Yixin Liu

Phone: (603) 862-3357
Office: Accounting & Finance, Paul College Rm 355F, Durham, NH 03824
Yixin Liu

Dr. Yixin Liu has done extensive research in the area of corporate finance. Her research interests include capital structure, cash policy and corporate governance.


  • Ph.D., Finance, University of Iowa
  • M.S., Economics, Southern Illinois University
  • B.A., Economics, Nankai University

Courses Taught

  • ACFI 701: Financial Policy
  • ACFI 801: Corporate Finance
  • ACFI 873: Cases in Finance
  • ACFI 874: Finance Experience
  • ADMN 829: Corporate Financial Strategy
  • PAUL 695: Independent Study

Selected Publications

Liu, Y., Mauer, D., & Zhang, Y. (2018). The Hedging Benefits of Domestic and Global Diversifications: Evidence from Economic Downturns. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, 2018, 1322-1351.

Lie, E., & Liu, Y. (2018). Corporate Cash Holdings and Acquisitions. Financial Management, 47(1), 159-173. doi:10.1111/fima.12185

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Most Cited Publications