, showcased the innovation and design thinking that is integral to these businesses.

The students also engaged in flash projects with startups Jina AI and Product People, applying their MBA knowledge to real-world challenges, a testament to the trip's blend of theory and practice. Additionally, the journey included a foray into Germany's renowned automotive industry with visits to the BMW Center and MAN Trucking & Bus assembly lines, revealing the country's industrial prowess.

The trip extended beyond the realm of business. Cultural excursions to the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate, and Alexanderplatz in the historic East Germany enriched the students with profound historical and cultural insights. 

A visit to the Dachau concentration camp served as a poignant historical reflection, emphasizing the significance of memory and the resilience of the human spirit.

This educational trip is a required component of ADMN 840: International Business, led by Professors Jun Li and Tom Gruen, and Graduate Program Academic Advisor Emma Pennewell, with support from the Dean's Office and the Graduate Program Office. The trip to Germany marks another milestone in Paul College's commitment to preparing its students for the global business arena.

Group shot in Germany