Lynn Austin
Rosenberg International Franchise Center 50 Index (2000-2023)
The RIFC 50 Index gained 6.7% in Q2 with broad contributions across most franchise sectors as 32 of the components made positive gains. Its 11.5% gain year-to-date confirms the strong recovery of the franchising business sector.

Developed and published by UNH’s Rosenberg International Franchise Center (RIFC), the RIFC 50 Index is the first stock index to track the financial market performance of the U.S. franchising sector. It’s a stock portfolio comprised of 50 U.S. public franchising companies representative of the U.S. business format franchising sector.
Dr. Hachemi Aliouche's quarterly RIFC50 Index reports offer a succinct look at the best and worst performers from among the 50 franchise businesses in the portfolio, and the business reasons that may have contributed to their rise or fall in the quarterly ranking.
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