Stephen J. Ciccone

Associate Professor
Finance, Chair of Accounting and Finance
Phone: (603) 862-3343
Office: Accounting & Finance, Paul College Rm 355E, Durham, NH 03824
Stephen Ciccone


  • Ph.D., Finance, Florida State University
  • M.S., Accounting, University of Florida
  • B.S., Accounting, University of Florida

Courses Taught

  • ACFI 650: Wildcat Investment Fund
  • ACFI 702: Investments Analysis
  • ACFI 750: Internships in Accounting
  • ACFI 751: Internships in Finance
  • ACFI 752: Ind Studies in Accounting
  • ACFI 753: Independent Studies in Finance
  • ADMN 570: Intro to Financial Management
  • ADMN 830: Investments
  • PAUL 695: Independent Study

Selected Publications

Ciccone, S., Kaen, F. R., & Li, H. (2018). The Fortunes of War and Aircraft Manufacturer Stock Returns: The Case of the Korean War. Eastern Economic Journal, 44(2), 211-241. doi:10.1057/s41302-016-0077-7

Ciccone, S. (2018). Investing During Major Depressions, Recessions, and Crashes. International Journal of Business Management and Commerce, 3(2), 1-6.

Ciccone, S., & Kaen, F. R. (2016). The financial performance of aircraft manufacturers during world war II: the vicissitudes of war. Defence and Peace Economics, 27(6), 743-773. doi:10.1080/10242694.2014.922784

Boulatoff, C., Boyer, C., & Ciccone, S. J. (2012). Voluntary Environmental Regulation and Firm Performance: The Chicago Climate Exchange . The Journal of Alternative Investments, 15(3), 114-122. doi:10.3905/jai.2012.15.3.114

Ciccone, S. J. (2011). Investor Optimism, False Hopes and the January Effect. Journal of Behavioral Finance, 12(3), 158-168. doi:10.1080/15427560.2011.602197

Boyer, C., & Ciccone, S. J. (2011). Do Utility Stocks Provide Exposure To Bond Markets?. Journal of Business & Economics Research (JBER), 7(12). doi:10.19030/jber.v7i12.2363

Ciccone, S. J. (2011). Analyst Forecasts, Forecasting Complexity, and Financial Distress. Financial Decisions, 23(1), 1-35.

Boyer, C. M., Ciccone, S. J., & Swicegood, P. (2010). The Search For A Dog-Free Portfolio: Why Unions Matter To Investors. Journal of Business & Economics Research (JBER), 8(6). doi:10.19030/jber.v8i6.735

Ang, J. S., Ciccone, S. J., & Baker, H. K. (2009). Dividend Irrelevance Theory. In DIVIDENDS AND DIVIDEND POLICY (pp. 97-113). Retrieved from

Ciccone, S. J., & Etebari, A. (2008). A Month-By-Month Examination of Long-Term Stock Returns. Investment Management and Financial Innovations, 5(3), 8-18.

Most Cited Publications