Faculty/Staff Development Opportunity January 9 & 10

UNH campus climate social justice educator training

In keeping with the Paul College mission to become "an inclusive community that respects and harnesses the power of diverse perspectives, identities and experiences to enhance learning," please consider signing up or (if you've already attended this training) helping spread the word about an upcoming Social Justice Educator (SJE) training - an interactive program to explore “social justice” from personal and professional perspectives, and as related to your everyday personal and professional practices. This particular session will be co-facilitated by Faina Bukher of the Center for Social Innovation & Enterprise/Paul College! Faina is also a member of the Paul College Working Group on Diversity & Inclusion, which sponsored last week's capacity crowd safe zones training.


Social Justice Educator Training is a professional development opportunity for UNH faculty, staff and graduate students to further diversity awareness, knowledge and skill sets allowing for critical analysis of the services we provide, and of the relational dynamics we seek in a diverse institution. We will explore “social justice” via personal and institutional lenses to analyze: power and privilege, discrimination and prejudice, inclusion and equity through the multiple social identities of race, gender, sexual orientation, class, nationality, ethnicity, ability (physical and mental), religion, etc. This process will include open and honest discussions, readings, and interactive/experiential activities in a respectful environment. The training is facilitated in a small-group setting (usually around 25).


Training is open to all staff, faculty, graduate students and post-docs.

Tues., Jan. 9 and Thurs., Jan. 10, 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (participants must attend both sessions to completed the training)

1925 Room, Alumni Center

There is $25 fee to attend the training and refreshments are included. If you need assistance with funding – please contact CED janicep@unh.edu and we will work with you to provide scholarship funding. Payment may be made using P-card or through department/office encumbrance.