UNH Professional Sales Group is back on the road!

Monday, October 18, 2021


James McIlroy

UNH Professional Sales Group at Medicus Healthcare Solutions

Great in person sales role-play with Medicus Healthcare Solutions! Live cold calls and sales role-plays with feedback and focused effort on getting better!

Congratulations to winners Emma Zupo and Jared Burnett and to the other finalists who distinguished themselves Carter Quiet, Mia Spencer, Bailey Kierstead, Sam Slobin, Benjamin Humphreys, Michael Moussalli!

#gratitude to Jillian Granucci Anderson, Grant Smith, Bob Dickey Chris Mader Sarah Daniels Jessica Cunningham and the entire Medicus Healthcare Solutions team including #unhsales alumni Robert Anderson, Danielle Beegan, and Julia Dushane! Great to see you crushing it and giving back to the program!

Well done coaches Jack Ginand, Jack Lehoullier Sarah McIlroy and PSG leaders & volunteers helping things run smoothly!