A graphic with the words, "Inclusion and Belonging Survey" and "We Want to Hear from You" with a QR code.

The Paul College DEI Committee is proud to announce the launch of its first ever Paul College Belongingness and Inclusion Survey, to be administered by Hanover Research. Created with input from students, staff and faculty, this foundational survey will help guide our committee's recommendations to the administration on policy and curriculum, activities, and events, as well as give us key insights into where we need to focus our attention within each of our stakeholder groups (students, staff, and faculty) so that every member of the Paul Community has a seat at the table.  The survey is open to all *current Paul College students, staff and faculty. Share your feedback and suggestions and you can enter to win! We will be drawing multiple winners from the pool of respondents to our survey! Don't miss out!

Individual links were sent out to the greater Paul community, so please attempt to take the survey via the communication from Hanover Research. If you cannot find that email, or didn't receive it (check you junk mail or 'Other' inbox, too!), then you can access the survey here.

(Contributed by Carrie Rosalia)