Bruce Pfeiffer

Phone: (603) 862-0868
Office: Marketing, Paul College Rm 260F, Durham, NH 03824
Bruce Pfeiffer


Bruce E. Pfeiffer is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati. His primary research interests are in the broad area of consumer information processing. He conducts research investigating the affective, behavioral, and cognitive aspects of consumer judgment and decision making. Topic areas include: inferences, biases, social influence, automatic information processing, implicit theories, ease of retrieval, and processing fluency. His research has been published in Marketing Letters, the Journal of Consumer Research, Basic and Applied Social Psychology, the Journal of Business Research, Thinking & Reasoning, and Psychology & Marketing and featured in various news outlets including the Washington Post, the Atlantic, the Nation, Science Daily, the O’Reilly Factor, and Futurity.

Fields of Specialization

Consumer information processing, consumer decision-making, consumer inference, omission neglect, prime-to-behavior effects, social influence, automaticity, affect.


  • Ph.D., Marketing, University of Cincinnati
  • M.B.A., Marketing & Finance, Rockhurst University
  • M.S., Marketing & Finance, University of Colorado at Boulder
  • B.S., Marketing/Marketing Management, University of Colorado at Boulder

Courses Taught

  • MKTG 753: Consumer/Buyer Behavior
  • PAUL 794: Honors/The Research Process

Selected Publications

Pfeiffer, B. E., Deval, H., Silvera, D. H., Cronley, M. L., & Kardes, F. R. (2019). The effect of message credibility, need for cognitive closure, and information sufficiency on thought-induced attitude change. Marketing Letters, 30(2), 193-205. doi:10.1007/s11002-019-09491-x

Pfeiffer, B. E., Deval, H., Kardes, F. R., Ewing, D. R., Han, X., & Cronley, M. L. (2014). Effects of Construal Level on Omission Detection and Multiattribute Evaluation. Psychology & Marketing, 31(11), 992-1007. doi:10.1002/mar.20748

Pfeiffer, B. E., Deval, H., Kardes, F. R., Hirt, E. R., Karpen, S. C., & Fennis, B. M. (2014). No product is perfect: The positive influence of acknowledging the negative. Thinking & Reasoning, 20(4), 500-512. doi:10.1080/13546783.2014.939225

Silvera, D. H., Pfeiffer, B. E., Kardes, F. R., Arsena, A., & Justin Goss, R. (2014). Using imagine instructions to induce consumers to generate ad-supporting content. Journal of Business Research, 67(7), 1567-1572. doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2014.01.017

Sanbonmatsu, D. M., Mazur, D., Pfeiffer, B. E., Kardes, F. R., & Posavac, S. S. (2012). The Less the Public Knows the Better? The Effects of Increased Knowledge on Celebrity Evaluations. Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 34(6), 499-507. doi:10.1080/01973533.2012.728408

Herr, P. M., Page, C. M., Pfeiffer, B. E., & Davis, D. F. (2012). Affective Influences on Evaluative Processing. Journal of Consumer Research, 38(5), 833-845. doi:10.1086/660844

Kardes, F. R., Pfeiffer, B. E., & Bechkoff, J. R. (2012). Omission Neglect in Consumer Psychology. International Journal of Psychology Research.

Pfeiffer, B. E., Kardes, F. R., & Bechkoff, J. (2012). Omission Neglect in Consumer Judgment and Choice. In Psychology of Neglect.

Kardes, F. R., Goddard, P., Han, X., & Pfeiffer, B. E. (2011). Media and Consumer Psychology. In The IAAP Handbook of Applied Psychology.

Godes, D., Mayzlin, D., Chen, Y., Das, S., Dellarocas, C., Pfeiffer, B., . . . Verlegh, P. (2005). The Firm's Management of Social Interactions. Marketing Letters, 16(3-4), 415-428. doi:10.1007/s11002-005-5902-4

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