Come see UNH’s top student entrepreneurs and innovators pitch their business plans to a panel of industry-leading judges in the 35th annual Paul J. Holloway Prize Innovation to Market Competition. $30,000+ is at stake, with the winning team taking home $15,000 to launch their business to the next level. 

Immediately following the pitches, join us for a celebratory reception where the winning teams will be announced and the Paul J. Holloway Entrepreneur of the Year will be awarded.

Holloway Prize Competition Championship Round and Reception 
Wednesday, May 10, 2022 

1:05 PM : Student entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas 
4:30 PM : Celebratory reception and awards ceremony 
5:10 PM : Winning teams annnounced
Paul College | 10 Garrison Avenue | Durham, NH 


Group photos of all the holloway championship round teams
TutorUP is a web application that offers an online interactive classroom experience with an AI assistant available 24/7. The AI tutor enhances online learning by answering student questions during recorded video lectures, overcoming limitations of traditional video lectures. TutorUP aims to provide a more dynamic and engaging learning experience at a low cost for universities.
Oliver Willis, CEPS (Hometown: Groton, MA)
Paul Gesel, CEPS
Faculty Advisor: Ruml Wheeler
Spritely Spore, LLC
The Myco-Vessel by Spritely Spore is an affordable all-in-one platform allowing novice cultivators to achieve reliable results with no extra equipment. Myco-Vessel prevents contamination by design.
Gregory Henninger, MBA (Hometown: Nashua, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Alex LaBrecque
HydroPhos Solutions
HydroPhos will install phosphorus filtration technology into wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). This filtration technology will extract phosphorus, and we will then sell that phosphorus to fertilizer companies.
Jason Plant, Paul College (Hometown: Sanbornton, NH)
Derek Long, Paul College (Hometown: Northborough, MA)
Katie Remeis, Paul College (Hometown: Hudson, NH)
Matt Oriente, Paul College (Hometown: Jamison, PA)
Derek Long, Paul College
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Keslar
Takko Time
Takko Time is a company that is born with the initiative to offer the community of Durham the opportunity to know and consume authentic Mexican food in a food truck at affordable prices, as well as the possibility of getting to know Mexico through the different flavors of its gastronomy.
Gustavo Rodriquez, Paul College
Faculty Advisor: Joshua Cyr
Swellular - Wave Powered Communication System for First Responders
The Swellular has developed a product that is designed to provide coastal resiliency and disaster relief to isolated islands and coastal communities with limited communication infrastructure. The product focuses on integrating marine renewable energy (MRE) conversion to power a portable communication tower and is designed for rapid deployment offshore of these communities.
Rae Bretton, Paul College
Luke Conroy, CEPS
Allison Childs, CEPS
Maddie Strange, CEPS
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Keslar
Electric Vehicle Scoup
The Electric Vehicle SCOUP, or Solar Charging Optimization Utility Panel, utilizes existing solar technology to subsidize a vehicle’s charge while it is parked. Designed to simultaneously mitigate three problems at once, the SCOUP takes advantage of solar energy in an easy-to-use and portable panel.
Clair Carroll, Paul College, (Hometown: Dover, NH)
Jenson Scott, Paul College
James Cheever, CEPS
Samuel Tower, CEPS (Hometown: Dover, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Keslar


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