UNH Sales Program announces latest innovation - the UNX Games!

A collaboration with the UNH Sales Center and the Steele Center for Professional Selling

Thursday, September 3, 2020

UNX Games logo

University of New Hampshire Sales Program is excited to announce our latest innovation... the UNX Games!

A powerful collaboration with Steele Center for Professional Selling and the UNH Sales Center. Tim Butler and James McIlroy envisioned a series of sales events and competitions based on their students having both a geographic cultural exchange and sharing best practices. This includes coaching and supporting each other as they hone their skills and building their professional networks.

ALKU has had a long standing partnership with UNH Sales and with facilities near both campuses is the perfect partner to POWER the UNX Games - giving students real world scenarios, judging, feedback, as well as internship and full-time opportunities.

So excited for the inaugural UNX Games!!!

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