So proud of the 100+ University of New Hampshire students who competed in, and ran, the 2022 UNH Sales Speed Sell on Friday!

Wednesday, September 21, 2022


James McIlroy

UNH students stepped "Into the Arena" to practice selling themselves in five back-to-back 90 second speed sells on "why them for an entry-level sales role". Each gained valuable experience and feedback towards their dreams and goals.

Winners were Benjamin Pitts, Mody Abdel-Salam, Anna Pollak, Jonathan Hilton, Matthew Hauschild, and Lexi Samora! Another approximately 20 students distinguished themselves by making it into the finals.

#gratitude to our business professionals from partner companies who listened, coached, and supported the students along the way.

Huge congratulations to Jack Ginand, Sam Walsh, and their team from UNH Professional Sales Group for flawlessly executing their first large scale event of the year!

UNH Sales group shot at Speed Sell event