Developing the language of finance

Q&A with M.S. Finance student, Abhishek Mehta ’21, from Ahmedabad, India
M.S. Finance student Abhishek Hehta

Abhishek Mehta grew up in India observing his family working the the finance industry. Getting a graduate degree in finance was a path from him to deepen his knowledge in the field and Paul College presented a reputable academic program along with great supports and co-curricular and pre-professional opportunities.

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself, and why you wanted to get a graduate degree?

From childhood I have observed my family working in the finance industry. After my internship in merchant and investment banking I did research, and kind of introspection.  I really wanted to thrive in the diverse and widely expanding industry,  learning and developing the language of finance that alluded me, and to get a graduate degree.

Q. Have you learned/discovered anything during your program that’s surprised you? If so, what and how do you think you will apply it professionally?

During my program I learned drafting stock pitch reports, reading /reviewing analyst recommendations report, conducting assessments of current issues, building the stock portfolio and calculating the risk and return of a security using excel, learning the finance from technology perspective thereby learning programming languages—which amazed me and is my personal favorite—and listening to finance experts. I believe the course structure is overall surprisingly well presented and in a learning curve, everyday, there is something new that I am going through. Aforementioned, all the topics are designed in a way that  are preparing us to be decisive within the given time alongside the team that we are working with, which is exactly how am surely going to apply it professionally.

Q Why did you choose Paul College?

It was a business school with high tech classrooms, great resources like competitions and networking events, and great job opportunities.

Q. What do you consider to be the strengths of the program?

The professors, learning techniques, program structure, and course content.

Q. Anything else we might want to know?

Even during the uncertain times of the Covid-19 pandemic, our professors, advisors, and counselors were keeping in touch and making sure that we are occupied and are working to get ready for our profession with our resume, cover letter and certification exams.