The Peter T. Paul Financial Policy Center cordially invites you to attend our 5th Annual Capital Market and Investment Bank Symposium event next Friday, November 2. Please join us at 10:00 a.m. in room G45. The Center has been sponsoring this event for the past four years. This year the full day agenda includes abundant activities connecting alums, professionals and students.

There will be the final round of student stock pitch competition in the morning session (three finalists will pitch the same stock: Tesla Inc.) and two concurrent series of keynote and career panel discussions in the afternoon session. We have about 14 alums and professionals joining us and serving as competition judges and/or speakers and panelists. We expect a great turnout with dynamic interactions and discussions.

Please let Wenjuan know at if you can join any part of the event, and how you would like to be involved. We look forward to seeing you!