It has been a busy semester in Topics in Finance: Sustainable Finance, led by Senior Lecturer Rick Kilbride. The course has seen a captivating lineup of industry experts who visited the classroom and injected some real-world excitement into the exploration of financial sustainability.  

The guest speakers and their topics included:  

  • George Baker, from Harvard Business School, unraveled the intricacies of his own leadership journey in developing wind turbines on the islands of Maine.   
  • Jennifer Grancio shared the tale of her victorious proxy war against ExxonMobil on behalf of Engine No. 1 and the sustainable stable of ETFs her team manages. 
  • Florian Berg from MIT unraveled the mysteries behind "Aggregate Confusion," his viral academic paper igniting discourse on the challenges of measuring ESG metrics.
  • Five representatives from JPMorgan took the stage, unraveling their perspectives on community support and the bank's $200 million investment in once-bankrupt Detroit.  
  • Another class delved into the labyrinth of carbon-based lending metrics, dissecting the measurement analytics of JPMorgan's financing processes.
  • Mark Finley, who once presented the CIA’s daily report to the president and is now a scholar at the Baker Center at Rice University, discussed the outlook for security, affordability, and equity in energy sourcing.  

In this course, finance isn't just numbers on a spreadsheet; it's a symphony of narratives, a dance of ideas, and a journey into the beating heart of the financial world. The course goes beyond the ordinary – where every session is a thrilling chapter in the ever-evolving saga of finance.