Paul J. Holloway Prize Competition - MAY 6, 2020

Tuesday, April 28, 2020
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Paul J. Holloway Prize Competition - MAY 6, 2020

We aren’t going to let Covid-19 keep us from innovating and delivering experiential learning opportunities for our students! The 2020 Holloway Championship FINAL ROUND will this year take place virtually. The judges will preview the team’s video presentations and will meet with the student presenters live via Zoom for the Q&A portion of the program. The Paul College community will be invited to join a Zoom meeting to see the live announcement of the winners and find out which team gets to take home $10,000! But before that, you’ll be invited to view the “elevator pitches” for each team’s innovative business idea and vote for you favorite team in the People’s Choice Awards. You’ll receive information on how to participate via email on Tuesday, May 5. In the meantime, read up on the championship round teams!

View the results from the April 17 Bud Albin Challenge Round where 20 teams were narrowed down to the six teams competing in the May 6 Holloway Competition.

2020 Championship Round Teams

BuddyUp is a wristband that allows swimmers to notify lifeguards and parents that they need help with the press of a button. The app enables lifeguards to pin point the swimmers location through the use of augmented reality. By decreasing the uncertainty in lifeguarding, BuddyUp allows swimmers to take water safety into their own hands. 

Jessica Nelson, Paul College (Hometown: Deerfield, NH)
Jamie Nelson, Paul College (Hometown: Deerfield, NH)
TJ Evarts, CEPS (Hometown: Londonderry, NH)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

ecoText, Inc.
Students and their families struggle every semester to cover the high “out of pocket” costs of college textbooks. ecoText’s mission is to reduce these financial obstacles to create opportunity through affordability. ecoText bridges the gaps between colleges, publishers, professors, and students by aggregating titles onto its online platform that is set to become the ultimate collaboration learning tool for students and professors.

Dylan Wheeler, CEPS & COLA (Hometown: Bow, NH)
Nelson Thomas, COLA (Hometown: Plainfield, NJ)
Rachel Yee, COLSA (Hometown: Brewster, NY)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

Transitioning into the college environment can be difficult for incoming freshman,who may feel lonely and intimidated without their family and friends. Hallhub connects dorm residents with their RA’s, fostering meaningful relationships between residents and the hall community.  RA’s can notify users of upcoming socials, release polls, and address concerns conveniently from their mobile device.  

Nick Camara, CEPS  (Hometown: Sao Paolo, Brazil)
Caleb Peffer, CEPS  (Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

Kikori is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that supports educators in transforming their classrooms through experiential education activities - so their students can transform the world. The benefits of experiential education and social emotional learning have been heralded in recent years as significantly improving academics, student well-being, and school climate. Kikori's easy-to-use digital platform aligns activities with curriculum, training, and impact measurement tools, supporting teachers in providing students with the whole-child education necessary to succeed inside and outside the classroom. 

Kendra Bostick, GRAD (Hometown: Manton, Michigan)
Bhavya Wadhwa, GRAD (Hometown: Delhi, India)
Gayathri Venkatasrinivasan, GRAD (Hometown: Chennai, India)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

Scrapp is a free-to-download, gamified, smartphone application which educates consumers and rewards individuals and institutions for recycling correctly. Utilizing the theory of behavioural economics, the Scrapp App enables consumers to change their behaviour around everyday recycling activities. Scrapp supports the consumer with immediate, positive feedback and empowers them to realize that many of the materials they may be throwing away are, in fact, a valuable resource. 

Mikey Pasciuto, CEPS (Hometown: Burlington, MA)
Daniel Marek, CEPS (Hometown: Ashland, UK)
Evan Gwynne Davies, CEPS (Hometown: Andover, UK)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

SQN Capital Partners
SQN Capital Partners is a financial services venture which aims to deliver a sustainable and effective capital formation solution to address the structural problems inherent to the existing higher-education finance industrial complex; SQN’s core offering – the SQN Income-Share Agreement, or ISA – provides a sophisticated alternative to the antiquated portfolio of solutions available to American students today, which are reliant on a debt-capital funding model. Our ISAs – with a structure most closely analogous to that of preferred share equity – allow students to source capital via a financial instrument which more effectively accounts for the risks inherent to investment in their post-secondary educational pursuits. Similarly, the SQN ISA platform also offers investors the opportunity to place capital in an ESG compliant investment vehicle, comprised of securitized portfolio of ISAs and which delivers attractive risk-adjusted returns on their capital with ultra-low correlation coefficients to broader-market volatility events. 

Cameron Horack, Paul College (Hometown: Beverly, MA)
Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant