At the upcoming annual conference for the Society of Industrial-Organizational Psychology to be held in Boston, there are several sessions that showcase the DEI research of Paul College faculty members. Descriptions of the sessions are included below:

Thurs, April 20th
Leveling the Playing Field: A Collection of Inclusive Approaches to Assessment

Organizations increasingly recognize the importance of emphasizing diversity, equity, and inclusion. However, there remains much work to do in the realm of organizational measurement across the performance management spectrum. This collection of work explores facets of the assessment space, including considerations around minimizing adverse impact, how to measure inclusive mindset, and a better understanding of differences in accuracy of self-ratings between genders, to help address unanswered questions in this realm.

Griffith, J. (Chair) (2023). Leveling the playing field: A collection of inclusive approaches to assessment [Symposium]. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Annual Conference, Boston, MA, United States.

Fri, April 21st
Recent Developments in Research With Immigrant Workers

Immigrants comprise a growing portion of the United States workforce and offer unique perspectives to organizational research given their experiences traversing countries and cultures; however, this population remains largely understudied. This symposium presents recent research related to different immigrant populations, including work on accent bias experienced both by leaders and individuals proceeding through the hiring process, and work that adopts an intersectional lens to studying the workplace experiences of biomedical trainees and immigrants broadly.

Eichenauer, C. J., Scott, W., Awasty, N., Ryan, A. M., & Alanis, J. M. (2023). Foreign Affect Discrimination Experiences in Hiring.

Reading the Room: Context and Perceptions of Workplace Sexual Harassment

Recent workplace sexual harassment research as identified organizational climate and culture, mostly as they relate to organizational policies, as important factors in the occurrence and handling of sexual harassment. This symposium explores contextual and environmental variables that have been understudied within sexual harassment research but have the potential to impact how workers think about sexual harassment. Understanding these perceptions is crucial, as they can affect reporting behaviors, the support given to targets, and future harassment incidents.

Medeiros, K. E., Griffith, J. A., & Sawyer, K. B. (2023). What are ‘Safe Spaces’?: Workplace Design and Perceptions of Safety.

Sat, April 22
Driving Action Through Inclusion Analytics

In this alternative session, researchers and practitioners will use data, practice, and experience to make the case for a broader view of how different groups of people experience work. Authors will consider diversity, equity, and inclusion from within a talent management lifecycle framework in order to establish a more critical perspective on the most salient DEI constructs in each practice area The session will conclude with a robust discussion and Q&A around the findings and an evidence-based recommended path forward for both researchers and practitioners.

Martin, M. (Chair), Saboe, K. (Moderator), Bish, A. (Panelist), Cerasoli, C. (Panelist), Griffith, J. (Co-author), Mecca, J. (Panelist), Oliver, K. (Panelist). (2023). Driving Action Through Inclusion Analytics [Alternative Session Type]. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Annual Conference, Boston, MA, United States.

For more information about the SIOP Conference, please visit their conference website.