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"Gratitude Leaf Station"

Tuesday, November 30, 2021


Cynthia Plascencia

Paul College Staff Advisory Committee (SAC) Gratitude Leaf Wall

A "Gratitude Leaf Station" has been set up by the Staff Advisory Committee (SAC) on the ground floor for all to participate. This will eventually display paper leaves with messages of gratitude from various members of our community!

Blank leaves have been placed in a basket on a table in front of G75. Please feel free to take a paper leaf and write a message of gratitude on it with your own pen/marker. Return your marked leaf to the box provided and one of our staff members will pin it to the blue drapery for others to read.

This year, we are also accepting messages of gratitude via e-mail. Student workers will then transcribe your messages to a blank leaf for the display. Please e-mail Jamie Willet ( with the subject line "Gratitude Leaf Station" with your messages.

Feel free to take a couple for your departments as a fun quick activity at your next meeting and bring them back to the table after! We hope to fill the wall with many messages.

Further questions? Contact Cynthia Plascencia at