Shuili Du

Shuili Du's coauthored paper, "Reaping relational rewards from corporate social responsibility: the role of competitive positioning," published in 2007 in International Journal of Research in Marketing, won the 2022 EMAC-IJRM Jan-Benedict Steenkamp Award for long-term Impact.

This prestigious award is given annually by the European Marketing Association (EMAC) and the International Journal of Marketing in Research (IJRM) to "exceptional contributions in academic marketing research, published in IJRM, that have demonstrated long-term impact."

The winning paper was selected among all papers published in IJRM 10-15 years prior to 2022 and through four rounds of selection and voting. Shuili Du's paper was selected as this year's winning paper because it received the most votes from the editorial board and has contributed significantly to both marketing theory and practices.