Voice Z Digital Marketing Agency

A group of students in Voice Z digital pose in their workspace alongside professors and professional mentors.

Launched in 2019, Voice Z is a student-run digital marketing agency with a competitive application process. It sits within a student's schedule as a two-credit course that meets twice a week in order to collaborate in teams and learn from industry professionals. Students from any grade and major are encouraged to apply.

Voice Z's student associates take the skills they've picked up in the classroom and apply them to real world problems for small and medium-sized businesses, providing the services and personalized attention that they would get at a fully staffed marketing agency.  As members of Generation Z, Voice Z promises to "provide fresh insights on the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing."

Students work with an array of New England clients to optimize their digital presence and reach their marketing goals. It all begins with a digital presence audit, taking a deep dive into social and website analytics, website accessibility, search engine optimization, the type of content a business produces,  and much more. Audits identify areas for improvement, which client groups then work on together.

All students initially enter the agency as ‘Marketing Strategists' and are required to earn the Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification and one additional digital marketing certification prior to their first semester in the Agency. Voice Z Digital is an official member of the HubSpot education partner program.

From there, students specialize in at least one area of expertise. Pathways include…

  • Social Media Tactics: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok
  • Photography/Videography
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Data Analysis

Expertise can be developed through a combination of certifications, books, articles, webinars, professional interviews, shadowing, etc. To be officially recognized in an area of expertise, student must present their professional development, findings, and insights to the Agency.

As students perform agency requirements and add to the overall learning environment they have the ability to be promoted to ‘Senior Marketing Strategist.’ Senior strategists have more opportunities to work on more non-audit client projects and can be project managers for client groups.

Local businesses are often supplied by the organizations partnership with the New Hampshire Small Business Development Center, which is also housed within Paul College.

More information about Voice Z can be found on their student-run website.

Voice Z Digital students talk to an indie music client on a site visit.


Voice Z Digital students work on their laptops in their modern classroom space.